Why do we feel better sitting under a fan when we are perspiring or sweating? Or, why do we take a cold bath when we feel uncomfortable on a hot day?

Naturally, it gives us a sigh of relief! But how does this happen?

It happens because of evaporation which brings a cooling effect. The moisture or cold water on our body evaporates and takes the heat away from our body.

Similarly, the sweat on our body absorbs heat from the surrounding in order to evaporate. When we are sitting under a fan, the evaporation gets faster and makes us feel cooler.

These two are very precise examples of how a Refrigerator works.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about the types of compressors used in fridges. And, how does a refrigerator with Inverter compressor is a better choice.

How Does A Refrigerator Work?

In a refrigerator, there is a refrigerant/coolant called HFC (Hydro Fluoro Carbon).

It moves in the pipes or coils of the fridge/refrigerator. When it is in liquid form, it takes heat from the things we keep inside the fridge and evaporates to form a gas.

In this way, it cools the things kept inside the fridge.

A compressor again compresses the gas to convert it into liquid form, and the cycle continues.

What Would Happen If There Were No Compressors In The Fridges?

A compressor is the heart of the fridge/refrigerator on which the whole working of a fridge depends.

If there were no compressors then,

  • There would be no cyclic cooling or refrigeration effect.
  • Heat may flow in a reverse direction.
  • The coolant/refrigerant would not get liquified.
  • There will be no expansion of the coolant.

So, we see that it is the compressor that keeps out fridge working throughout day and night. It enables the refrigerator to keep our food healthy and fresh.

Now that we know how a refrigerator work and the role of a compressor does, let us have a short trip to the world of compressors used in refrigerators.

Working Of A Conventional Compressor

Most compressors in regular or conventional refrigerators work at a single speed, either “on” or “off”.

There is a device in the refrigerators called ‘Thermocouple’. It ensures that the cooling process does not go out of hand. It works as per the temperature we set on the fridge.

It makes the compressor go “on” and “off” as and when required.

This type of compressor is designed to handle the peak loads (summers). It means that they run at peak loads even in the winters when the cooling requirement is less.

Also, every time we open and shut the door, heat enters inside the fridge. The compressor has to take care of this load as well.

Hence, it consumes more electricity.

Working Of An Inverter Compressor

It works very much like a car accelerator.

We don’t drive our cars at the same speed all the time. Sometimes we need to slow it down, for example, in traffic or hilly areas.

Similarly, an Inverter compressor allows the fridges to work at different speeds in different seasons.

It means when the cooling load is more in the summers, the compressor works at its peak.

And, when the cooling load is less in the winters, the compressor works less and consumes less electricity.

This type of compressor never switches off even when the temperature stabilises. It means we save a lot of power a regular compressor consumes while switching on again and again.

So, we need an Inverter Technology in refrigerators.

A Clash Between The Two Compressors

  • A regular compressor either runs on or off. It starts up, runs at full speed and turns off as the fridge reaches the desired temperature. It again starts up at full speed, and the cycle continues. It produces loud noise when it restarts. It consumes a lot of power.
  • On the other hand, an inverter compressor starts slowly, increases its speed, and then slows down when the desired temperature is reached. It saves way more electricity than the regular compressors. Hence, it makes less noise. It has the power to operate at different speeds.

How Do These Differences Make Inverter Compressor Better?

  • Slow startup and speed control means it uses less power to function.
  • Since they slow down rather than stop down, there is a less temperature variation inside the fridge.
  • About 85% of the wear and tear occurs at startup. By starting up slowly, there is less wear and tear at the startup in Inverter compressors.

Benefits Of Using An Inverter Compressor

Using an Inverter Technology in the refrigerators has many benefits:

  • In an “on and off” cycle, the temperature inside the fridge varies. Whereas, in inverter compressors, the temperature is stable.
  • Refrigerators with inverter technology don’t make much noise as compared to the regular ones.
  • Savings in power is the most important benefit of using an inverter compressor. Energy consumed is much less as the temperature stabilises.
  • Though the prices of the refrigerators working on inverter technology are higher, they can help you recover the money in the electricity bills.

The Winner

Since saving energy along with the proper functioning of a refrigerator is a primary factor; winner is the Inverter refrigerator.

So, if saving energy and money is what you are seeking, make sure you get an Inverter refrigerator.

Some of the points you need to keep in mind before buying this type of refrigerator are:

  • If you are new to inverter refrigerators, you may see the slow cooling process as a downside. But, it ensures minimal use of power and maximum results.
  • Some brands use R600 Freon on some of the models. Also, butane has some safety issues. So, it is advised to get the one which doesn’t make use of R600 Freon. However, big companies must use safety measures. So, you don’t need to worry on this point.


As people have become aware about saving energy, Inverter compressors are quite popular today. It saves 20%-30% on electricity bills.

Moreover, an Inverter refrigerator is super adaptable and works like a pro.