Who would guess said that the plumbing and ventilation pipes, which were usually covered as a sign of workmanship, would be a decorative object for the future?

Would it ever occur to you that gypsum-plastered walls will be replaced with eye-catching wall paintings and flashy wallpapers? 

Do you have to keep up with the revolution in the decoration field in this period? 

Do you like the idea that the latest furniture designs are having metal pipes visible on concrete walls? 

In this period, people don’t believe in hiding the flaws but prefer to reveal them boldly. This brave and bold of this generation is visible through the trends of clothing and decoration. The young generation is embracing the style of industrial decoration for home and offices with open arms.

Below are some tips for industrial decoration style that allows you to bring a new breath to your space decoration!

Benefit from the Perfect Harmony of Wood and Metal

No artificial applications in industrial style!

Instead of wood units covered with glossy varnishes, you should prefer solid wood with a very natural texture. 

Table made with solid wood and metal is the latest addition in this trend. Generally, these furniture consists of black metal profiles. In their construction solder is visible at the joints of the profiles. This visible solder is fine details of the industrial style! 

Also, a simple design of metal chairs and stools are indispensable in the dining room sets of industrial style. In office-style work desks, you can try to include wire-like metal details between the two profiles instead of just the descending legs. 

Unusual Designs Inspired by Plumbing Pipes

In addition to the pipes that were deliberately exposed in the space, detailed designs of pipes began to come to the fore in furniture. Bookcases, lighting elements, hangers and decorative shelves are just a few of the decoration elements you can use for this purpose.

These products are very successful in reflecting the spirit of industrial style. For example, a bookshelf or shelf unit with tubular carriers on the brick wall alone can express the character of an entire space.

The pipe-like details, which are very characteristic, can also be used in lighting element designs such as chandeliers and lampshades. You don’t need any decorative elements that surround the bulb. Discard the lampshade caps which you use in classic style.

It is not fashion and trends that draw the boundaries in this decoration style; it must be your imagination!

Coloured Metal and Tin Accessories

Even containers or tin cans where you put your garbage can become a unique decoration element in industrial decoration. It is not fashion and trends that draw the boundaries in this decoration style; it must be your imagination!

If you are looking for more ordinary decoration suggestions, you can easily add colour to space with coloured metal chairs. Note that the ideal colour is yellow to give a colourful touch to decorations where grey and black tones are predominantly preferred.

You can create an extremely cool and rebellious atmosphere in the interior with anthracite and yellow harmony that reinforces the street feeling that comes to mind in industrial minds.

Marginal Spaces Colored with Neon Lights

When it comes to industrial decoration, the spaces that come to mind usually consist of grey tones. Combined with wood, anthracites, light grey and blacks make the colour palette of the space quite dark and neutral.

At this point, two basic elements that add colour to the industrial style are: 

The first one is coloured metal; the second one is neon light signs! 

In industrial decoration, you have the chance to put the rebellious spirit of the place into words with neon signs that you will hang on the walls. Or use a humorous language to break the cold effect of this style. It is an impressive idea to use neon accessories that make a difference in decoration.

Leather Sofas Enriching Industrial Decoration

Leather sofas, which are one of the trends are frequent in industrial, style as well as in classic, modern, avant-garde and country styles. The leather sofas, especially in the Chester model, have an authoritarian and noble stance in the interior.

If you adopt an industrial style in office decoration, do not forget to include such a leather sofa in your office. The colour of the fabric is as important as the type of fabric in sofas and armchairs. In industrial style, the first colour that comes to your mind is probably the caramel tones.

If you are one of those who love to guarantee your work, you can choose a fabric close to these colours. But if you want to get away from the cliches, check out the burgundy and dark green leather fabrics.

With the effect of these colours, you can quickly soften the serious atmosphere that the industrial style adds to space in the quilted detailed seats. 

If you’re redecorating a neutral space, you can add these two contrasting colours by using dark green on a burgundy couch.

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