If you want to buy multiple sockets, it might make sense to opt for a socket strip with a surge protector. In the following summary, you can find out when the purchase makes sense, whether a cheap surge socket is worthwhile and what features good quality surge protector has.

Finally, you will find a list of the best that summarizes the three best surge protection sockets that we determined in the test.

Which are the best surge protector sockets in India?

Belkin Essential Series 6-Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket

The Belkin series was the best sockets with surge protection. You can choose between different designs so that you can choose the model that best suits your requirements

They are available as 1-way to 8-way versions, with the most common variant being the 6-way distributor. Belkin also offers the respective versions with or without two additional USB ports, depending on requirements.

In terms of price, the socket is in the midfield, so that the bottom line is a good price-performance ratio because the workmanship and functionality are good overall. The cable is also long enough at two meters (from the 4-way connector) and with voltage peaks of up to 650 joules, it offers good protection against voltage peaks.

Additional security is provided by sliding safety covers (child protection) as well as an LED display that lights up if the socket is not properly grounded. The bottom line is that the processing of the case is also convincing. The integrated on/off switch is also countersunk, which prevents accidental activation. This is interesting, for example, when the power strip is under the desk. The only small point of criticism is that the switch is not illuminated, but this does not affect functionality.

Honeywell Surge Protector with Master Switch

The surge protector from Honeywell is available with different socket options and impresses with its good workmanship in conjunction with a high level of security.

The cable has a generous length of 2 meters, there is integrated child protection, a GS test mark, and an illuminated safety switch for switching on and off. Thanks to the rubber feet, the bar stands non-slip on the floor, but can also be mounted on the wall with the eyelets. The arrangement of the sockets at a 45 ° angle and the high surge protection of up to 15,000 amperes are particularly convenient.

The individual sockets are quite far apart so that several devices can be plugged in next to each other without the plugs getting in each other’s way. However, with a size of 34 x 14.5 x 4.3 cm, it is also correspondingly bulky. In terms of price, it is in the upper mid-range, which is still justified on the bottom line and contributes to a good price-performance ratio.

ELV Surge Protector and Spike Guard

The ELV model is a 17.4 x 17 x 3.8 cm large and very affordable socket strip with a surge protector. You can choose between several variants and all of them impress with a very good price-performance ratio.

ELV offers the model with one, five, six, or eight output sockets as well as variants with two USB ports, TV/video protection (coax connection), or telephone protection (RJ11 connection). This means that you have a suitable model at hand for every occasion and thanks to the recessed on / off switch you can also completely switch off all devices with just one switch.

This model has a somewhat simpler processing and a low price. There is also a child safety device as well as a visual display for the function as well as overload and grounding.

The wall mounting was not convincing either, as there are just four holes in the back. This means that the bar cannot be attached stably and firmly.

Nevertheless, the very affordable price, the good protective function, and the neutral look were ultimately convincing. If you are looking for a very inexpensive multiple plugs with protection, the purchase can still be worthwhile for you.

General Info

Surges and protective measures

Surges in the domestic power grid can be caused by lightning strikes, for example. Such an impact does not have to take place in the house but can also take place in an overhead line. The resulting voltage spike can be enough to destroy sensitive electronic devices. Therefore, modern devices such as televisions or computers are particularly at risk because voltage fluctuations of a few hundred volts can destroy the semiconductor structures. Lamps, kitchen appliances, or heaters are less susceptible so that no surge protection is necessary here.

An overvoltage protection socket offers simple protection because it diverts the voltage peaks to earth. The leakage currents derived in this way can be up to around 20,000 amperes. However, any influence on the devices is prevented because the power supply is interrupted for a moment. In principle, surge protection is therefore sensible and recommended for all modern electronic devices that are operated with mains electricity.

Specific areas of application

You should be clear in advance for which devices you want to use the bar. As with conventional multiple sockets, there are also models with only three plugs or models with ten or more in ​​surge power strips. Also, there are additional features such as additional connections for USB devices, telephone, or network devices, or for the antenna connection of the television.

The areas of application are diverse and range from TV sets including accessories such as receivers and TV boxes to computers including monitors, printers, and scanners, to telephone systems, routers, and fax machines.

Depending on the system you want to protect, you should buy a connector strip that has enough free slots, including USB plugs if necessary. Avoid connecting several smaller multiple plugs in series, as this can quickly exceed the load limit of the first strip in the series.

Special functions

As already mentioned, some models offer various additional equipment features. Common features include, for example, additional connections, an illuminated on / off switch, a master-slave function, or overload protection.

An on / off switch is always practical because it can be used to switch off all devices at once, which can save energy as no device remains in standby. A master-slave function, on the other hand, enables secondary devices such as printers or scanners to be switched on depending on whether the main device is switched on or not, in this case, the PC. This can also reduce electricity consumption.

Overload protection is particularly useful when you connect devices that have a high output. This can be, for example, a fan heater that is connected to a connector strip along with other devices. Surge protection reduces the risk of fire here.

If you want to connect or charge additional devices, connections for USB devices, telephone connections, or antenna connections can also be useful, because theoretically, a voltage peak in such lines can lead to a defect in the electronics.