The most beautiful office is the one where you can work from home. But do you have difficulty turning your room into a comfortable and efficient home office? Then you can check out this article for all the information you need…

Developing technology also leads to innovations in business life. Those who do not want to work in the regular day jobs have a lot of options thanks to the internet. 

The number of jobs that can be done from home is quite high! However, to achieve productive results, your work environment must meet certain criteria. Concentration is essential to the home office.

Therefore, the presence of distractions contradicts the purpose of the home office. However, avoiding distracting objects in decoration does not mean that you need to create flat spaces with no details.

On the contrary, some carefully selected details increase motivation in the home office. At this point, the important thing is to dominate the psychological counterparts of your choices. Therefore, from the forms to the colours of the accessories, you should be aware of the impact of each detail in the home office. 

One of the most important steps in this is the selection of furniture. Some of the furniture in the home office may not be enough to provide the comfort you are looking for. On the contrary, the choice of more comfortable furniture reduces your energy and puts you into resting mode instead of working. 

If you are aware of these subtle nuances when decorating, you can create working areas where you can spend more productive time and get more efficient. 

Here are 10 tips you can use to get an effective home office. 

List the Furniture You Need

What do you need in the home office? First of all, you can start a selection of furniture by making a list.

First, check out the basic models of the workspace table models. The width of the workspace you need, whether a storage space with the table is necessary for you, is decisive in your choice of table.

Architects and engineers are turning to large and curved table models for large project drawings. For those who continue to work only on computers, small desks are enough.

Desktop PC users need a suitable space inside the product to position the computer CPU outside the tray.

Some prefer tables with stepped surfaces because they must work with dual displays.

As you can see, there are many variations on the choices that can be made on the workspace, even on a desk.

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Considering similar situations in other furniture, listing all your requirements before choosing furniture makes it easy for you to choose between products.

Comfort in the choice of chairs

One of the first things that come to mind when we talk about the home office is the rotating chairs.

Although it is a piece of furniture that provides the necessary flexibility in the movement of the users, some individuals are not comfortable with this type of chair while working.

Therefore, whether your chair is a rotating / moving or fixed chair is entirely at your discretion.

Therefore, for your posture, you should use the ergonomic design and comfortable working chairs.

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It is almost impossible for you to work as efficiently as you can imagine when using comfortable seating elements instead of chairs.

No Bookless home office

Book lovers are generally happy to exhibit the books they have in their collection. However, exposed books can hold excessive dust. The designs that solve this situation draw the attention of the bookworms.

Especially the libraries with glass doors make a name for themselves with their design in solving the dust problem.

If you place LED lights on the shelves of the bookshelf, you can completely change the atmosphere of the place. 

If you don’t want to buy a bookshelf as a piece of stationary furniture, you can use different sizes of shelves.

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There are also ready-made libraries that have been created by assembling several shelves in a certain way.

Rational Storage Solutions to Avoid Clutter

The home office is perhaps an easily dispersed area like your mind.

But it’s always good to have your desk tidy so that you can easily focus on your work.

You can benefit from the office desk with drawers.

As you can store your stationery products scattered around, such as paper, pencils, notebooks in an efficient way

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If you are short of space, you can mount modern boxes or shelves easily on the walls. 

Correct Colour Choices to Improve Your Performance

You should keep your energy high to increase concentration in the home office. For this, the most important element that increases your energy in interior design is the colours you use!

From walls to flooring, from furniture to the smallest details, the colour of each object in your space is highly influential in your psychology.

For example, grey, known for its neutralizing and relaxing effect, is ideal for your bedrooms but is one of the colours that can reduce your energy in the workplace.

However, it is known that yellow facilitates focus and puts the person in a dynamic mode.

Therefore, using yellow and shades in the home office increases both your concentration and your mobility. If you have a stressful work environment, the soothing effect of blue and green tones are efficient in reducing the effect of stress.

Red tones are not preferred in the study rooms because of both the appetizing feature and the anger inside you. 

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Purple, the colour of melancholy, can pull you down emotionally from time to time.

However, if your work is about design, music, painting or sculpture, using light purple tones in your workplace is a good option. It will help you use your imagination by putting you in a romantic atmosphere.

Balance the Colours

When talking about the use of colours in the home office, besides the characteristics of the individual colours, it is also very important which colours you use. 

You can combine contrast colours to provide emotional and visual balance in the space. For example, if you have a work environment where 70% yellow is dominant, you can include 30% light purple and grey tones.

At this point, you should pay attention to the colour tones. You can reach pastel tones by increasing the white ratio and darker tones of the same colour by increasing the black ratio.

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Bright colours can overwhelm your interior and create an undesirable visual effect. However, when you switch to pastel tones, you can achieve more minimal and aesthetic results. 

Thus, you can create more efficient working spaces by increasing your motivation without distractions.

Find the Right Lighting for Bright Ideas

Another factor that influences your motivation and productivity in the home office is the lighting of the place. The forms of the lighting elements, the light bulbs compatible with these lighting elements, the light colour and brightness directly affect your performance.

The yellow light, which is generally preferred in resting places, can draw down your energy in the study rooms.

Daylight and white lights make you feel more dynamic and active in the study room. You should also opt for white light to minimize eye strain during reading and writing activities. 

When it comes to lighting elements, using a chandelier or corner lamp to illuminate the whole place, as well as a table lamp that directly illuminates the desk makes your life easier. So, you don’t have to stand up for light control while you’re working. 

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Control of the light from the table lamp is always at hand. In addition to the light colour, the appearance of the lighting element is also important to keep your concentration intact.

Intense colours and patterns dominate the lighting elements, which can distract your concentration unnecessarily. 

For this reason, it is better to opt for simpler and flat lighting elements! 

Convert Blank Walls to Notebook

Planning is essential for every successful way of working. Several accessories are there for the home office to ensure that you are more planned, and your place has a more aesthetic appearance.

When it comes to planning, the first thing that comes to mind is the timeline. To manage time effectively, you can get a clock that matches the design of your study. Then you can find various decoration elements that you can use to plan your days.

However, if you want to do some nostalgia, you can paint an empty wall surface in your study room with chalkboard paint and use it as a big notebook.

As in school days, you can make it more fun by taking notes with chalk on the blackboard.

You can have your home office with these walls where you can write all the notes and reminders that are important to you.

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When you get bored you can be sure that the patterns you draw on this wall will motivate you better than many artistic paintings.

You don’t have to scrutinize page by page for meetings and various reminders that you can forget at a busy life. As an alternative to the blackboard, you can create your notes with the ropes stretched on the wall.

The small notes you attach to these ropes with tiny pegs sold on the market will motivate you for the daily tasks.

Keep in touch with Nature!

Keeping your ties with nature in your home office design increases your motivation and affects your productivity positively.

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Because it is good for many people to work with plants in the room. Therefore, it is useful to have indoor plants in your home office. 

Small green details can help you get rid of stress and psychologically helps you breathe better and feel better.

Stay away from them!

Mirrors are one of the accessories that are not suitable for use in the home office. Mirrors are distracting feature; it fits more in other parts of your home.

Also, separating activity areas in the home environment is very effective for individuals psychology and habits. Moving this type of objects to different places such as living room and game room is a better idea.

Also, young children need to recognize certain places in the house by their function. 

Not only children but also other members should respect your home office and should not consider as just another room of the house.