The first thing that will catch your eye when you enter a house will be the atmosphere that the house reflects with its colours. It is possible to see the style of the host with the colours that dominate the house or used in the details. The house may have started to look monotonous in the period of your decoration. 

If you want to change the atmosphere of your home and refresh the design in your home, you can start with the colours.

It is possible to make decoration innovations in your style from the increased paints, hobby items and polishes in the house. If you want to spend your time at home creatively and efficiently, you can take a look at our list.

What to Consider During Painting?

There are some things you need to know about using paint, which is one of the most effective methods when renovating your own home. For example, you should be knowledgeable about critical points such as not being able to paint every surface with the same paint or you thinner while using some paints.

Before using oil-based paints, you need to lighten the paint with the help of thinner. Otherwise, the permanence and consistency of the paint will not be suitable for use. 

When dealing with oil-based paints, you should also pay much attention to clean work. You will need to work diligently with this paint, which is difficult to get off the surfaces. At the same time, since oil paints are hard to dry, it is advisable to wait every other day even if you will apply several layers of paint.

When using water-based paints (such as watercolour, gouache, acrylic paint, water-based wall paint) that dry faster and clean more quickly than oil paints, you can use the paint directly on the surface with some water. In other words, you can create a different colour palette in your home decoration with any hobby material paint you have.

Our recommendation for you will be acrylic paint, which shows long-lasting colour on almost all surfaces (wood, metal, ceramic, fabric, etc.). At the same time, acrylic paint, which completely covers the colour under it when used with a little water, will dry very quickly.

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Refresh Your Furniture

If you want to make a difference in your home, you can start with furniture that you use frequently during the day and take up a lot of space in your home. 

You can start by colouring your sofa, armchairs and even the coffee table. First of all, if you should sand the old furniture and apply a primer with white paint, to get a cleaner result. 

However, if you do not have much material at home, you can colour the furniture you want with concealer paint. At this point, you can get a more fun look by using patterns.

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Create a Colorful Kitchen

You can colour cabinets, storage areas and service sets in your kitchen. You can create a completely different kitchen by colouring the railings of the shelves, wooden cabinet doors and even handles. At this point, our suggestion will be to remove the removable covers and continue the process after sanding the worn out surfaces.

You can also colour the ceramic dishes in your home. The healthiest method is to use coloured ceramics at this point in the production of the plate. 

However, you can turn different service sets into a completely different set using porcelain paint. Also, if you use different patterns in each piece, you may have created a bold collection.

After completing the porcelain painting process for the paints to dry properly, you should not forget to cook the service plate in the oven.

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Refresh Your Trophies

We all have some mugs or special cups, especially those who love to consume tea/coffee while working at home or while having some fun. If you want to give them a new look, you can try creative painting techniques. You can use porcelain paint and nail polish on them to bring them their former glory.

Pour water into a container that you don’t care about getting dirty and into which you can fit a mug. Then, drop the nail polish you want to the surface of the water. With the help of a toothpick, mix the colour of the nail polish. Then, immerse it in the glass so that no water can get into it. We recommend that you do not immerse the part which contacts your mouth while sipping. 

Soak the mug in the water for half a minute so that the nail polish can settle on the surface. Then you can take it out and wait for it to dry. 

If you do not like the work you have done when the glass is dry, you can clean the places you want with nail polish remover.

Innovation Coat with Fabric Dye

You can turn curtains or old fabrics in your house into wall decorations. You can reveal patterns on old fabric curtains or draw fractal forms on any fabric you wish. 

For this, you can use fabric paint or acrylic paint directly.

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Reflect Your Style by Painting Your Accessories

If the accessories at home no longer attract your attention, you can repaint them to highlight them. 

For example, you can revive your old ornaments with metallic gold paint or silvery paints. You can also do the same process for different seasons and paint the winter decors in warmer colours to reveal the light of spring and summer at home.

Renew Wall Paint

Of course, the walls that will make the most difference in your home will be the walls. You can create a completely different atmosphere by changing the colour of a room, or you can consider colouring a single wall instead of painting the whole room in the same colour.

Likewise, you can create different patterns on a wall. To do this, you can use materials such as masking tape and paint mask to get a professional look. 

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