Collagen can generally be defined as the body’s vitality and elasticity protein. High amounts of collagen in the human body; forms the structure of tissues such as nails, teeth, hair. This fibrous protein, which keeps the bond between bone and muscles strong, acts as a kind of glue and works to keep the tissue or organs flexible and healthy.

Mistakes such as sugar consumption, unhealthy diet, excessive exposure to sunlight, cigarette consumption and unhealthy lifestyles are among the causes of collagen deficiency in the human body. With the decrease in collagen level, there are many negative consequences such as various muscle-bone diseases, hair loss and even imbalance in blood pressure and deterioration of heart health.

There is a direct relationship between the amount of collagen in the body and the beauty of the skin. Collagen, the skin’s indispensable source of life, is the most important for a youthful appearance. With the decrease in collagen production, our skin can show the signs of ageing. Collagen is important for maintaining and recovering skin health.

Collagen helps the skin to gain strength and become more resistant to external factors that cause deformation and ageing.

5 Key Benefits of Collagen to Skin

  • Collagen gives the skin the flexibility it always needs. Reduces tension in the skin and makes it look more healthy and younger.
  • Skin shows the signs of wrinkles if it loses the elasticity.
  • Collagen provides thickening and firming of the layers that form the skin.
  • Collagen, which strengthens bone and muscle tissue, increases the strength of the bones under the skin and provides skin tightening.
  • It also prevents the formation of acne, which is one of the important factors that cast a shadow on the beauty. Collagen helps to eliminate acne problem by alleviating oily skin.

What are the collagen-containing foods?

An important way to increase the amount of collagen, the skin’s beauty protein, is to consume collagen-rich foods. Some of the collagen-rich foods are:

  • Meat products:You can increase the amount of collagen in your body by consuming meat or bone juice two or three times a week.
  • Fish: In many respects, the fish is health-friendly and is distinguished by its skin elasticity enhancing property.
  • Fruits and vegetables:Especially red fruit vegetables, spinach, arugula, nettle, green leafy vegetables such as celery and green olives, garlic, cucumbers, bananas, carrots and melons, have high amounts of collagen.
  • Soy and soy products:Foods such as soybeans and soy milk also support the production of collagen in the body.

Also, consumption of herbs and spices such as hibiscus, sage, moss and mint increases the production of collagen and helps to activate the collagen substance.

The exfoliating process that eliminates dead tissue in the skin and accelerates the skin’s self-renewal process is among the applications that contribute positively to collagen production.

Ways to Increase Collagen Production

There are alternative ways of increasing collagen production in the body and renewing the collagen structure. Particularly, with the recognition of how indispensable protein collagen is for skin beauty, this protein has begun to enter into many cosmetic products. The use of collagen-containing cosmetics helps make the skin look more healthy, hence younger. 

From face cream to body lotion, night cream to masks and serum products, you can add collagen to your skin using a variety of care products. Many cosmetic products claim that they can give you more flawless-looking skin. But do they?

The exfoliating process that eliminates dead tissue in the skin and accelerates the skin’s self-renewal process is among the applications that contribute positively to collagen production. You can do this yourself at home using a variety of skincare products, or you can also get support from beauticians.

PRP, which is a relatively new method, treats and eliminate skin damage due to collagen loss. PRP is performed by injecting a special serum into the skin, is one of the alternative beauty methods applied especially for the rejuvenation of the skin in recent years.

Another method used to increase the amount of collagen and thereby restore the elasticity and beauty to the skin is by collagen needles. By using local anaesthesia, the collagen is injected into the skin using thin and small needles. After this, it is distributed on the skin with the help of massage. Dermatologist decides on number of sessions according to the structure of the skin.

This method gives your skin elasticity, vitality and shine and leaves your skin refreshed, youthful & radiant.


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