Washing Machine has become an essential fixture in every home today.

When you venture to buy a washing machine, you get more than a dozen prominent varieties nudging each other for space in your sweet home! Inverter Washing Machines’ are the recent ones.

At first sight, you might assume that these washing machines will run even during power cuts with the use of a home inverter.

However, there is a different story.

So, let us see what does a washing machine with an inverter technology mean.

What Is Inverter Technology?

The motor of a washing machine runs at a fixed speed, irrespective of the load we put inside the machine. However, we don’t have the same load every day.

So, we see that it consumes the same amount of electricity even if the load is low.

Here comes the need for inverter technology washing machines.

Inverter technology enables the washing machines to adjust the speed at which it runs.

Understand Inverter Technology With A Simple Example

To simplify the concept of Inverter Technology, let us understand it with the help of an example.

Think of an inverter in terms of a car engine.

We put our foot on the accelerator, which supplies more fuel to the engine so that we go faster until we reach the desired speed.

Once there, we try to slow down the vehicle by reducing the pressure on the accelerator.

Inverter Technology in Washing Machines works the same way.

Depending on the load inside the machine, the inverter technology speeds up or slows down the motor. It allows the motor to function at the speed that is optimal for the load we put in the machine.

Conventional Technology Vs Inverter Technology

In the conventional technology, we find a lot of moving parts like gears, belts, etc. It consumes a lot of electricity and also makes noise.

Whereas, in an inverter motor, there are no moving parts. So, it doesn’t make much noise. There is no friction and consumes less electricity.

Though inverter motors are bulky but they are more efficient as compared to the classic motors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does the Inverter Technology Work?

The Inverter Technology makes use of sensors to detect the load on the washing machine. Based on the load, the electronic circuit determines the speed at which the machine should operate to optimise the power used.

The whole process involves the use of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Unlike the classic motor, it is a brushless motor which is assembled on armature magnets. The speed depends upon the voltage applied to the stator winding. The voltage is not applied directly but is converted by the inverter.

This makes it possible to adjust the motor speed.

2. What is Smart Inverter Technology in Washing Machine?

You can control some of the washing machines using your smartphones. LG Washing Machine is one of the examples.

These washing machines working on inverter technology are also called Inverter Direct Drive Washing Machines.

In these smart machines, the motor is directly attached to the drum without any use of a belt or a pulley.

3. What Are the Advantages of Using Digital Inverter Motor?

  • Inverter motors consume less electricity than the conventional ones. Less energy consumption means energy saving.
  • It is a brushless motor. These do not have movable parts like gears, shafts, belts, etc. Less mechanical parts ensure minimal noise and vibration.
  • These require less maintenance and are more durable.
  • It also provides quicker wash cycles. It means you end up with a highly efficient machine.

4. Why Should Consumers Welcome Inverter Technology Washing Machines?

Energy Conservation is an urgent need of the hour. We have to conserve valuable but finite resources.

Inverter Technology is an efficient way to reduce power consumption as it uses electricity depending on the load inside the washing machine.

Also, they have a longer lifespan.

5. Which are the Top Brands for Inverter Washing Machines?

LG, IFB and Bosch are the top brands producing the inverter washing machines. You can find both Top Load, as well as, Front Load washing machines.

Other famous brands are Haier, Whirlpool, etc.


Washing Machine has become a necessary appliance today.

Classic washing machines consume a lot of power. So, it is better to switch to the inverter washing machines.

It is true that they are comparatively costlier. But you can recover this cost through electricity savings.