The earthquake is a natural disaster that occurs even if we don’t want to accept it. What makes it more dangerous than other natural disasters are that it is impossible to predict when it will occur and its severity. As conscious individuals, we must never forget the possibility of encountering this inevitable reality and take all the necessary measures.

No matter how well we know the building and rely on its robustness, we should consider the possibility of damage during an earthquake. After an unexpected earthquake, our home may become a short trap for us. Although we sincerely hope that no one will face such an unfortunate situation, we all should be prepared for the worst. We have prepared a guide for you in case of an earthquake so that you can be prepared for every situation.

Pre-earthquake preparation

The most important stage in earthquake protection is to be prepared before the earthquake. It is important to make all kinds of preparations and to take all necessary precautions beforehand. 

Attending seminars on earthquakes and receiving formal training on what to do during an earthquake minimizes the risk of damage. In addition, it is vital to have information about the structure and soundness of the building or house you are living in. make sure to inform the authorities in case of a deficiency.

Your earthquake safety bag

An earthquake safety bag is a simple but effective measure that can help you and your family in problems that may arise after an earthquake. You don’t even need a guide for an earthquake bag. It is enough to think of everything that may be needed in the event of debris or lost the home. Make sure that you always have at least two safety bags.

Earthquake bags should be divided into two. The first bag should be prepared for use under debris and always kept in easy to reach area. The most important thing to put in the bag is water. In a bad scenario, having a bottle of water with you will make it a little easier. Another item that must be in the bag is the good quality torch. The torch can also be used to find the way or send signs in case of debris. The whistle in the bag is also essential in the case to get the notice of the help.

The first aid kit, which includes materials such as band-aid, bandage, anti-infection cream, scissors, is also a must in the earthquake bag. These bags are extremely helpful in case of minor injuries after an earthquake and can prevent the wounds from becoming serious. 

Also, in the bag do not forget to keep your regular personal medicines, commonly used painkillers, muscle relaxants and flu pills. Medicines, food and water are some of the most needed things after the earthquake.

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Think ahead of time

We realize how horrible earthquake is, but in order to be able to resolve the consequences more quickly and effectively, we need to stop for a moment and think about the worst scenario: 

What would you need to have with you if you had to leave home one night? 

The answer to this question will be the answer to the question of what should be in the second earthquake bag. Even if the earthquake is not that big, you may need to have extra water, medicines and a first aid kit. 

That’s why you should keep the earthquake safety bag with you when you go out of the house.

Remember to keep some money, an official ID (such as a driving licence or Aadhar card) and thick clothing in your second bag. You should keep this bag at the door entrance so that it is easier to take with after the earthquake. If there is too much debris and grievance around, it can be difficult to find the food. You should keep canned foods in your bag in order not to have problems in such an environment.

Being ready is better than panic

Remember that if you are prepared for an earthquake, there is nothing to fear. Your health is more important than anything. Disaster training that you can get by taking a day or fixing your furniture by taking a few hours will help you to keep yourself and your family safe.

After taking the necessary time to take precautions, there is no need to be afraid or panic of the earthquake. Losing a home is, of course, always challenging, but being able to protect your health and your loved ones in any situation will help you look at life more positively.

Please do not forget to take the time and feel ready for anything! The first aid kit you can buy from Amazon India can be a good first step for preparation.