How do you choose the most suitable foundation that will not tire your skin and equalize the colour tone? 

The smooth, healthy and well-groomed appearance of our skin is a must for us women. Cosmetic products include hundreds of kinds of foundation and concealer that serve this purpose.

However, it is not always easy to choose the one that best suits your skin type. Even when you try the testers in stores and think that you have chosen the most suitable for your skin colour, you need to find the one that will not tire or wear out your skin due to its content and structure.

This is only possible through trial and error. But your skin needs If you know and apply the right care rituals, you cannot be satisfied with the concealer you receive.

So how do you choose the foundation that best suits your skin?

By taking advantage of our tips, you can choose the right concealer and have a great complexion.

The first step is to consult with a dermatologist or beautician whether your skin is oily, dry or mixed, before choosing a foundation or concealer. You can then choose the appropriate foundation that meets the needs of your skin type and ensures you have a smooth, evenly toned complexion.

For dry skin

Dry skin tends to dry and rash, even if the weather is cold or hot. This type of skin requires extra care. At least you should not neglect care creams containing day and night moisturizers. 

The secret of a beautiful and natural-looking makeup is primarily based on healthy skin. Also, once a week you should do exfoliation. 

When your skin is moistened, the makeup you use is better absorbed by the skin and sits on your face. If you have dry skin, you will have to have a fine structure and moisturizing feature. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid more dense foundation that contains powder. 

Such concealers do not work on dry skin efficiently. Because it can cause ”flour cookie appearance” which is nothing like the smooth skin of your dreams.

There are also two types of foundation: matte finish and moist finish. Well, what does it mean? 

The moist-finished foundation does not cause a dull and dry appearance on the skin and leaves your skin looking healthier and radiant. Therefore, those with mixed and dry skin type would be more appropriate to get a moist-finish foundation.

Let’s give you a little tip: You can warm foundation a little in the palm of your hand before putting on your face.

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte

For combination skin (dry and oily skin combination)

As the name suggests, some parts of the skin are oily and some parts are dry in mixed skins. In particular, the T region, i.e. the forehead, nose and chin region, tends to be oily. You need a good moisturizer just like dry skin. 

However, the most important thing to be aware of here is that the humidifier is water-based. This ensures that your foundation fits easily on your skin and prevents further oiled areas. 

Also, before applying your make-up, we recommend that you apply special oil-absorbing paper in your T-zone. Again, moist or satin finish foundation is useful to choose for this skin type.

For oily skin

Those with oily skin should choose a matte foundation. In this way, you can eliminate the glare on the face and get a smooth, matte appearance. 

This may cause an unpleasant, uneven and uncomfortable appearance. So, while doing your make-up, try to use as little and self-cosmetic product. The powder of your choice will make your job easier. Also, make sure it is water-based.

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

The right colour selection according to skin tone

Whether it’s a powder, a stick or a liquid foundation, we often decide to choose the right colour using hand tone for most cosmetic materials. However, this is not a very efficient method, especially in the selection of foundation. This is because, the colour of our hand is darker than our face.

Although we use foundation to cover blemishes on the face, we don’t usually take our neck into account. At that point, you can create a colour difference between your face and your neck. So the most efficient way is to decide the right colour by applying it to your neck.

What is the difference between foundation and BB and CC creams?

In recent years, BB and CC creams in the market are giving strong competition to the foundation, and have revolutionized the cosmetic world.  

In liquid form, these fine products are more preferred than heavy foundation products. BB creams are slightly more viscous, closing the spots on the skin, nourishing the skin and providing a healthy appearance. 

CC creams, on the other hand, have a lighter structure and eliminate colour unevenness on the face.

Due to their moisturizing and lightweight structure, they are especially ideal for daily make-up.

Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream

Lakmé 9 to 5 CC Face Cream