Need impressive and fantastic decor ideas for empty walls? Adding colour to the walls with decorative touch completely changes the atmosphere of the spaces. Some wall decoration appeals to the eye only, while others stand out with their aesthetic as well as functional details.

What is important when decorating empty walls is to establish the gap-fullness balance both in the space and on the wall surface correctly? Therefore, when deciding on the changes to be made on the empty walls, acting according to the potentials of the space is of great importance in terms of design.

You don’t need to fill the empty walls in complex spaces. In such cases, you can make your walls more harmonious with the small touches. In simpler and more modern spaces, you can create complex focal points on the empty walls. In addition to wall stickers, decorative panels, shelves, and frames can help you to create an innovative decor. 

Wall Stickers Reflecting Your Lifestyle

When you think empty white walls as a canvas, you come up with a unique opportunity to express your imagination. At this point, you can use colourful and pattern wall stickers instead of different colour paint to colour your canvas. 

You can try patterns, the city skyline, clouds, wall floral pattern, and inspirational slogan stickers here. Wall stickers comes in a variety of designs are suitable for every room of the house, bedroom to lounge, study to kitchen. 

You can use these large and small stickers alone or combine them. For example, to colour, the empty walls in the children’s room, designs using animal figures and natural patterns are very popular. 

Using these designs, you can animate a tale or a scene from your child’s favourite cartoon on your empty walls.

Different Texture, Different Excitement

The decorative wall panels allow you to experience different textures in the same space. You can apply such decorative panels sometimes on an entire empty wall and sometimes partially. 

For example, you can get an impressive look by using wall panels with a different texture in the background of objects that are in the focus of the space, such as television and fireplace. But at this point, it is important to consider the width of the space you have. Covering large walls with a completely different texture causes a major change in space, so we don’t recommend this in small spaces. 

Decorative wall panels alone or in combination with decorative accessories on shorter walls, allows you to achieve a more aesthetic appearance for small spaces. 

If you want to emphasize the authentic character, you can illuminate both decorative wall panels and the objects you exhibit on the shelves with the help of a spot lamp. You can choose the wood wall or decorative wall panels with the appearance of concrete, You can turn also turn empty walls into an authentic library, complemented with periodically repeating shelf. 

Turn Your Empty Walls into Convenient Storage Areas

While decoratively redesigning the interior empty walls, it is best not to put functionality into the background. The storage space available through wall shelves allows you to use your empty walls efficiently. Although the bookshelf comes to mind when it comes to shelf, the narrower and shorter shelves called frame shelf are among the recent decoration trends. 

Instead of hanging your frames directly on the wall, you can put them on the shelves and you can get a decorative look on your empty walls with these shelves. 

You can make your wall more aesthetic by placing small artificial plants next to your frames on these shelves. 

You can also use suspended cabinets with doors on your empty walls, so you can get indoor storage. In this sense, glass-lid products make your empty walls look richer, while opaque lid products can be stored in any order, regardless of whether they are organized or not. 

Walls full of memories

You can use your memories in form of photos to showcase in your empty walls with different designs. You don’t need neat layout when hanging photos, you can place them in frames of different sizes and colours.

Asymmetrically large and small frames allow you to create modern and original designs on your walls. For those who do not want to use a framework, there are alternative creative solutions. The first of these is to print your photos on canvas with digital printing method… Thus, your photos have the appearance of a painting on your walls. Similarly, methods such as printing on stone and printing on wood can be used.

Even though photographs are the best way to bring memories to space, using some icons on your walls that express special dates and events is another way. 

Sometimes the license plate of your first car, and sometimes your first watch can become an indispensable accessory of your home. Similarly, an old letter or your favourite written text is ideal for decorating your walls depending on the character of your space! 

Newspapers published on the days that are important to you, news on your name and a wall where you can display your medals together can become your favourite corner in your study room.

Enrich Your Walls with Artistic Paintings

The first object that comes to mind to decorate empty walls classically is oil paintings… However, today more modern and creative works of art are in demand. The artistic photographs reproduced with digital printing techniques give an aesthetic atmosphere to many places with their modern frames. 

You can use these photos alone or multiply them in small sizes and hang them on your walls. In addition to photographs, patterned paintings obtained by laser cutting from metal or wood are among the design trends of recent years. 

On the other hand, trends of the past in the art of decorating the walls are again becoming popular nowadays. The hanging of old or traditional embroidery on the wall is very popular again. Especially cross-stitch paintings are displayed as traditional wall accessories in country-style interiors. 

In addition to the paintings, mirrors are also one of the main accessories we are accustomed to seeing on the walls. There are now modern designs of mirrors that have become a design object in itself. You can make empty walls look more spacious with these mirrors. Finally, another wall accessory that are as popular as mirrors is wall clocks.

Decorative objects that you can make yourself to fill empty walls are limited only by your imagination!

Pattern for creative decor

Various wall paints allow you to make different colour and texture applications on your empty walls. In addition to the standard flat colour paints, you can get a 3D effect on your walls with the decorative paint types offered in the market. 

When decorative wall paints are applied to narrow walls, they often do not have the desired effect in the space. Using these types of paints on large surfaces makes a more accurate decision for the overall space. Also, performing decorative paints on your own can cause you to get unwanted results from time to time. For this reason, it is useful to consult the specialist in decorative paint applications.

There are many other ways to decorate your empty walls. Wallpapers with endless options on patterns is one of the best ways to give an original atmosphere to living spaces.