Interested in playing or download games premium paid games for FREE? compiled the list of best game download sites for you…

We share the best game download sites with you. Nowadays, popular foreign game companies, due to increased dollar exchange rate are selling their games quite expensive in India.

In financially difficult times, you may find yourself searching for a new game to play. Good games are rarely cheap. What if I told you that you can download paid computer games for free and legally?

Now, you can find many sites to download games legally or illegally. However, going illegally means not respecting the hard work of game developers to create a masterpiece beyond the imagination. So, how can you download free pc games to your computer without paying a penny for premium content?

There are free websites that provide free games. Visit these sites frequently if you want free games. Here we have compiled a list of the top 5 sites to get premium games for free.

Note: These sites are for informational purposes only. The best way to download games is to get the original games published directly by the game manufacturers.

This Post is made possible with the help of my gamer friend from Turkey.

“Once a friend, always a friend. Why should borders stop that?”

― Erin Hunter, Fading Echoes

The first of the long-active download sites is On this website, premium games are downloaded directly for free. It is the site that has the most reputed among the many download sites currently on the market.

None of the downloads contains viruses. You can get quick answers directly by typing the problems you’re having with the advanced chat comment field. At the same time as a program sharing platform, you can get many useful programs. There is also a quick download link for many games and programs.

If you want to download games using torrent instead of direct download, Torrent Game Download is the best place for you. It is one of the best places to download full games and has thousands of games.

You can find the most current games directly on the site. There are direct quick links for downloads. In addition, there are also small video narratives showing how to set up the game. It is one of the most advanced platforms among the best game download sites.

As the name suggests, Full Games can be downloaded directly from the full version of many games, hosting hundreds of games, is one of the best game download sites. The games come with direct quick links, as well as premium download options like Turbobit.

Portable versions of some of the games are also available, the most current games you can find a virus-free download site. The interface of the site is quite simply in the form of catalogues can be downloaded on different platforms.

This site is one of the oldest Download download sites in Turkey, today is also a very popular game download site. Although there are fewer games compared to other game download sites, it is still in the first place with new games added every day.

The game download interface is simple and you can download games as well as other useful programs. Since it is an old and reliable site, none of the download contains viruses. Therefore, you can download games safely.

One of the download sites is the It is one with the most games you can download right now with its download options. Having a quick search option in the interface of the site also helps you to find that game by just entering what you are curious about.

 In addition, the site offers a simple interface is quite fast.

Other sites you should check