In today’s conditions, a situation that we had rarely experienced before often happens to us: We forget!. With gps tracking devices, it is now possible to remotely monitor our key, car, bag and many other imaginable items. It is even possible to locate our pet in case of a possible loss.

Daily hustle and bustle, stress, intense pace, struggle for life… It is as if our lives in the modern world are scattered in the middle of a big whirlpool. Amid all this mess, a situation that we had rarely experienced before is now becoming more frequent: We forget!

The place where we put our key, wallet, the street where we parked our car, our bag and many more things imaginable…

But the modern world, which is the cause of all this mess, of course, brings along solutions.

Memory problems aside; the tracking systems enable us to follow many things remotely are common in our lives. With GPS tracking systems, we can easily find out what is where from any location. Thanks to these systems, we can continue our lives with peace of mind.

What are these GPS tracking devices?

Basically GPS tracking systems, which use global positioning system and receive assistance from satellites, can show us the position of the item with high accuracy. To access location information, it is essential to take advantage of the applications installed on mobile phones and computers.

These systems, which keep pace with the developing technology, attracted attention with their large sized bodies in the early periods, but they are now shrunk and hidden to almost invisible dimensions.

GPS tracking devices, which can be found in cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, have also improved the ways of presenting the data compared to the past and added the feature of presenting a retrospective report.

How do I use it?

My pet has escaped!

My car has been stolen, I can not find!

I wonder where my friend loaned my vehicle.

GPS tracking devices can provide relief to you for such as questions and problems. You can follow the format you can adapt to everything you want to follow. Connect the transmitting equipment from the equipment that acts as the transmitter and receiver to the device you want to monitor and start tracking.

These devices, which provide easy tracking thanks to the applications that are mostly downloaded to smartphones, continue to send signals as long as they are not fully usable.

The tracking device, which continuously updates the position of the device to be tracked on the map in seconds or minutes, can be used for many purposes both in case of possible bad surprises and for control purposes.

Technical issues

GPS is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides uninterrupted ground and time information in all weather conditions with multiple satellites with an unobstructed line of sight around the world. This application has progressed into our lives from many points with almost zero errors and hitches.

The GPS, which exchanges data through mobile service providers on many mobile phones, needs sim cards to provide similar data exchange on tracking devices.

An M2M, a nano sim card from GSM operators, provides the data support needed for the tracking device to work.

These sim cards, defined by service providers as ‘data lines’, serve only as data exchanges compared to ordinary telephone lines. You must deactivate the pin code before inserting the SIM card in the device.

Regarding the battery, these devices are rechargeable or can be connected directly to the power supply, and promise different usage cycles depending on the frequency of monitoring.

Reduced battery life in case of continuous monitoring is replaced by long periods of follow-up. In-vehicle applications, it is the safest way to keep the tracking device connected to the power supply continuously.

Pay attention to these

  • If you are going to use the tracking device to track your pet, looking for the waterproof feature will produce better results. Device manufacturers that make this specific case invalidate possible bad scenarios, taking into account various external factors such as impacts.
  • If you plan to use these devices for vehicle tracking, add motion sensors developed in case of theft to your needs list. In the event of a theft, this feature will inform you quickly, allowing you to respond before it is too late.
  • Again for vehicle tracking scenarios, it is essential to camouflage the transmitter well. Located in an easily accessible and predictable area, the tracking device can be easily removed from the vehicle by burglars.
  • Some tracking devices that work with the electronic control modules of the vehicles may have functions such as remote engine stop. You can use the tracking device and the mobile application on your mobile phone to activate the immobilizer system of your vehicle.
  • If your intention to use the tracker includes more control situations, features such as a warning or Overspeed alert when you move out of designated areas on the map give you more information. Such devices can also give you historical route information.

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