In the summer months, parks or outdoors are among the most popular choice for exercise. However, as the weather starts to cool, most people prefer their exercise indoors, especially in gyms. Gyms are usually visited by many people during the day, which makes them an environment for the transmission of various microbes. Of course, this is not a reason to avoid exercise in winter! 

It is possible to easily protect yourself from diseases by paying attention to certain things during your exercise sessions.

Ensure good ventilation

The hours when the gyms are mostly busy is usually in the evening. If you do not have time during the day and you prefer these hours, you need to consider that the gym can be very crowded.

It is therefore important to choose a well-ventilated gym. Before you choose the gym to register, you can tell them you want to see it during peak hours, so you can see how good the ventilation is.

Just eating healthy is not enough! Do not neglect the flu vaccine.

Influenza Vaccination

Many people neglect to have the flu vaccine as winter approaches. But if you have decided to go to a gym with hundreds of people during the day, the vaccine is very important for you.

As it is known, influenza germ is constantly developing and there are many types of influenza. You may not be prepared for different microbes, even if you are eating healthy to increase your body’s resistance. 

Keep in mind that the health sector is constantly improving itself against influenza and vaccines are specially prepared to protect you. If possible, have a vaccine at least 1 week before you start to go to the gym. By having the flu vaccine, you can protect yourself from germs which enter the body by air.

Use Your Own Towel

Many gyms offer towels that you can use during your exercises. But no matter how well clean they are, it is important to use personal items to protect yourself from the diseases.

Towels that you will use during exercise or showers should be only for you, it helps protect you from infectious diseases. It should be taken into account that hundreds of towels are used every day in the gym and are subjected to the same procedures for cleaning. The high number of towels makes it possible to have some mishaps during the cleaning process. 

For this reason, if you have been using the gym towels for a long time and the fact that you do not experience any problems does not guarantee that it will stay like that in future.

Don’t Forget Toweling When Using Exercise Equipment

Hygiene is the most important thing which can protect you from diseases. Therefore, no matter how clean the gym you have chosen, you should use exercise equipment by laying towels on it.

This way, you will be protected from bacteria that may exist in the person who used the equipment before you, as well as leaving a clean area for the next ones. Please note that you will need an extra towel, as it is not right to use the same towel for sports equipment and for the shower.

So when preparing your gym bag, make sure you have 3 different towels to wipe your sweat, use it on exercise equipment and take a shower.

In individual sports, your teammates are your equipment

Choose the Right Clothing

Don’t forget to pay attention to the characteristics of the clothes you choose during the exercise. In particular, air circulation clothing helps to keep the body temperature in balance during exercise.

Sweat absorbing clothes prevents bacteria formation and irritation caused by sweat. The choice of exercise clothes to match the size of the clothes you prefer allows you to increase your mobility during exercises.

You can have a much more effective workout experience with clothes that meet your demands and have all the features you may need during exercise. You can easily find different kinds of sportswear from amazon India “Sports Wear” category.

It is very important for you to take a shower without wasting time after your workout.

Get rid of your sweat

It is important that you do not skip the cooling phase when you finish your workout. Therefore, when calculating the time you will spend in the gym, you must include the heating and cooling times.

After the end of your workout have a shower and get rid of sweat. This is known as one of the important parts for protection against diseases.

Don’t Forget to Dry Your Hair

In winter weather, thin dressing or not drying the hair thoroughly after taking a shower is an open invitation for having a cold. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your hair and body are thoroughly dry after taking a shower after exercise.

If you have time, wait for a while in the gym or indoors so your body can adjust to the temperature change. By this, you can be sure that your body, which has been exposed to different temperatures in a short time, is ready to go out again.

Do not forget to clean your shoes and bag as well as your exercise clothes.

Be sure to Wash Your Items After exercise

Just because you use your own items during exercise doesn’t mean you can ignore their cleanliness. Sweat accumulated on exercise clothes is a suitable environment for the formation of bacteria. You should clean them regularly.

You can achieve a more effective result by washing exercise clothes and towels with different fabric properties at appropriate temperatures.

Regardless of your frequency of going to the gym, having your spare clothes paves the way for healthy use. It is also important that you do not wear your exercise clothes in daily life and do not expose them to different dirt.

Although it is usually a skipped detail, do not forget to clean your sneakers with disinfectant and wash your bag frequently, and do not let diseases prevent you from doing exercise.