You should always pay attention to what is inside of your Cosmetic products, but especially during pregnancy, it is essential. Research cannot say ‘okay, this product is reliable in pregnancy’ for any product. But we have compiled for you the list of contents which should not be in product when choosing cosmetics and care products during pregnancy.

Today in the modern world, cosmetic products are an indispensable part of our lives. We knowingly, sometimes unwittingly, come into contact with many different products which contain chemicals. 

While detailed clinical research continues for each and no conclusive conclusion can be reached, everyone from the specialist to the dermatologist, from the doctor to the taxi driver says, “let’s not have this much chemicals during pregnancy”.

We come in contact with chemicals contained in cosmetic products through respiratory and/or skin. That’s why skin and hair care products are one of the things we need to pay attention to, and if we add products such as toothpaste, soap, shower gel, make-up, our list is getting longer.

Hair Dye

Hair dye should be the most questioned cosmetic product during pregnancy. Aside from the discussions about whether it should be harmful, harmless or organic, we have no definite scientific data on the subject. 

The American Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (ACOG) published in the bulletins, pregnancy is not objectionable to express hair colouring. Similarly, the American Teratology Information Service says, Although the available data are limited, it is likely safe to dye hair during pregnancy”. 

In other words, we are unable to reach certain data on hair colouring in pregnancy, but the final decision is still, of course, depends on mothers.

Deodorant, shampoo, shower gels and derivatives

Vedat Ozan, in the Book of Scents, tells how much we have become alienated to our smell over time. Shampoo, liquid soap, widow gel and perfumes … 

Each of them emerges as an escape product from our body odour, but of course, there are realities of the world. It is possible to enter an important meeting by shaking our arms and even our armpits “I have come with my sweat smell“. 

Fortunately, with so much talk of harmful chemicals, it is now possible to reach (relatively) more natural products.

Watch out for these chemicals!

The damages caused by some chemicals are unquestionable. Yes, there is no escape, but especially during pregnancy; we need to stay away from the chemicals listed below:


Many Anti-aging moisturizers, make-up products, sunscreen and hair care products contains paraben. It affects various types of cancer and can disrupt your body’s hormone system.

Alternative: there are many herbal shampoo, silicone and paraben-free products in the market.

Again, you can use natural oils instead of moisturizing creams. Coconut oil and almond oil can both moisturize your skin and shine your hair.


It is found in products used to treat acne and is associated with miscarriages and birth defects.

If you are already receiving acne treatment, you should seek support from your doctor about the products.


Usually used in sun protection products and excessive use leads to developmental and hormonal disorders.

Alternative: When choosing your sunscreen for safe protection, you can use products containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.


You can find it in cheap quality nail polish. It is closely related to cancer, reproductive disorders and developmental intoxications.

Another chemical phthalate used in the nail polish is a plasticizing agent that makes the products last longer and prolonged exposure to this chemical cause’s toxin accumulation in the body.


Found in nail products such as nail polish and acetone. This chemical causes developmental disorders and has been proven to be harmful.

Alternative: If you want to use nail polish, you can try water-based and mineral nail polish that does not contain toxic chemicals.

These nail polishes are also easily peeled off without the use of acetone.


Lipstick is one of the cosmetic products that are not recommended for pregnancy because it contains lead.

Alternative: You can use lip protectors or natural ingredients to prevent lips cracking or to lightly colour your lips.

Aluminium and alcohol are often used in deodorants, but it is also possible to have deodorants that do not contain these chemicals.

Tooth whitening products (peroxide) are not recommended for use in pregnancy.

Alternative: During pregnancy, you should use peroxide-free toothpaste.

You can choose rose water

Also, you can prefer rose water instead of face cleansing gels and natural soaps with olive oil instead of liquid soap.