A good exercise machine can make your training routine more fun and effective. They can help you make movements that without it would be very complex to achieve. These machines don’t have to cost you a fortune; For example, in the market, you can find cheap Ab roller Wheel that can help you tone your body properly.

If you want to make a comparison to choose the most appropriate model, some basic recommendations mentioned in our guide can help you. These can help you identify important things to consider when analyzing the options that the market offers you.

The main important point in the selection is the materials of the AB Wheel. It must be resistant to adequately support the weight during training. Of course, the metal may be a good option. But there are models with high resistant ABS plastic parts that can offer proper use for a long time.

On the other hand, there is the diameter of the wheels and their bearing surface. These characteristics together are intended to provide stability for efficient exercise.

The wheels must have a coating that allows them to roll without slipping on different types of surfaces such as wood or hard floors. You should also look at the handles, as it is the main point of support you will have. Handles should preferably be comfortable with a non-slip texture and with a sufficient diameter so that you can hold them firmly.

Finally, we suggest you consider the practical models among your options. It may be an advantage for you that the Ab roller wheel can be dismantled or that it has compact dimensions. With this, you can easily store it in any small space while you are not using it.

AB SALES Roller | Best Cheap Ab Roller Wheel Of 2019


Being a compact and removable device you can easily store it and it will not take up too much space.

Some tall people have complained that the mat provided in the package as too short, which could be a disadvantage.

Our Rating: 95/100

It has low weight and an ergonomic grip which allows stability and comfort in the exercise. In addition to being suitable for the abdomen, it helps in strengthening back and shoulder.

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The main aspect that an Ab roller wheel should offer is to be efficient. AB SALES Roller model can help you tone a wide variety of muscles especially in the upper part of the body. By using it you can strengthen muscles of the back, chest, abdomen and arms at the same time in a simple way.

On the other hand, the exercise routines with this device do not have to be too long. Since it is not necessary to perform too many repetitions. Therefore, you can add it to your daily exercise routine and get your muscles toned properly.


One of the features that make AB SALES Roller model more attractive is its appearance. The manufacturer is very careful in details to provide a good finish.

The design on its wheels with bright-looking rubber makes them look great. But at the same time, it has a convenient diameter that allows it to slide and provides the expected support.

Another very convenient feature is the fact that the model has two low-friction wheels. This characteristic adds stability to the exercise since it prevents the wheel from deviating. In the case of the deviating wheel, it is hard to achieve proper strengthening.

Regarding the construction and its materials, they are resistant and offer appropriate durability. This is important in the long term so that you do not have to resort to a replacement. 


If you do not want the exercise equipment which takes too much space then AB SALES Roller may be a good option. This is because it is a model that you can disassemble if necessary, but even when it is ready to use it doesn’t need too much space.

Its wheels measure only 16.5 cm in diameter and its total length with handles is 28 cm. 

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about a mat to protect your knees. AB SALES Roller comes with a mat which is 34 cm long and 17 cm wide. 

This mat has the appropriate density so that you are comfortable and with it, you can avoid slipping during the routine. Besides, if necessary, you can wash the handles without a problem due to its rubber coating.

On the downside, this mat may be small for tall people.