Buying multiple sockets initially sounds relatively easy. Incidentally, most people buy them in passing in the consumer electronics store in front of the cash register, where they have established themselves as one of the largest profits and sales drivers. If you take a closer look, however, it is worthwhile to think about the topic beforehand. For example, what advantages a USB port on multiple plugs has, whether surge protection makes sense, or what other equipment features are available.

Only then can you make a sensible decision as to whether a very cheap socket strip with USB slots is sufficient, or whether you need a few more rupees. As an additional decision-making aid, you will also find our list of the best, which summarizes the three best power strips with USB that we determined in the test.

What are the best power strips with USB in India?

Belkin Bsv604 Surge Protection Extension Lead Strip with Shared USB Charging Port

The Belkin model was able to convince in the test across the board because it offers different sizes as single, quadruple, six or eight-way plugs as well as with or without two USB plugs with 2.4 amperes each for charging your mobile devices.

It also has a recessed on / off switch that prevents accidental activation if it is placed under the desk. It has overvoltage protection of up to 650 joules and an LED display that informs about correct earthing. Also, a child safety device is integrated, which works via sliding safety covers.

The bottom line is that the model is not one of the cheapest variants in terms of price, but it can convince across the board with its range of functions, solid workmanship, and thus a good price-performance ratio, so that the 6-fold model was able to prevail over the competition in the test, even if it is quite large at 6 x 14 x 48 cm.

Live Tech PS06 with 6 USB 3 Universal Sockets

The power strip from Live Tech is robustly made, offers three universal socket connections, and six USB connections. It has high-speed charging, rated power of 2500W with 110 V-250 V.

The USB connections have an auto-ID mechanism with a power rating of 3.4 A at maximum (for all 6 ports).

The power supply can be interrupted using the on / reset button and controlled for all devices with one click.

The cables inside are made of copper and the workmanship of the housing and cable was convincing on balance, resulting in a good price-performance ratio. This model has overvoltage protection and short circuit because of the auto-trip mechanism. There is no child safety feature on the model, but it is still recommended.

EMBOX Power Strip Extension Cord with USB Port and Surge Protector

You can choose from multiple variants of the EMBOX brand.

The model offers an overall very good price-performance ratio because it is significantly cheaper than most competing models with USB ports and surge protection.

General Info

Use of USB ports on multiple sockets

A USB port on multiple sockets is becoming more and more popular because every cell phone, tablet, or other electronic devices can now be charged via USB. Instead of using an adapter to a plug, the devices can be connected directly to the multiple plugs without occupying a slot. In this context, it is worth paying attention to the current strength of the ports, because some providers also offer fast charging ports, but these must also be supported by the end device, which is not the case with every device.

As a rule, all modern end devices support the 5V USB connections with 2.4 amps, which charges significantly faster than a standard USB charging port with only 1 ampere. Also, note that a USB port on an electrical outlet is only intended for charging. There is no interface to the PC or a USB output for forwarding the data, as is the case with a USB hub, for example. The main aim here is to save slots for large plugs and to be able to charge USB devices directly.

Surge protection socket or conventional model?

Surges in the domestic power grid can arise, for example, from a lightning strike that strikes a nearby overhead line. Such voltage peaks can damage devices connected to the power supply (even in standby) or lead to a defect.

Sensitive electronic devices equipped with semiconductors are particularly susceptible to such defects. This includes televisions, telephone systems, computers, or other accessories such as printers, scanners, receivers, stereo systems, and so on. Since the leakage currents can reach a strength of up to 20,000 amperes, which are introduced into the earth through such protection, the socket-outlet should also withstand such currents. Without exception, the tested models with overvoltage protection had no problems with this.

On the other hand, devices such as lamps, heating systems, kitchen appliances, and so on are less susceptible to surge damage. Overvoltage protection is therefore not necessary here.

Further equipment features

In addition to USB interfaces and surge protection, other functions make perfect sense. The following is a brief overview of additional equipment features that you should include in your purchase decision.

Several sockets: Of course, you should consider beforehand how many plugs you will connect to the bar and accordingly select multiple sockets with enough. Many manufacturers offer different variants of single plugs over 3-way, 4-way, and so on up to 10-way or even more.

On / off switch: Many models offer a central switch that can be used to switch off all connected devices. Depending on the model, this is illuminated and can help save electricity, as no device is on standby anymore.

Master-slave circuit: Some manufacturers offer models for connecting PC or television systems in which the main device is plugged in as the master and the secondary devices such as printer and scanner on the PC or receiver and audio system on the TV only work if the main device is used is switched on.

Child protection: If you have small children in the house, you should pay attention to the presence of child protection, if necessary. This prevents children from sticking something into the openings.

Overload protection: In particular, if you connect high-performance consumers such as a radiant heater to the socket strip, which may still have space for additional devices, you can quickly get well over 3.5 kW. Overload protection makes sense here because otherwise the heat development can become strong and there is even a risk of fire.