As part of our product reviews, we repeatedly stumbled across the Aukey company, which has established itself as one of the top electronics sellers/manufacturers on Amazon in recent years. Reason enough to ask us who is behind the products and more importantly: what they can do. Aukey itself is based in Asia and produces there, but at the same time has a broad network of sales partners in Europe, Asia and America.

In a direct comparison, it is often noticed that the products score well in terms of the price-performance ratio and the customer ratings are mostly positive. We have selected two products from a wide range and put them through their paces.

Aukey Products we will review in this post!

  • Bluetooth earphones
  • Power bank

Before we go into more detail about the individual products, we would like to mention at this point that two products made it into our best lists in the test, because both the price-performance ratio and the workmanship were convincing Lifespan of the goods.

On the one hand, there were the Bluetooth in-ear earphones and Power bank. The power bank is convincing, but overall, it was not quite enough as the best among others, as the concept with the charge status display via colour indicator ultimately couldn’t convince us. 

Aukey EP-B40

The wireless Bluetooth earphones were able to convince across the board in the test. Although they could not quite keep up with high-end models in terms of sound, they offer an excellent price-performance ratio and a sufficient sound for domestic use.

The integrated equalizer enables the sound to be changed, but it turned out to be of little use because only the standard-setting was convincing in terms of sound. The fit is very good, which is due not least to the three different temple sizes that are included in the scope of delivery. This allows the product to be perfectly adapted to your ear and sits securely and firmly. Even during sport, nothing slips and thanks to the IPX4 standard, sweat or one or the other raindrop cannot harm the product.

The earphones are magnetic and can therefore be easily clipped together to conveniently stow them in the transport bag or to carry them around the neck. However, there is no additional clip for clothing. The compatibility with all tested devices including Amazon Echo, Android, and iOS smartphones as well as an Apple watch was very good so that the product is highly recommended.

AUKEY USB Type C 20000mAh Lithium Polymer Ultra Slim Power Bank 

The special thing about the Aukey power bank is the ability to charge it using both USB and Lightning cables. This is particularly interesting for iPhone owners, as no additional USB cable must be carried around.

The processing of the model was convincing across the board. The design is simple, the construction is compact and thanks to the different coloured LED lighting of the power button, the current charge level is always easy to see – at least in three stages. The jumps are quite large here, however, here other manufacturers work with indicators in 5 or more levels, which offers somewhat more precise information.

The bottom line is that the model is convincing because in addition to the two inputs there are also two outputs with 5V and 2.4 A and an additional LED torch, which can also be very helpful. An iPhone 8 could be charged 7 times in the test and thanks to the automatic system, the respective USB port is always assigned the maximum charging power. The device was also able to withstand one or the other fall in the test so that the construction is solid and good and the good operating instructions were also convincing. Overall, AUKEY’s Powerbank is a very solid product at a relatively low price, which should be of particular interest to Apple users.


Both products tested were ultimately able to do very well to good compared to the competition and, on balance, offered a good price-performance ratio. 

We could not confirm the accusation that it was cheap china goods, as can be read in one or the other forum, for any of the tested products. 

On the contrary, the quality of workmanship, as well as the robustness and technical equipment, surprised positively. So that an unreserved purchase recommendation can be made for all products.