For most of us Travelling is the best time of the year! We have been waiting for this day, dreaming and looking forward to the day of travel. Maybe your this year plan is to be on a deep blue beach lit by the sun or that foreign country which you always want to discover. Travelling to the festival you attend every year or on an exciting mountain holiday where you will glide from the top of the mountain. 

But is everything ready?

If this is not going to be a retreat or a camping holiday in nature, it’s time to pick up the necessary makeup and put it in the travelling bag.

Here is detailed research on pre-trip tips that will make your job easier and lighten your suitcase. We have compiled the list of make-up items that should always be in the well-groomed traveller’s bag…

Holiday Makeup Bag

This is the best part of travelling preparation. How to prepare a functional and ideal makeup bag? 

Let’s explore together. 

First, you should try to choose small size products. This is very important to keep your bag lightweight and also give you the chance to have a variety of products. Most of the products are available in the small packaging which is suitable for travelling. If cannot find small size, you can transfer them from the original products to tiny plastic tubes. 

Don’t forget to label these plastic tubes with the product name as soon as you fill it. You don’t want to wear moisturizer instead of makeup removal gel, do you? 

Also, check whether your makeup is waterproof or not. Especially on travels, we recommend you to have waterproof makeup. For holiday by the sea, or fun party where you dance a lot or the last stop of the cultural tour where you walk through all day, waterproof products are blessings. 

In the evening you will still need it to look as bright and lively as when you leave the hotel room! Remember, holidays are the time when we’re all taking pictures. We’re sure you won’t want to see yourself posing with messed up make-up at a favourite museum when you go home. 

Indispensable Parts of the Bag

Right from the start: BB cream, blush, maximum 2 colour lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, make-up wipes and a sun-protected moisturizing are must in your holiday makeup bag. 

Unfortunately, you cannot travel with big palettes, thousands of lipsticks and giant makeup brushes. You should say goodbye to them as they take up more space. 

The versatile products that you can use for multiple purposes will be ideal for the compact makeup bag in your luggage. In the same way, for eye cleaning or face cleaning, you can buy products such as a sponge, make-up wipes suitable for your skin type for short-term holidays.

Ready for Surprises

It’s not just about how you want to look on holiday. The most important thing is how to get through this non-routine period. 

For example; bruises may occur under the eye, sometimes due to walking, long air travels and sometimes only because of the change of weather. 

To quickly solve this, you should always put a tiny under-eye concealer in your bag. Even before you go to bed at the hotel, if you can arrange for yourself a small SPA session to avoid the same problem the next day. You can also have healing masks or gels that can cure this tired look under the eyes. 

We recommend you to buy products that are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants to relieve this type of surprise skin wear and fatigue. Apart from skincare, hair care is also equally important. Perhaps the first thing to consider is your hair because they are the most affected by the weather! 

You can try the dry shampoos which are very effective and doesn’t require washing. If you want to maintain a clean and voluminous appearance all day long with long wavy hair, frizzy curls, you should keep dry shampoo in your travelling bag. 

One more tip: it’s much easier to fix the little hairpins on your hair with dry shampoos! Make sure you have room for this ingenious product.

Forget Quotes!

According to some, the invention of the century is the greatest saviour of the independent woman! 

Whatever you say, permanent nail polish makes great sense to apply before the holiday. With the options from many different brands, in many different shades, you can get permanent nail polishes that don’t come out and spoil. 

You need to have a manicure on your hands before applying these nail polishes. Then you can choose a colour that is compatible with your skin and the clothes you plan to wear on holiday. Permanent nail polish can go for four to six weeks depending on the product and brand. 

It is not affected by shocks, extreme cold or hot weather. In this way, you can get rid of all kinds of nail polish and acetone from your travelling bag. 

Well, If you want to change colour or your holiday is over and it’s time to get rid of that nail polish, then what are you going to do? 

All you need is to get one of the solutions specially produced for this application instead of acetone. With this solution, you can clean your nails in just as little as 10 minutes and apply any other colour to your nails.

Life Is Easier With Travel-size Products!

Yes, travel size products are very popular because they take up little space in the bag. Usually sold in a set, these products contain all the cosmetics you might need on a trip. 

Mascara, mini eyeliner, eye make-up remover as well as a wide range of products are available in packages. Apart from the make-up materials, you should get one of the small size perfumes, small mirrors, palms-sized hairbrushes and small travel length brushes to apply powder. 

You should keep in mind that there are also appropriate size makeup bags to store all these products. 

Due to the ease of use it offers, travel-size products are a must-have for short weekend getaways, night trips, and even everyday bags.

Tips for holiday makeup

You have your bag with right products, you double-check to make sure all essential products are in the bag and you placed your makeup bag in such a way that it will not break, crack or leak. 

Now it’s time for few extra tips for holiday makeup. After a day trip, imagine having dinner in an elegant restaurant with friends. Make sure to apply the moisturizer before. Depending on the weather in your area, you can benefit from cream with SPF. You can apply the foundation after the cream on your skin for giving an extra glow to your face. 

Now don’t forget about the quick eye makeup. You can finish your eye makeup with a very light mascara and black pencil. Be very careful not to exaggerate your eye makeup and go out of your natural state. Because otherwise, it may become a flowing, lumpy make-up that is extremely difficult to correct without cleaning. 

When choosing lipstick, you should choose a few shades darker than your lip colour. Maybe you can take the spare lipstick of other colours with you to adapt to the changing places and plans during the day. 

Remember Personal Care Products!

Of course, the holiday is not just about makeup. Personal care products also need as much attention and relevance as makeup. Without them, the holiday will not be fun! 

You should also prepare a mini bag for personal care products. Logic is the same here. You can divide shampoos, conditioners and hair care products into small bottles. 

Travel-sized plastic bottles with a variety of alternatives designed with pump or lid lock are also the best material for storing your care products. 

You can put what you think may spill into these containers so that these products do not get damaged or spill and ruin other items in your luggage. 

You must prepare for a good holiday in the right way. If you want to prepare everything in advance and under a strict plan, it is a good idea to start the makeup case at least one week in advance. 

Have a good holiday!