The use of oily products for hair and skin dates back to ancient times. Men and women have used them for a long time, given their extraordinary properties for the benefit of skin, hair and complexion. Body oils offer formulas with applications that can vary from one brand to another. You can find body oils formulated to massage a baby, to relieve stress problems, as well as for damaged hair. For each need, there is a different type; So the market overflows with options to offer you what you are looking for.

In this sense, today we bring to you some of the body oils most recommended by users. Starting with the Dabur Badam Tail, with 100% pure almond oil and is ideal for healthy hair and beautiful skin. Another excellent option is the Bio-Oil, a high-quality product that incorporates vitamin E and vitamin A.

Comparison table

♕ First option
Dabur Badam Tail

The Good

Something that users highlight about this oil is its formula since it is 100% pure almond oil. This oil is non-sticky and helps in controlling hair fall and benefits for the skin. 

The bad

Some users miss the product’s expiration time. However, this is due to its high degree of purity.


It is one of the body oils with the best value for money. Many users value it and consider it a good purchase option.

♔ Second option


The Good

This body oil stands out mainly for offering a dry, light and fat-free texture; so it is easily absorbed into the skin. It also has a pleasant fragrance vitamin A and vitamin E, which favours the use on the skin and hair.

The bad

Some users are not happy with the result especially as claimed by the manufacturer on the reduction of stretch marks. 


It is the preferred oil of many users and has over 4250 customer rating on at the time of publishing this post.

♖ Third option

Johnson’s Baby Oil with Aloe Vera

The Good

This product, given its softness and lightness, offers multiple benefits to both the mother and the baby. It has aloe vera that provides moisturizing and has relaxing qualities. Many users find it beneficial for massages that soothe and calm the child.

The bad

Some users complained about this product of making baby skin dry. 


It is body oil that enjoys the support of a prestigious brand in the children’s world. Therefore, many parents consider it an excellent purchase option.

The 5 Best Body Oils in India

Regardless of which is the best body oil, they all provide hydration to the skin, making it look more rejuvenated, smooth, shiny and soft.

The market offers you an extensive range of options to select the product that meets your expectations. However, to facilitate your purchase decision, we present some of the best reputable body oils in India.

Dabur Badam Tail

Due to its subtle aroma, it can be an alternative to mix and use in massages, which adds to its natural properties, which are emollient and nutritious. 

Because this oil is refined, it has a lighter hue, but it could also have fewer qualities than what has been obtained by cold pressing.

Our Rating: 95/100

It is one of the best almond oils, for its light texture and low aroma, which allows it to be used in various ways and is considered versatile.

Physical qualities

There are several ways to obtain the oils from the seeds, in this case, the almond tree. For this product, in particular, the refining process is used to separate it from the rest of the seed.

This allows obtaining an oil of a very clear hue, which prevents staining of clothes. It also makes Dabur badam tail easy to apply because of its light consistency. Another feature of this oil is a low odour which is why it can be mixed with other oils. It can also be used as the base oil for cosmetic preparations with essential oils.

In this way, it provides its moisturizing and nourishing qualities without altering the aroma of the rest of the ingredients. This can be of great help when you do not want to use other oils as a base due to allergic reactions in users.


Dabur badam tail is a very versatile product, which will help you both to perform body massages, and to replace even moisturizers, thanks to its easy absorption.

The use in the hair to improve its appearance is another alternative and it is still a good solvent for waterproof makeup, so you could find countless applications for this oil.

Special qualities

Nowadays many people are careful not to use products that include substances of animal origin. You will be pleased to know that this oil is made of 100% almond oil. 

100% pure almond oil means it has not been mixed with other oils. So you will get the characteristic benefits, which are moisturizing, nutritious and of gastronomic qualities, among others.


The Bio-oil is the leading product in sales and is number 1 in Amazon for scar and stretch mark product in 24 countries. It is Specialist Skin Care oil for stretch marks, ageing, scars and uneven skin tone. 

Bio-oil is light texture and does not leave a greasy sensation on the skin. Therefore, many buyers agree that it could be the best body oil of the moment.

It is body oil made under high-quality standards, so in addition to offering excellent nutrition and repair for the skin of the face and body. For this, it has a formula that contains vitamin E, vitamin A, chamomile oil, lavender oil, calendula oil, rosemary oil, and purcellin oil

It comes in 60 ml and 125 ml bottle. Also, it has a pleasant smell that stays on the skin for longer.

This is not one of the cheapest alternatives; however, it may be the best option for certain people who like exclusive products.


Skin: It does not matter if your skin is dry or sensitive, as the content of this product can be used on any type of skin. 

Concentration: The formula of this product has vitamin E, vitamin A and 5 different kinds of oils

Versatile: This product is one of the most practical and versatile, as it can be used for multiple purposes. 


A disadvantage of this product is that it only comes in 60 ml and 125 ml bottle, therefore, if you use it regularly, it could end quickly. 

Johnson’s Baby Aloe Vera Oil

If your baby needs a product that calms and relaxes, this oil is an excellent option. Given its light texture, its moisturizing power and its easy absorption it provides therapeutic massages to the baby.

It is body oil that has the backing of Johnson’s Baby brand, a specialist in the children’s products.

It is the oil that, interchangeably, can also be easily used by adults. Also, it comes in the bottle with an easy-grip design and with 500 ml of oil.

It offers a formula free of artificial preservatives and dyes and has been clinically tested by dermatologists, which guarantees its application without any risk of allergies. It also contains aloe vera, a natural moisturizer, very soft and specially designed for the baby’s delicate skin.

The best body oil under 800 rupees (at time of publishing this post) comes from the brand of Johnson’s, a company responsible for creating high-quality products for the little ones.


Sensitive skin: Children’s skin is more delicate, therefore, a great advantage of this product is the fact that it is specially made for children.

Hydration: The hydration offered by this oil is one of its best qualities, as it is 10 times stronger and acts very well on wet skin.

Aloe vera: As if its great formula was not enough, this product has aloe vera as one of its main ingredients, making it a complete and safe product.

Quantity: Unlike some oils with 200 ml or less, this product comes in 500 ml so that the bottle can last for quite some time before it is necessary to buy another


Some children are allergic to strong aromas. Therefore, the fact that this product has a noticeable fragrance makes it not the best option for certain people.

Auravedic Pure Saffron Kumkumadi Oil

If you are looking for a body oil that in addition to nourishing your skin restores its tone and firmness, then this product could cover all your expectations. It has ingredients such as Saffron, with properties that smooth your skin while intensely moisturizing. 

Kumkumadi Oil provides greater elasticity to the skin, thanks to its nourishing and moisturizing qualities. It is recommended for cellulite massage while helping to prevent stretch marks. It also has a light texture that promotes rapid absorption into the skin, without leaving a greasy sensation.

It offers a pleasant and fresh aroma, which revitalizes while toning and softens the skin. It is chemical-free, has natural botanicals and has not been tested on animals. Also, it comes in a bottle of 100 ml and does not include paraben or sulphate.


Light: The sensation that this product leaves in the body is light and fresh so that you have more comfort.

Hydration: Saffron offers very good hydration and is ideal to prevent stretch marks.

Natural: Forget about chemicals, as this product is made of 100% natural ingredients. 


Quantity: If you want to use the oil frequently, this option may not be the best, since it only has 100 ml of content.

Parachute Coconut Oil

Parachute Coconut Oil has won the trust of many people in India for many years. It is a product that offers you natural hydration and nutrition for your skin, hair, complexion and nails. You can apply it directly or dilute it in small quantities with any of your cosmetic products, such as shampoo or moisturizer.

Coconut oil by Parachute is enjoyed by every class of Indians. Because of the simple yet very impressive results, you can find them in many households.

Its natural and pure formula is based on oils extracted from the fresh pulp of coconuts, so it contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) of high moisturizing value. Parachute has 5 stage purification and the product is 100% pure. Besides, it is a product whose formula is free of preservatives, synthetic fragrances and artificial colours.

If you are looking for a product with natural ingredients and high quality, then this could easily be the best body oil of the moment.

Buyers Guide – What is the best body oil on the market?

The use of body oils is highly recommended since its benefits for our body are invaluable. Therefore, if you want to take care of your skin and at the same time achieve relaxation and harmony at the mental level, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best body oil. The idea is that you find a good and economical one that fits your needs and your budget.


Regardless of how much body oil costs, the most important thing to assess before making a purchase decision are the properties and the benefits. Body oils have been used in India from ancient times.

Not only do they moisturize your skin, but they help in relaxation of mind and are even able to revitalize the body. Today they are used in aromatherapy sessions, as well as, for relaxing and anti-stress massages, either in a professional environment or at a domestic level.

Body oils also stand out, for having an excellent hydration capacity. But best of all is that when we choose these products over moisturizers, we are inclined towards a more natural trend. Since many of these oils are made with natural products.

Therefore, they can offer intensive skincare, by preserving skins elasticity and smoothness. Also, they are very beneficial for hairs and gives new life to dull and damaged hair.


Body oils provide the skin with many of the vitamins it needs and many of them have therapeutic properties. To find the one that meets your needs, the market has a wide variety of products for each type of skin and for each specific problem. Therefore, we present some of the most used and that stand out in a comparison of body oils.

Starting with argan oil, it has antioxidants in its composition and it is very nutritious. It also has healing properties and is not fatty.

Sweet almond oil types with great properties, it has emollient qualities that moisturize and soften the skin. It also helps to Calm irritations and thanks to vitamin E, prevents wrinkles and stretch marks. Another body oil is hemp oil, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, fights acne, reduces pores and relieves psoriasis.

Rosehip oil is essential to help regenerate the skin, promotes healing, and improves spots and the appearance of stretch marks. It also relieves arthritis and stimulates circulation. 

Wheat germ oil is another favourite in the cosmetic industry for its antioxidant power, indicated for mature and dry skin.

Coconut oil, on the other hand, has antibacterial properties. It is also used as a make-up remover and as body oil; it makes the skin soft and silky. There are also body oils specially designed for use in children, they are light, very soft and include natural ingredients.

Ingredients and consistency

It is important to analyze the ingredients of the body oil while choosing a specific product. Depending on your needs you can select the one that suits you. In this sense, for example, you can find body oils that are intended to meet the needs of dry and mature skin, while others favour its use in acne skins.

Its formulation can vary, however, usually, body oils are made from the extraction of flowers, oils and seeds. Some are 100% pure and others constitute a mixture of other substances with natural ingredients. In any case, they are products free of toxic ingredients and suitable for anyone and even for children.

There are also oils with a light consistency, while others are denser. 


The package or bottle offered by body oils may vary according to the brand. We recommend choosing a product that comes from a recognized manufacturer. You should not apply a substance from low-quality brands or any doubtful origin to your skin. You should also look at the expiration date since oils have a limited shelf life.

Usually, most body oils come in dark or amber glass bottles to preserve its quality. However, some models come in a plastic bottle or clear glass containers. Also, some oils include a dispenser, for better comfort at the time of application. As for its capacity, this may vary from one product to another, some offer quantities ranging from 100 ml to 1 L.

How to use body oil

For a long time, body oils are used for moisturizing purposes for skin, hair and nails. Besides, there is a great variety suitable not only for women or men. But it is also possible to find body oils for children and even babies. These body oils have special formulas that are appropriate for the delicate skin of babies.

To moisturize

There are areas in the body that tend to dry more easily than others, so it is convenient to apply a moisturizing treatment directly. For this, body oils are very valuable allies and can be used on elbows, heels and knees to help in their nutrition and softness.

Because of this, they can also serve to have a more delicate, subtle but accurate aroma, so it is better to choose very nice versions, such as rosehip oil, almond oil, among others.

For the hair

You can use body oils on the hair to nourish and have healthy hair. Not only at the level of the strands but also of the scalp. For this, it can be used once a week. Some of the most useful for hair health are the ones with coconut and olive as an ingredient.

For shaving

For sensitive skin, it is common to suffer from irritation after shaving. For this, we recommend you to try body oil instead of using foams or other shaving creams. 

In addition to nourishing the skin as the shave runs, they can prevent cuts, since it allows the shaver to pass through the delicate areas easily.

The way to use body oil for shaving is directly and undiluted. You can take a small amount in hands and rub on your face just like the way as shaving cream. 

For the bathroom

Many versions of body oils can be used while having a bath in the bathtub or during the shower. Since its nutritional properties are very high and allow impregnating the skin of the pleasant smell that has its essence. This is because they tend to preserve their natural vitamins without alterations, which facilitates that they can be used daily.

Among the types most used for this purpose are those of almond, coconut or oatmeal, ingredients that in any way are the most popular in the composition of toilet soaps. The best, however, is to avoid citrus conditions, as they can cause skin reactions.