Are you fed up of the slow internet? We have created a small guide to help you use both mobile data and WiFi at the same time…

You probably noticed that mobile data is turned off when you connected your device to WiFi. 

You cannot use both at the same time. Let’s say both your WiFi and your mobile data have slowed down considerably. Can you combine these to have powerful and faster internet connection?

In this article, we will tell you how to use both WiFi and mobile data at the same time. We will tell you how to do this without using root. In this method, we will use an Android application that does not require you to root your Android device.

This app was developed for a device with a bad internet connection that allows you to combine and use your WiFi and mobile devices at the same time. To increase the internet speed on your Android device, follow the steps below carefully.

Simultaneous WiFi and Mobile Data Usage Method

Download the Speedify app from the Google Play Store.

Turn on mobile data and WiFi on your device, as both connections will be used to increase Internet speed.

Now launch the Speedify app on your Android device.

After that, the Speedify app will give you a pop-up message that will encrypt your web traffic and collect the least information to provide the best service. Tap on Agree and Continue.

The Speedify application first detects your location and then finds the nearest server that gives the best speed. Grant permissions only (optional), and then tap Continue.

Now tap OK and Speedify will establish a VPN connection for your device.

To prevent excessive use of your mobile data, Speedify recommends limiting mobile data usage. It, therefore, asks for your permission. You can tap Yes or No as desired. You can also change the settings at any time.

The Key icon at the top of the screen indicates that Speedify is currently active on your device.

Advantage of using WiFi and Mobile Data Simultaneously

The Speedify app allows free users to use 5GB total data for a month. You can select the unlimited data usage package at any time. You only need to upgrade to the paid version of Speedify.

If you often encounter internet speed problems, the paid version is very convenient. You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription package. The annual package is highly recommended as it saves a lot of money. Apart from that, you can easily connect up to 5 devices with a paid version of Speedify.

Now with the help of Speedify, you can use both WiFi and mobile data simultaneously on your Android phone without root. 

If you have multiple WiFi connections, you can always automatically switch to the most powerful WiFi connection for better internet speed.