Especially in babies, an elevated temperature is usually the first sign of a disease. To give you more control in finding the right baby thermometer, we have compiled detailed information for you in the simple table below.

Short Summary

For measuring fever in infants, babies and toddlers, two measuring devices are suitable: Digital and infrared clinical thermometer. While infrared technology does not rely on physical contact with the patient, digital models are also referred to as contact thermometers.

Digital thermometers for the baby determine the body temperature either via an oral (mouth), rectal (buttocks) or axillary (armpits) measurement. Infrared devices receive the reading over the forehead or ear of babies and toddlers.

The measuring time for the infrared clinical thermometer is only a few seconds, the digital version takes up to half a minute. Both models can store at least one measured value.

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Buying Guide for baby thermometer

What is a baby thermometer?

A baby thermometer is primarily designed to measure your toddler’s temperature. Especially babies are very vulnerable to pathogens. When your baby is infected, an elevated temperature is usually the first sign. Therefore, it is important to have a baby thermometer handy.

However, as there are many different manufacturers and models of  thermometers, comparison between different thermometers are important. 

Types of Baby Thermometers

Trying to measure the body temperature of a toddler can be very stressful. Therefore, there are different forms of thermometers. It’s best to test yourself in which form your baby is most comfortable. You can choose between the ear thermometer, the pacifier thermometer and the rectal thermometer.

Examining body temperature with an ear thermometer is one of the most common forms. This has the advantage it is very easy to use. However, the readings of an ear thermometer often do not provide accurate readings unless they fit perfectly in the ear canal.

With pacifier thermometers, the big advantage is that this baby thermometer looks like a pacifier, making it easier for babies to accept. A button click on the pacifier is then enough to use the thermometer function. Latest pacifier thermometers even have internal memory. This allows you to track the previous reading of body temperature. This type of thermometer can work wonders for unruly children.

However, the most accurate readings are possible with the rectal thermometer. In practice, however, this form proves to be the most uncomfortable in comparison to the others.

Difference between infrared and digital thermometer

Infrared thermometer

An infrared thermometer measures the temperature without touching the object or the person.

✔️Measurement in a few seconds

✔️No skin contact – hygienic

❌Readings vary slightly

❌Pretty chunky

Digital thermometer

In the case of digital, the thermometer must touch the person to be measured to be able to record the temperature as best as possible.

✔️Accurate readings

✔️Easy to store

✔️The battery lasts for a long time

❌Contact is necessary

❌Measuring time of approx. 30 seconds

How we choose the best baby thermometer

We test the baby thermometer on functionality and pollutants

By functionality we mean, how well the thermometer measures the temperature. For pollutants is mainly look for environmentally harmful substances in the packaging or in the electronic device itself.

The evaluation of the tests is usually presented in the form of a test result in a comparison table. Such a comparison helps choose the right thermometer.

The rating of different baby thermometers in the product test depends on various comparison criteria. Among other things, these are the measuring point and the duration of the test. The sample, whether there is a fever alarm, whether the measuring tip is preheated and whether the display is illuminated, are some of the things.

Common defects and vulnerabilities

The visual similarity of the baby thermometer can be confusing. When comparing the thermometers in the test, however, there are different shortcomings for different forms of thermometers.

Some fever thermometers feel cold at first and have a long measurement time. Long measurement time is rather unfavourable, especially for babies. Other thermometers, such as the ear thermometer, often fail to provide accurate results in the test run.

Some customers also complain that not all baby thermometer lights up or that a battery indicator is missing.

Where can I buy a baby thermometer?

A study proves that more and more people prefer to order online than to go shopping in the speciality store. Among other things, this is certainly because online shopping is not tied to shop opening hours.

Online shopping is possible at any time and from anywhere. Online shopping also has the advantage of being able to compare prices. In most cases, you pay less online than you would spend on the market.

Why you need baby thermometer?

If you have a baby, you should always have a baby thermometer in the house for emergencies. As you have probably noticed, there are some differences between baby thermometers and normal thermometer.

Fever is not uncommon in children. An elevated temperature is actually very common in children. Do not worry too much when the temperature is slightly elevated. Fever helps the body to heal itself.

How to correctly use baby thermometer?

Which thermometer you want to use for your baby is up to you. With the ear thermometer, you should carefully read the instructions for use beforehand, as the sensor must be placed in the right place.

When measuring the fever with a rectal thermometer, you should also pay a lot of attention. The tip should be slightly warmed if possible, so this uncomfortable method is a little less uncomfortable. With a little cream on the tip, the thermometer can slide safely and gently into the butt. During the measurement, you should keep the thermometer as still as possible.

Tips for Cleaning a Baby Thermometer

  • Before and after using a clinical thermometer, the baby thermometer must be disinfected and cleaned.
  • With a rectal thermometer, you should disinfect it each time after use, for example with disinfectant  
  • When used in the mouth, damp cloth or a damp washcloth is sufficient for cleaning. 
  • For a pacifier thermometer, wash the nipple thoroughly with warm water after use and before reuse. 
  • In-ear thermometers, there are practical disposable protective flaps. By using these protective flaps you can save cleaning after each measurement.

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