Foot odour is one of the problems that is experienced by many people and makes people uneasy. Personal care and hygiene are essential, take care of yourself and pay attention to every detail that will help you look and feel good.

Nevertheless, some annoying situations that may arise can cloud your daily life and even break your self-confidence in social settings. However, there are many effective methods you can implement to eliminate and prevent foot odour.

If you suffer from this problem, follow the below steps and remove the smell of your feet from being a nightmare.

Possible Causes of Foot Odor

When the fungal disease progresses and is not treated, it causes a bad smell in the feet.

Foot sweating is one of the most common causes of foot odour. Feet and hands have a higher amount of sweat gland than the rest of the body.

The perspiration of the feet due to the effort exerted during the day causes the emergence of various bacteria causing odour. Sweating due to perspiration, which is a healthy event when it occurs in its natural course, cannot be prevented and it is not recommended to prevent it, it is a common problem.

When the fungal disease progresses and is not treated, it causes a bad smell in the feet.

Genetic predisposition is among the factors that cause foot odour. Besides, stress and excess weight are some of the factors that trigger.

Thyroid and diabetes or some other drugs used due to a different disease can cause foot odour.

Shoes and Socks Selection

There are some general rules and precautions that you should follow to eliminate and prevent foot odour that enters your life as an annoying problem.

At the top of them, is to make the right choice of socks and shoes. So what do you need to pay attention to when choosing the right shoes and socks?

Especially if you have excessive sweating in your feet, socks should be an indispensable piece of clothing for you. You should pay attention to use socks in every season. Otherwise, the sweat on your feet can increase the potential of odour because there is no layer between the shoes.

You should prefer breathing (pure cotton) socks for indoors or outdoors in all seasons of the year. One can decrease the problem of foot odour significantly by using socks which are produced with high sweat retention feature. These type of socks are manufactured with minimum polyester and nylon content.

When choosing shoes, your first choice should be for shoes that will allow your feet to breathe. If possible, you should try to use fine shoes and sandals made of cotton fabric. Of course, this is not always possible, at which point try to have one where products are made of natural material.

Natural Methods to get rid of smelly feet

It is possible to remove foot odour by using some natural materials that are likely to be found in every home. Carbonate, salt and vinegar are the are some of the examples to get rid of smelly feet.

Add a small amount of water, carbonate-salt mixture or vinegar into a basin that can fit your feet and leave your feet in this water. If you repeat this process regularly every evening, after a while the foot odour problem can be reduced and eliminated.

In addition to carbonate, salt and vinegar, black tea is one of the natural methods that are good for foot odour. You can apply this method by keeping your feet soaked in black tea which has pore shrinker and antiperspirant properties.

The only way to find out which of the natural methods will work better for you to prevent foot odour is to apply these methods one by one. Only in this way can you eliminate the problem of foot odour with natural methods, and have a more comfortable and peaceful daily life.

Some Other Precautions to get rid of smelly feet

Inadequate water consumption causes foot odour to condense.

  • Foot deodorant is one of the main cosmetic products that help to remove foot odour. These products, which are produced in the form of a spray, give the feet a fresh and pleasant smell. Make sure to use them on dry and clean feet.
  • You can also use specially produced shoe deodorants to remove odour from the shoes. You can also wash your sneakers in the washing machine at regular intervals.
  • Ventilating the shoes you wear all day long, not wearing the same shoes every day and not neglecting to change socks daily are among the measures that help to remove the problem of smelly feet from your life.
  • You can pour the powder into your socks to reduce sweating on your feet. Powder helps prevent perspiration odour formation by preventing perspiration to a certain extent.
  • If you are using the same shoe daily then we recommend you to change the shoe sole after 2-3 months.
  • Neglected foot and nail care are among the factors that trigger foot odour problem. You should show extra sensitivity to nail hygiene and foot care and not let the lack of hygiene turn into a smelly feet problem.
  • Inadequate water consumption causes foot odour to condense. For this, you should take care to consume plenty of water as well as have healthy and adequate nutrition.
  • If you implement the necessary measures regularly and turn your foot care into an indispensable ritual of your daily life, it becomes possible to minimize the possibility of smelly feet.

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