Rapidly developing technology in the last half-century has enabled people to have technological tools and gadgets. This technology has introduced many new devices, especially computers and mobile phones, an integral part of life. The change was not only at the level of technological devices.

As a natural consequence of this development, many new job sites, ways of doing business and occupational groups that have never been heard before have emerged. 

Below, we will talk about one of the most interesting topics “Digital Nomadism”. Digital nomadism offers the opportunity to work without time and space constraints.

Who is Digital Nomad?

The digital nomad is capable of performing its work without being physically dependent on any place, an office or a workplace. It can be defined as people who can work and walk. This working model should not be confused with the ”working from home” model.

The two operating models are very different. Digital nomadism means that most of the work is done in digital environments because of the world of technology. It is possible due to the rapid and widespread use of the Internet.

The increase in these opportunities has made it possible for certain types of people to be independent of the fixed workplace at certain times. 

This system, which is accepted among both employers and employees, has spread rapidly with the advantages it provides. Digital nomadism is accepted as the most ideal way of working for those who want to work and to travel the world. This way of working, both in our country and in the world, continues to spread rapidly.

What does Digital Nomad do?

There are many things that digital nomads can do, who choose their work environments and decide for themselves how long they will work. Code development, social media management, online help services, consultancy services for various business lines are some of the examples.

Copywriting and content editing are among the main business lines preferred by digital nomads. It is also among the preferences of software developers who develop and market their own software products.

Digital nomads can easily find jobs through job placement platforms.

How Digital Nomads find a Job?

After the spread of digital nomadism as a preferred way of working, platforms have emerged on the Internet to bring together employers and job-seeking nomads. Thanks to these platforms, it is possible to access many business options either locally or internationally.

Thanks to these platforms, freelancers and digital nomads not only find jobs; they also have the opportunity to organize or participate in various events. 

Parallel to the spreading speed of nomadism, practices and organizations that support this way of working is rapidly increasing. Some organizations supporting this kind of work have already taken their first steps towards becoming a corporation and serving in many parts of the world.

How do Digital Nomads Work?

Digital nomads can work wherever there is an Internet connection. They don’t have to be in a fixed place, at home or in the office. According to the way they do business, it is enough to have their computers or smartphones with them.

Generally, digital nomads use the places that freelancers prefer. Finding such work environments through mobile applications is easy. Nomadic workstations are more preferred by coworking space. 

These areas are popular in recent years as they offer all the facilities available in an office to freelance employees, digital nomads and remote employees.

Digital nomads; has the chance to travel around the world, recognize different cultures and meet different people.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Nomads?

As in every business, digital nomadism has certain advantages and disadvantages in itself. This way of working gives people the freedom to travel as well as providing flexible working hours independent of time and space.

Getting up early every morning is ideal for those who don’t want to endure traffic jams. In addition, since it offers the opportunity to work continuously in different cities or countries, it offers the opportunity to know the world, to blend with different cultures and to live life in holiday mode. 

Digital nomads have the opportunity to meet other nomads in their organized locations.

Although there are advantages, there are some difficult sides that do not fit all people. Travelling constantly, finding accommodation can be difficult at times. Digital nomads often don’t have much stuff with them because they travel constantly; therefore, they should be able to return their lives with very few items. 

Meeting new people all the time may not be a sustainable way of life for many people. Particularly, nomads travelling to different countries should be competent in language; they need to be able to quickly adapt to the language, culture and food of their destination. 

Another problem is the longing for your family and friends. This can be a problem for those who cannot stand long periods of separation from family and close friends.

The Future of Digital Nomadism

Although it is a very new way of working, digital nomadism and freelance work seem to be one of the most effective ways of working in the future.

According to researches, this type of work is more economical and more productive. This method, which is more cost-effective, shows that many businesses will return to this type of work in the future. 

Digital nomadism is a candidate to be the most effective way of working in the near future, both as a result of the increase in the opportunities provided by technology and as a natural consequence of finding a place in the business world.