Among the important steps you can take to protect your health in cold weather, is the pleasure of herbal tea. There are different kinds of herbal tea and each one leaves a completely different flavour on your palate. Herbal tea not only warms you in cold weather but also very beneficial for your health. Having herbal tea is Indispensable during the winter months for your health, beauty and for nourishing skin in winters.

Including herbal teas in your skincare routine make your skin look more vivid and well-nourished. Different types of plants in the form of winter tea have a separate benefit for your skin.

In this post, we will talk about herbal teas more closely so that you can choose the one according to your preference.

Why Herbal Teas Are Good for Skin

Herbal teas are beneficial for your skin in two different ways. When you drink these teas regularly, you can feel the benefits on your skin health. You can feel that your skin is better nourished and hydrated. With tea, you can also make pulp into a mask and apply it directly to your skin.

There are different recipes for the preparation of herbal teas.

Some plants are recommended to boil for a short time. There are also some of them which you should not boil because they lose their properties. For this type of herbal tea, brewing method is recommended which we will discuss below.

There are different information and suggestions for each plant about how many minutes to boil or how to brew.

The benefits of herbal teas for your skin are:

  • Herbal tea helps to attain the vital water requirement for the skin. When consumed regularly, it eliminates the daily water need and helps the skin to gain moisture.
  • It makes your skin look more vivid and healthy by nourishing your skin with its rich vitamin content. In addition, some vitamin contents have therapeutic properties.
  • Herbal teas, which stand out with their antioxidant properties, strengthen your skin and make it, look younger.

The effects of winter teas, which have many benefits in terms of general health and skin health, may vary from person to person. Since the criteria such as general health status, immune system, and skin problems of the person are not the same, the rate at which the herbal teas will benefit may also vary from person to person.

Rosemary tea, which stands out with its anti-ageing properties, contributes to the tightening of your skin.

14 Herbal Tea and their benefits

Ginger Tea (Adarak / अदरक)

You can prepare ginger tea by brewing ginger into the tea and by adding a few drops of lemon. Ginger helps in keeping your skin’s moisture balance. In addition, especially with age, the incidence of skin blemishes increases. Ginger tea has therapeutic properties in such cases.

Peppermint Tea (पुदीना / pudeena)

Known for its antiperspirant effect, mint is one of the first alternative treatment methods that come to mind especially in cold cases. It also has many benefits for the skin. Peppermint tea, which removes toxins from the body, increases the skin’s ability to renew itself.

Chamomile Tea (कैमोमाइल / kaimomail)

Chamomile tea is effective in removing acne as well as regenerating the skin. Regular chamomile tea consumption is recommended for skin

Lemon balm Tea (नीबू बाम / neeboo baam)

Lemon balm tea, which is frequently preferred among winter teas, is known for its effect on maintaining the oil and moisture ratio of your skin. You can have a more balanced skin structure with lemon balm tea that you can consume after brewing for 10 minutes.

Rosehip Tea (गुलाब के डंठल)

Rosehip tea is a real source of vitamin C. It is beneficial in protecting against many skin diseases when consumed regularly. It can be used as a preventive treatment against acne and pimples. Rosehip tea nourishes the skin in every sense. You can consume rosehip as tea or you can use it as a skin cleansing product.

Sage Tea (Seesti or Sefakuss)

Again among the most known and preferred winter tea, sage has numerous positive effects on the skin. Sage, which significantly strengthens the skin’s self-renewal mechanism, can be used to protect against skin spots, stretch marks, acne and pimples. With its detoxifying content and strong antioxidant effect, sage is among the teas that you shouldn’t separate from your bedside during the winter.

Jasmine Tea (चमेली / chamelee)

Jasmine tea gives your skin vitality and brightness. Tea with jasmine helps eliminate skin deformations, can be a truly healing winter tea for those who want to have smooth skin.

Fennel Tea (सौंफ / saumph)

Fennel tea helps to remove toxins from your body and your skin through sweating. It also helps in maintaining the balance of oil and moisture in the skin.

Green Tea

Green tea, which supports the elimination of many skin diseases such as dandruff and drying, delays the effects due to skin ageing. It helps maintain skin elasticity, can also be found in the ingredients of sunscreen creams.

Stinging Nettle Tea (बिछुआ चाय / bichhua chaay)

Stinging nettle, which helps to accelerate blood circulation with the iron it contains, helps your skin look more vivid and bright. It plays an effective role in cleansing the dead skin and increases the skin’s self-renewal speed.

Rosemary Tea

With its anti-ageing feature, rosemary contributes to the tightening of your skin. When you regularly consume rosemary tea, you can delay skin wrinkles and have a younger skin texture.

Lavender Tea

Lavender tea can be applied as a supportive treatment for annoying skin problems. It plays an active role in reducing the headache and useful in digestive problems.

Linden Tea

When it comes to winter tea, linden tea cannot be ignored. In addition to the benefits it provides to your general health, it is an effective plant for skin health with its preventive and healing properties.

Ginseng Tea

Known for its anti-ageing properties, ginseng tea helps your skin look healthier, vibrant, bright and youthful. It is also known to be effective in eliminating skin discolourations and blemishes.


Herbal teas, whose existence is almost as old as the history of mankind, have been accepted as important keys of health for centuries. On cold winter days, at home, in the office or outdoors, wherever you are a cup of herbal tea will warm your body and make you much healthier.

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