Babies begin to grow and develop by playing from the womb. Playing good games can improve their skills at both the mental and physical level.
Since the physical and mental skill levels of each age are different, parents should find the game which is appropriate to their children’s age. Because games which are too easy will be boring for the kid, while more complex games can undermine the child’s self-confidence.

Usually, it is recommended to play games with your baby after they are six months old. This is because around six months baby starts sitting unsupported, crawls, moves and grasps the objects.

1 year Age

At the age of one year, babies begin to walk slowly and start talking monosyllabic words. They like to take something and throw it with their hands. That’s why they love to play with colourful toys that can make sounds.

During this period, you should try to find games that will improve your baby’s sense of touch, hearing and vision. Fabric books, softballs, xylophone, rattles and sound toys are great options for this.

Don’t be limited to toys. We are sure that your baby will enjoy playing games by hitting objects that will not harm them, such as soft plastic pots, pans and buckets.

You can also give the baby cups that you can fill with things like rice, lentils and support sensory integration. Of course, let’s not go without saying that you should never leave your baby alone with toys who are inclined to take everything in the mouth.

Toys for 1 year old

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Two years Age

Children can start to play side by side even if they do not communicate much with each other at the age of two. Around the age of two, the attention span is longer.

A child of this age can throw and hold a ball. You can play with non-hard balls of different sizes. Building towers from various blocks and spending time with big 3-5 pieces of puzzles are among the things that two-year-olds would love.

Children start to play with pencils and paper at this age. Pencil drawing is very important for brains motor skill development. Around two years you can start reading the books to children. Also, kids at this age love if you make different audio intonations while reading books. Reading books also makes a tremendous contribution to language development.

At this age, they also love playing with sand, clay or play-dough. But beware, they’re still too young to play alone. Make sure to keep the watch as they can put them in their mouth, ears or eyes.

Toys for 2 year old

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Three years age

Children around the age of three loves playing with legos, play dough, toy animals, dolls and toy vehicles. Again, large piece jigsaws, reading books, kitchenware and painting are among the games that this age group will enjoy. You can also start doing handicraft activities from nature or recycling materials with kids.

Children also love to create a space of their own, so they take great pleasure in setting up tents (which can also be set up with a cloth).

Toys for 3 year old

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4 year age

Children’s motor skills develop quite around the age of four and they can easily use the tools such as balance bike, or toy scooter. Now is the time to encourage children to play with each other.

In this age group you should focus on activities developing vocabulary, children sing, rhyme and so on. In this age group, children are also eager to memorize.

Toys for 4 year old

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5 years and older

From this age on, children begin to make friends and play with each other. Games such as playing together or listening to music or dancing are common in this age group The size of puzzles and Legos for this age group are also widely available in the market.

Although the choice of game activities differs at this age, therefore you should give them plenty of choices without gender discrimination.

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From now on it is up to your creativity and child interest, whether it is a nature trip with a magnifying glass or a ship made of cardboard.

Toys for 5 year old

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And most importantly, while playing all these games, you should not be interested in anything other than your baby or your child. Just focus on them and enjoy the time together.