It’s great to go on vacation. However, it is difficult to say the same for the preparation process. Preparing travel bag before going on holiday is both very exciting and cumbersome.

We’ve compiled the secrets for you to prepare your luggage neatly. Here are easy tips for preparing travel bag. One of the most important requirements that make your travels enjoyable is to have all the necessary items with you. It is important not to carry items that will create weight and clutter.

For this, a large part of the travel bag preparation means you spend some time in planning. It is necessary to make plans, act per this plan while preparing the bag and apply a few tricks to save space. After learning and applying these tips correctly, you can have a comfortable and enjoyable journey. 

In this article, we will give you tips that will help you prepare your travel bag while you’re taking everything you need!

Plan ahead

You can start listing items that are must in your bag days in advance. Filling your travel bag with items on your list prevents you from worrying about”I wonder what I forgot?

Remember to check the item from your list when putting it in the travel bag. You can also separate the items on the list depending on how much space item takes up.

With the proper planning, your travel bag preparation time can be reduced by almost half.

Get your combos ready

If you want a light, comfortable and tranquil travel bag, there is no room for excess. You probably won’t wear a T-shirt that you started by questioning

Can I wear this? Moreover, “Anyway, let me take it anyway” approach can cost you dearly. 

Be sure to plan what you’ll wear to prepare a more efficient travel bag.

The next step is to put the combinations into groups. This will also make you comfortable during your journey. 

Pants, T-shirt; you can even place the combined rolls of underwear and socks in your bag in a certain order. In this way, you will not have to say “What to wear during your trip to beach or you can avoid questioning which shirt you put where.

Winter travel requires more preparation

It is relatively easy to prepare travel bags for summer trips: pants are replaced by shorts, and thick and bulky sweaters are replaced by T-shirts. But that doesn’t mean that you need bigger bag in winter. The solution is very simple, vacuum bags!

Thanks to vacuum bags, it is possible to reduce the volume of your thick sweaters. Moreover, packing and vacuuming your cloths together will reduce the space and ensure that you are organized.

Attention to personal care products

It is not possible to carry all your care products with you at once. You can put your care products such as shampoo, shower gel, cream in small bottles. Some flight policies of the airlines states the maximum allowed size of bottles. This way you will not only save space but your travel bag will be much lighter. 

To prevent spilling of bottles, it is necessary to cover their opening with stretch film before installing the caps. Then, placing all these products in a locked bag is a must to ensure that they don’t spill on other items of bag. 

The easy way to carry personal creams with you is the air tight case!

Kurtzy Vacuum Storage Reusable Ziplock

Save space by nesting

The biggest tip when preparing a travel bag is to know which item to put in what order! Moreover, you can not only save space by nesting things, but you can also maintain the form of the clothes.

For example, a belt that you insert in the shirt collar ensures that both the belt and the shirt collar retain their form; all this makes room for different items. 

To save space, another tip is to put the socks in the shoes and put them in the travel bag. In addition to socks, you can also put different sized items, for example, your box in which you put cream, into your shoes.

Security condition

If you encounter an undesirable situation where your luggage is lost or baggage is delayed, a label with your name and phone number is very useful. Again in such a case, you can put a lock to the zipper to prevent anyone from opening your travel bag. 

While preparing for international travels make sure to keep your passports, travel documents, and wallet with you in small separate bag. In your travel bag, you can keep some money in case you lose your wallet. Make sure that this money is in the hidden place such as one of the pocket of jeans. 

You will have a peaceful and pleasant holiday by following the above tips for preparing the travel bag. 

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Have a happy holiday!