The abdominal wheels or ab roller wheels help to improve our physical condition. They help to exercise the abdominal muscles easily. It is important to choose a product that has the quality and necessary strength to meet our needs. In our test, we found AB SALES Roller wheel offers a high-quality double wheel with a smooth and progressive movement bearing. All accompanied by a mat that guarantees a comfortable and stable movement.

Our second choice is the SKYFUN (LABEL) Anti Skid, which has a foam handle and a main body where PVC and steel are mixed to offer optimum strength and quality of use during operation.

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Below are top 3 Ab roller wheel in India

♕ First option

The Good

It has an ergonomic handle that will give you a lot of comforts every time you use this device. Also, its materials are very resistant to obtain great durability. It also includes a mat for you to support your knees in each exercise session.

The bad

Some users express that the pad that is included for the knees is very small.


It has good value for money. You can use this in both inside and outside the home in a very practical and simple way.

♘ Second option

The Good

Made of steel tube, covered with foam to protect your hands and help you work in a very comfortable way. Besides, it includes a pad to protect the knees.

The bad

The mat that is included with the product is smaller than many users need, so you might need to buy the separate mat


It is a very good quality product, designed with excellent materials that give durability and protection to both the user and the surface on which you work.

♖ Third option
Dr Trust AB Wheel

The Good

It is a lightweight and portable product. This allows you to easily take it anywhere without requiring a large space. Its materials are very resistant and it has an ergonomic handle.

The bad

It is a little expensive but considering the quality, it deserves that price. 


This Ab roller wheel has excellent quality materials, which will help you strengthen your abs if you strain daily.

Ab Roller Wheel Buying Guide

What is the best Ab roller wheel in the market?

To maintain physical strength and flexibility it is essential to have strong abdominal muscles. Especially for those who usually practise activities that require a lot of strength. The ab roller Wheel works not only the abdominal muscles but also the lower back, which reduces the negative impact on the spine. 

If you are interested in purchasing this product and looking for a good and economical option that allows you to achieve the best results. Then we recommend you to read the following guide and check our reviews of the best ab roller wheels in the market below. 

Why buy an ab roller wheel?

The abdominal wheel or ab roller Wheel is a device that consists of a small wheel, with a handle in the centre that makes it easy to turn on the ground.

This wheel allows us to carry out the exercise and movement in which the entire abdominal muscles will get the benefit. Besides, the lower back muscles, oblique, and the entire middle area of ​​our body also get the benefit. Its size is usually quite compact and practical, so we can use it perfectly in our home or take it to the gym without problems. It can also be purchased online or sports stores and in general, it is quite cheap.

The important thing is that the device allows us to maintain an appropriate technique to avoid excessive stress on our muscles. This requires a stable wheel, a suitable and ergonomic handle and that slides firmly but gently on the ground to effectively contract the abdomen and avoid exaggerated arching of the back.

Therefore it is a device of simple use with which you will achieve extraordinary results in much less time and effort than traditional abdominal exercises. Here are some features you should know to choose a quality model, according to your needs.

Wheel design

The wheel is an essential aspect of the ab roller Wheel since it is what allows the displacement and therefore the exercise. Therefore it is important to consider the characteristics of it to choose an efficient model. It is a summary of a wheel or roller, whose size and number may vary depending on the model and the purpose. The wheel is usually made of PVC, plastic, steel or rubber with non-slip covering for a better grip on the ground.

The vast majority of models have a single wheel with grip handles on the sides, although there are also models with two parallel wheels. Two parallel wheels improve stability and in many cases allow a greater variety of movements, such as the sides, to also work Oblique abdominal muscles.

There are even three-wheeled, tricycle-type models, specially designed to provide maximum stability for beginners. But their range of mobility and versatility is less than the one and two-wheel models.

Some ab roller wheels have brakes and springs to improve the safety and ease of exercise.


When making a comparison of the ab roller Wheel, there are certain aspects to consider when choosing an efficient model. One of these aspects is the stability of the device.

The wheel must have a suitable handle, preferably covered with rubber or some non-slip material to ensure a firm grip and to avoid accidents. Many models have curved handles that adapt to the shape of the fist, which improves firmness and allows focusing the movement effort on our abdominal muscles.

It is also important that the wheel has a non-slip coating and a suitable grip on the ground. In this regard, several models have brakes to prevent accidental slides; this helps especially beginners and people with less flexibility.


Another question we ask ourselves before choosing a particular model is how much it costs. In many cases, this is very important in determining our choice.

We can say in this regard that in general, it is a low-cost device. You can find models from 500 rupees to prices close to 2000 Indian rupees, depending on the manufacturing materials, the number of wheels, the brand and the performance of the devices. Some incorporate various accessories such as non-slip mats, garters, knee pads and other accessories, which may increase its price but they are beneficial if you need them.

Although the most expensive is not always the best, in this case, it is important to choose a model that suits your needs. Always consider your safety first, the ease that the equipment allows to perform the exercise and your physical condition.

Best ab roller wheel in India reviews

To find the best ab roller Wheel in India, we consider several factors. Below you can find the detailed review of some of the best ab roller Wheel in the market.


If we live in a small apartment and want to work at home, then ab sales roller is perfect. The design of the AB SALES ROLLER is quite ergonomic so that you can exercise with it without the typical complications of space.

The AB SALES Roller has a fairly ergonomic design in every way: lightweight, practical and that takes up little space.

Main Disadvantage

Apart from the one user complain regarding the centre of the wheel there are no red flags with this product. 

Our Rating: 93/100

No matter what your work routine, the Ab Roller Wheel is a good help to achieve your goals. You can use them in your house or flat as they require very little space. 

Check out complete review here


The manufacturers of this device have given it a fairly ergonomic design. We know that most Ab roller Wheel is quite light and small in size, so they are manageable taking up little space. But the AB SALES ROLLER takes these features to another level to improve our training experience.

Protection and comfort

The AB SALES ROLLER has been manufactured keeping the comfort and protection of the users in mind. The manufacturers of this good device have taken into account the positions we adopt on the ground when we use it. It comes with the mat where we can rest our knees while working on it. This surface mat is quite comfortable so that you use AB SALES ROLLER with ease. 

The device has a fairly comfortable grip system that will allow us to hold onto its handles without hurting ourselves. This is important especially considering that we will spend a lot of time holding it. 


SKYFUN (LABEL) Anti Skid has a double wheel which increases the stability. It provides greater stability while we stretch our muscles. It will not lean easily to the side which generates security. Also, the SKYFUN (LABEL) Anti Skid Roller Wheel comes with a mat to support the knees and prevent injuries during exercise.
The fact that the most ab roller wheels look the same makes it convenient for us to think that any model is the best ab Wheel. It is one of the most economical in the market, added to all the features it has, it could be the best ab Wheel in its quality and price ratio.

Its use is simple, just take the steel tube that is surrounded by high-quality foam and start the exercise. The SKYFUN (LABEL) Anti Skid AB Roller Wheel has rubber on the outside to cause no noise or damage to the ground.

Below is the brief list of its features so you can determine if it really fits what you want and needs.

Mat: It has a mat that will be very useful to protect the knees while you do your workout.

Wheels: manufactured using resistant material with an outer ring made of rubber for greater protection of the equipment and the ground.

Material: It has different reinforced parts, designed in PVC and steel to provide greater resistance and high durability.

Compact: It has a compact and lightweight design so you can take it even during your vacation.

Capacity: This model can support a maximum load of 130 KG which will be sufficient for a large number of users.

Dr Trust AB Wheel

The Dr Trust AB Wheel is a device that focuses on strengthening the abdominal muscles. When used constantly, the abdominal area will contract and will be flattened with the force that we apply when going up and down.
Same as toning, the shoulders will also harden. Also, it gives mobility to our backs to relieve the pain that is common if you sit for a long time. Dr Trust AB roller wheel is light and portable.

What colour? What price? Where do I find it? Which AB Wheel to buy? Surely they are some of the questions that go around in your head at this time, so we describe the pros and cons of this model below. 

Lightweight: This model has a weight of 450 grams, which makes it easy to store and move around.

Compact: It has a compact design with a dimension of 29x18x18cm. 

Silent: It is a quite silent product has 2 inches textured rubber coating on the wheel. 

Grip: It has very comfortable grips that allow you to work more safely without risking injury.

Price: It is a little expensive than other products on our list.

DOLPHY Ab Exerciser

The DOLPHY Ab Exerciser takes up little space, which makes it ideal for exercise at home. The DOLPHY Ab Exerciser has this quality coupled with the fact that it has a support surface so that the knees are not injured by the constant exercise.
DOLPHY Ab Exerciser works effectively the muscles of the back, abdominals and shoulders, to give more flexibility to our body and a better posture. Besides, İt is also beneficial for those who have back pain. The DOLPHY Ab Exerciser guarantees good quality at an affordable price.

It can be used by beginners as well as advanced users depending on the level and constancy of exercise.  

Compact: It has a compact design that will make it easier for you to store it or take it with you wherever you go.

Protection: To provide you with high protection, it comes with the mat so you can support your knees and work very comfortably.

Material: It has resistant plastic and rubber material so that you can use it safely for a long time.

Grip: It has a cushioned rubber foam grip that allows you to easily adjust your hands and thus avoid slips, falls and bumps.

Adidas AB wheel

It consists of a wheel with a diameter of 18cm and two grip handles to undertake the exercise. Ab exercise is considered by experts as one of the most productive and difficult gym exercises.
If we want to know which the best ab Wheel is and we give extra marks to the brand, the Adidas AB wheel could be. It is easy to use, you just have to place it on the floor, hold its ends and slide to get back up.

The Adidas ADAC-11404 is made with 85% iron that guarantees its durability.

Grip: It has two ergonomic handles that allow you a good grip to avoid slipping and falling unexpectedly, which could cause injury.

Compact: It has a compact design that makes carrying easier when you want to take it with you somewhere.

Bar: The central bar of this model is made of a metallic material so that you enjoy great resistance and durability for years.

Wheel: The wheel is covered by a non-slip material so you can exercise without thinking about possible accidents or bumps.

Foam: Some users have expressed that the foam that covers the handle of this product is not of very high quality.

Inditradition Ab Exercise Roller

The Inditradition is an exercise tool that tones the abdominal area with its smooth and comfortable movement. Thanks to its two wheels you can perform an optimal exercise because it allows stability when using it.
It has moulded handles for a safer grip so that it does not slip as well as provide soft relief that will not hurt our hands. This provides reliability when starting the ups and downs of the body.

Inditradition also strengthens our shoulders and thus reduce the discomfort that occurs at the lumbar level, after sitting for a long time.

Wheels: it has two wheels that will give you more balance and thus prevent you from slipping or hitting yourself hard.

Grip: It has a fairly secure grip system that will give you greater peace of mind whenever you want or need to strengthen your fitness.

Compact: It has a compact design that will allow you to easily transport and mobilize it without major complications.

Mat: A small part of the clients have stated that its mat is small and doesn’t give much comfort.

How to use an Ab roller Wheel

Whether you want to tone the abdominal area of your body or you want to practice a routine that fully exercises your body muscle. Ab roller wheel helps to maintain an optimal physical condition, strength and flexibility. The Ab Wheel is innovation when it comes to tone the entire abdominal and back.

Which areas do you work?

Few exercises make the lower back and abdominal area stronger. With your Ab Wheel, you can tone these areas with a daily routine. This type of exercise works the lower back and abdomen, which will improve the posture and help to prevent back pain, as well as tone the lower abdomen.

How to use the Ab roller wheel correctly?

This exercise instrument consists of a wheel that is pierced through the centre by a handle that is the part where you are going a hold. After taking the correct posture, take the handles on each side by completely closing the fists on them. This will make your hands relatively together.

Take the right posture

There are two basic postures to use the Ab roller wheel within exercise routines. 

In the first, get on your knees; try to keep the tips of your feet against the surface where you are going to perform the exercise. Hold the wheel by the handle and put it against the floor. Slowly raise your knees as the wheel travels over the surface.

Your entire body should be fully extended without touching the floor. 

The second posture is similar; the difference is that while you roll the Ab Wheel, the knees are resting against the floor whereas the rest of the body extends in a straight position.

Start Routine

Exercising with your Ab roller wheel may be too demanding because of the strength it requires to execute the movements; especially in the lower back area. This is why you should start with a gentle routine that allows your body to strengthen and adapt to the force requirement of this instrument.

You can start with a routine of between 10 and 12 repetitions in each session, which can be two or three times weekly according to the time you have. You can increase the number of repetitions according to the condition you are acquiring until you reach 20 in each session.

Care you should have

If you have a lower back injury, training with an Ab roller wheel is not recommended as it can aggravate the condition. However, you can consult your doctor before completely discarding the exercise.

When performing the movements, do it carefully, without straining your muscles too much. If you feel any discomfort, take a break before finishing the routine. Always keep your back straight when you extend the body and use the lower back and abdominal area to boost each movement.