Cooking with gas stoves has been around since hundreds of years ago. Since then, gas stoves have become important kitchen equipment.

The introduction of Gas Stoves has completely changed the way of cooking. However, today’s technology has developed new techniques for cooking such as induction stoves, microwaves and ovens. But, many people still rely on gas stoves for cooking.

After days of cooking, our gas stove sometimes becomes a map for solving the mystery question, ‘What we ate the last week’. Dirty and greasy gas burners not only age the appliance, but it can also affect your cooking. It may also cause a fire hazard.

Here, in this post, we are going to share some easy and useful gas stoves maintenance tips with you.

What Are the Easy Gas Stove Maintenance Tips?

A Gas Stove has four main components that require cleaning:

  1. The Grates (the part where the vessels sit on while cooking).
  2. Burner Caps (removable disks that distribute the flame from the burners).
  3. Burner Heads (where the fire comes from).
  4. Stovetop Surface.

Whether you have a one-burner stove or a four-burner stove, they all need to be maintained. These tips will help you keep your gas stove in the best condition.

1. Keep the Gas Stoves Clean

The most important step to maintain the gas stove is keeping the gas stoves clean.

For this, you will need the following cleaning products:

  • Dishwashing Detergent
  • Scrub Brush
  • Cloth

One can also use Baking Soda and Vinegar to clean the stove burners. We’ll elaborate on how to clean the stoves using these two products later in this article.

Now, let us look at how to keep the gas stoves clean. We divide the cleaning process of the gas stoves into three parts:

Prepare the Gas Stove for Cleaning

  • Before you start to clean the gas stoves, turn off all the gas burners.
  • Allow the gas stoves to cool down completely. As cleaning a stove while it is hot can cause injury.
  • Once the burners are cool, remove the grates and caps.
  • Place the burners in a bucket or a sink.
  • Submerge the burners in hot water. Add a drizzle of detergent or liquid dish soap to the water.
  • Allow the burners to soak in this water for 20-30 minutes.

Clean the Stovetop

  • Brush away any food spoilage from the stovetop using a bush or a cloth.
  • With a clean sponge, scrub the surface. Pay close attention to the food and grime stuck on the surface.
  • Don’t forget to scrub the knobs.
  • Spray some soap on the tough spots and grime. Allow it to stand for 4-5 minutes before you scrub. It will loosen the tough and sticky spots.
  • Using a brush, get into the nooks and corners of the area where the burners and the caps sit. It helps to dislodge the food particles and grease.
  • After that, wipe the area clean with a scrubber.
  • Dry the stove’s surface using a clean cloth or towel.

Clean the Burner Caps and Burner Heads

  • Take out the burners that we kept for soaking in hot water.
  • Scrub the burner grates using a brush or sponge. Most of the spots and dirt will wipe away easily since they have been soaking for minutes in the water.
  • Set the clean burners off the side.
  • Using the same brush, wash the burner caps. And place them aside.
  • Rinse the burner parts thoroughly with warm water. Make sure to rinse away all the soapy residues.
  • Set the burner grates and caps on a mat to dry in air.
  • When the parts are completely dry, place them back on the stovetop in their positions.

Other Methods to Clean the Gas Burners

Baking Soda Method

  • Wash the burners with lukewarm water and detergent.
  • Make a thick paste of baking soda and water.
  • Coat the burners with this paste.
  • Allow the coating to stand for some 20 minutes.
  • The food residue will get softened. Scrub it using a brush and rinse thoroughly.

Vinegar Method

It is a daily maintenance method.

  • Spray vinegar on the burners.
  • Allow it to stand for 10-15 minutes.
  • Wipe down using a clean cloth.

This method cuts through the grease before it has a chance to be baked in.

2. Daily Maintenance

Cleaning a crusty stovetop full of debris and grim is no less than a headache. You would spend a lot of time cleaning it than you need.

So, whatever method you choose to clean your gas stove, regular maintenance is important.

With daily maintenance, you save a lot of time and energy.

3. Early Wipe Down

Many times while cooking, the spills go unnoticed. These spills start to dry and get hardened.

A quick wipedown after cooking is a job of a few minutes. It makes your clean-up routine easier. And, you save a lot of time.

Now that we’ve discussed some easy maintenance tips, let’s have a quick look at some do’s and don’ts while using these tips.


  1. Wait before the burner, and the surface has completely cooled before you clean them.
  2. Use warm water to soak and scrub the grates. For tough stains, you can also use grate cleaner.
  3. Rinse all the gas stove parts in clean water.
  4. Dry all the parts before replacing them. You can dry the gas stove parts by placing them in a warm (but not hot) oven.
  5. You can clean the clogged burner holes using a stiff wire, a pin or a pipe cleaner.
  6. Make sure to replace the burners correctly. Each burner has a small hall in the base. It is where the flame shoots out and connects with the burner. If the hole doesn’t match with the corresponding opening in the burner, it won’t ignite the flame.


  1. Don’t pour water over the cooktop. It can prevent the ignition when you come to use it.
  2. Avoid using a toothpick to clean the burner holes. Instead, use a soft-bristled brush, a stiff wire or a pin to dislodge the food particles and grease.
  3. Don’t use any abrasive scrubber or harsh cleaning products on the control knobs as the indicators can be worn off.


A Gas Stove should be kept clean for your health. Bacteria might build up in those stains.

Cleaning your gas stove properly prevents grease fires, Carbon Monoxide emissions and makes it look great.

It will guarantee to work well and perform the way it did when you installed it.