The term electronics refers to numerous electrical devices that are used for entertainment and for leisure. Some examples of such devices are household appliances such as Television, home theater or music system.

People spend a lot of time with devices for the entertainment. Be it just watching TV or playing video games. The devices are particularly advantageous due to the possibility of being able to stay at home while going to the cinema or concerts is not possible every day. 

So the fact is: Without electronics, our lives would look a bit bland. There is a reason why television still occupies a central place in the living room for many of us. 

In our buyer’s guide of electronics in India, we will introduce you to the wide world of consumer electronics.

Buyers guide

If you are interested in an electronic device, you should make sure that the device meets your needs before purchasing. 

Does it have all the functions you need? There are extreme differences, especially with audio systems, which you should find out about first.

Below we explain the individual areas in detail and take a closer look at the respective devices.

  • TV & accessories
  • Audio & HiFi
  • Gaming
  • Home theater & video

TV & accessories

One of the most popular consumer electronics devices is televisions. While the initial TV models were equipped with a picture tube, all manufacturers nowadays have flat-screen TVs. 

The flat-screen TV is available in different sizes but always works according to a certain principle. The most commonly available devices are LCD, LED or OLED devices.

Liquid crystals display or LCD televisions, change color depending on the lighting using a cold cathode tube. A grid is responsible for the distribution of the colors, the individual grid points of which are also called pixels. 

Illumination from behind changes the permeability of the polarized light and creates the emitted image. LED screens are a television set that works in a similar way to LCD televisions, but instead of the cold cathode lamp, there are LED under lights that are located directly behind the liquid crystal display or shine from the side.

The OLED televisions work with the eponymous Organic Light-Emitting Diodes. In contrast to the LCD liquid crystals, they light up automatically and therefore do not need any backlighting. 

By eliminating the backlight, OLED TVs can be made much slimmer – often they are only a few millimeters thin. 

In addition, the illumination is much more even – very natural colors display and the black levels of an OLED are unmatched. 

Black is black here and not a dark shade of gray, as is often with LCD TVs.

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OLED TVs are usually somewhat more expensive than LCD TVs. LCD / LED televisions, on the other hand, are usually better than OLEDs in terms of brightness, but OLED televisions score points with their usually lower power consumption and better color display. 

The black level is unmatched in OLEDs. Ultimately, the choice is a matter of taste on the one hand and a question of how much you want to spend on your new TV.

An immense advantage of flat screens is the width of the devices. They can be attached or set up almost anywhere. It can even be attached to the wall. The width of most devices is usually a few centimeters, although OLED televisions are often only a few mm deep.

Flat screens also produce a picture with Full HD or UHD resolution. They are particularly high-resolution and therefore, their display is particularly well. 

More and more television channels are now broadcasting in HD, streaming services are already offering content in UHD.

Of course, this section also includes cables, remote controls, satellite antennas and simply everything that makes the TV experience even more beautiful and comprehensive.

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UHD resolution

UHD is four times the resolution of the well-known Full HD: Full HD has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, UHD offers 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. UHD delivers more detailed and, above all, much sharper pictures – this is particularly noticeable on TVs with larger screen sizes.

Audio & HiFi

Audio and HiFi devices include all products that can play music. Here you will find radios, MP3 players and large-scale audio systems that give you the impression of being in the middle of a concert. 

In addition, you can also find mobile devices such as headphones or portable CD players to this category. Of course, you will also find portable Bluetooth or smart home speakers here.

Shopping tip

Playback variety

Many audio and hi-fi devices offer high-quality playback of music from smartphones, can play Internet radio stations or support other audio functions. 

Before you buy, make sure your new device has all the features you are looking for.

You can also find systems here, from microsystems to compact systems to Dolby Surround systems

The latter gives the impression of being right in the middle instead of just being there. 

This is made possible by several loudspeakers, which are installed at different points in the room and reproduce the individual tones accordingly. 

When you play a concert CD, you get a completely different feeling and almost think you are standing in the hall and watching your idol on stage.


Despite the many capabilities of a computer, the console is a popular alternative for many to play games. Be it an adventure, racing or action games, the variety of games available on the market is great. 

Just like the consoles, games have developed a lot over the years. The images in today’s games can hardly be distinguished from reality

The graphics performance and technology of the console have developed considerably nowadays. You even have the ability, depending on the game, to implement your personal movements via a sensor in the game.

There is a distinction between handheld and console. While the handheld is mobile and equipped with its own display, the console requires a suitable television to display the pictures of the game. 

A controller is usually used on all consoles: the control element with the numerous buttons is responsible for the actions within the game.

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Play with many

In the meantime, the consoles and handhelds have the ability to play games online. Therefore, the myth that a console is suitable for single players is not true. Thanks to the multiplayer mode, which is available in many games, numerous players can play together.

There are many consoles, but the main manufacturers are Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo

The latest generations of the respective consoles (PS4 Pro or Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch) offer gaming fun at its finest.

Sony and Microsoft tend to focus on graphics and processor power, Nintendo traditionally does it differently and puts innovations first. 

In March 2017, the Japanese released the Nintendo Switch, for example, a successful symbiosis of a stationary console and handheld.

Home theater & video

While the video recorder is ancient technology to play films and recordings, DVDs, Blu-rays or UHD-Blu-rays are new technology to enjoy movies. The latter is the latest generation and enable ultra-high-definition images to be displayed on a UHD television. 

However, a suitable device is required for playback: the UHD Blu-ray player. The device is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. During playback, it scans the disc with a laser and detects raised bumps and depressions in the medium. The image material finally reaches the television via the cable, which outputs the image. 

DVD and Blu-ray recorders are also available to record the television program. You usually record the program on an integrated hard drive.

In addition to the purchase of a separate device, you also have the option of purchasing combinations of a Blu-ray player and an audio system

The individual components are matched to one another and thus enable a perfect viewing experience.