Different tools and methods have been used from past to present for hair removal. Especially for women, this is considered as an important step in achieving perfect beauty. In order to remove the body hairs, there are many special devices in the market. 

Having body hair is natural for the human body but many people want to get rid of them. With the blessings of technology, nowadays its easy to achieve this.

The number of methods for the success of the struggle against hairs of all women and some men is quite high today. Note that fine hairs can continue to grow in the same way, sometimes even multiplying, despite laser treatments.

Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal, which has a history of approximately 20 years, is one of the methods for permanent hair removal. It is applied with the aim of burning hair roots to eternal history. The lasers, which have high colour sensitivity, work on the principle of detecting and destroying dark hairs. Today, there are many different features of laser devices on the market.

How many sessions of laser applications and how many sessions varies from person to person. It depends on the criteria’s such as hormonal status, age, sex, the colour of hairs and laser area. 

In people with hormonal problems, the number of sessions needed to completely get rid of hairs is more as extra hair growth occurs. Likewise, young people in their twenties may need more intense laser treatment, as the hair density is higher than in older people and the hair structure is stronger. 

Men have more hair follicles than women due to hormonal differences, and this means extra laser hair removal session.

Laser applications for the face area need to be a little more careful. The laser is considered a suitable hair removal method for thick hairs growing in the face area. On the other hand, the application of fine hair can produce different results. Fine hairs can continue to grow in the same way, sometimes even multiplying, despite laser treatments. 

It is important to note that the laser hair removal device is also important. It may be helpful to get advice and support from a specialist physician to make the right decision about the hairs on your face.

Considerations before Laser Hair Removal

Since the laser work to eradicate the hairs, the length of the hairs should be shortened as much as possible before the application.

In order to prevent burns on the skin during laser treatment, it is important that this application is performed by professional hands and that appropriate dosages are used.

Again, to prevent skin burns, laser applications are not recommended during the summer months when the skin is exposed to sunlight and bronzed.

Hair Reduction Serums and Hair Removal Herbal Cures

Among the methods you can use to get rid of unwanted hair in your body and, if possible, to remove it on long-term bases is widely available. It is possible to thin and reduce your hairs by using the products of different brands at regular intervals.

Another way to get rid of hairs and make your skin smooth is by using natural cures that you can prepare at home. You can find many different herbal cure recipes with hair removing properties. When you use these mixtures regularly, you can see your body hair become weak and diminish over time and even disappear after a while.

Recipes such as lemon juice – salt mixture, egg whites – corn flour – powdered sugar mixture, orange peel and olive oil mixture stand out among the traditionally used herbal cures. 

In herbal curing application, you should make sure to remove the hairs from the root of the related area one day before applying the mixtures to the skin. You need to apply the cures to the hairless areas.

Common hair removal methods

It is one of the oldest methods used to get rid of unwanted hair and have smooth skin. Nowadays, traditional methods inherited from our ancestors are the widely preferred method.

In this prepare the mix of sugar, lemon and water. This method is natural method and doesn’t contain chemicals. On the other hand, there are also opinions that the sugar in it feeds the hair roots.

The traditional waxing method, which is suitable for all skin types, is also preferred in terms of being hygienic. Because of the natural content, it is less likely to have skin surface irritation and redness.

After the wax application, it is enough to make easy and practical cleaning with water in the application area.

The pine tree resin is also easy to apply and healthy because of its vegetable content. Thanks to this wax which you apply at regular intervals, your hair follicles weaken day by day and you can enjoy a smooth skin for longer.

With these methods, you get the chance to get rid of the dead skin on your skin. In this respect, it can be mentioned that waxing has a peeling effect on the skin.

Another method to get rid of hair is with the use of a razor. The belief that the hairs removed with a razor blade will be thicker and lush is very common. Most of the women don’t prefer this method of hair removal.

But some experts believe that this is merely an illusion. The razor cuts the hairs at an angle inclined sideways, and the edges look thicker and sharper as they extend again.

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