If you want to buy a new washer dryer and have already decided on a capacity of 8 kilograms. We would like to give you a few details on the capacity and recommend that you consider the energy consumption of the devices and yourself. 

To briefly review the advantages and disadvantages of washer dryers in general so that you can be sure that you have made the right choice. Especially about the fact that a cheap heat pump dryer with a capacity of 8 kg is considerably more expensive than a model with a different drying process and a lower capacity. You should therefore definitely check again beforehand whether the purchase is worthwhile for you despite the higher price. Once your decision has been made, you will finally find the three best washer dryers with 8 kg capacity that we determined in our list of the best.

What are the best 8 kg washer dryers in India?

LG 8 kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The model from LG was able to convince in the test across the board because it offers a good price-performance ratio with very good equipment and relatively low consumption.

It is very energy efficient and belongs to the energy efficiency class of 5 stars. The condenser cleans itself so that consumption remains permanently low without you having to clean it.

Thanks to sensor control, the dryer automatically detects the degree of moisture in the laundry and thus dries precisely, which protects the laundry from shrinking. The drum has a high-quality finish and the holes ensure an even air distribution, which dries the laundry more gently and therefore more gently. With a maximum volume of 64 dB, the device is not one of the quietest models on the market, but it can still be described as quiet so that it can also be operated at night.

The equipment is also very good overall with remaining time display, anti-crease, display, end time preselection, child safety device, drum lighting, and glazed glass door as well as useful additional programs and acoustic signal, so that the well-made and easy-to-use

Bosch 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The model from Bosch impresses with an excellent price-performance ratio because, despite very good equipment, energy efficiency, and solid workmanship, it is in the lower mid-range compared to similar models.

The dryer has a capacity of 8 kilograms and, at 65 dB, can still be described as quiet. In addition to a self-cleaning condenser, moisture sensor, and anti-crease feature, it also offers a display with a good operating element, remaining run indicator, start delay and end time preselection as well as load detection, honeycomb drum, child safety device, and various programs including short programs and special programs. It is very well equipped, and a very good anti-vibration system was also convincing.

Overall, the dryer is of very high quality, has a drum that is gentle on the laundry, and is also modern in design and allows an open view of the laundry inside. If you are looking for a cheap heat pump dryer, you cannot go wrong with the Bosch device.

Bosch Front Loading 8kg WAT2846WIN

This washer dryer from Bosch impressed in the test with its stylish and modern design including touch display and large viewing window and with the self-cleaning condenser in conjunction with very good equipment and a variety of programs.

The device itself has hardly any weaknesses, but it is more expensive compared to other heat pump dryers with the same energy efficiency class so that the purchase is certainly not an option for everyone. In terms of functions, it leaves nothing to be desired with start and end time preselection, load, and moisture sensor as well as drum lighting, good program selection, and child protection, and the energy consumption is also very low.

If you are looking for a modern designed device with good drying results and extensive equipment, this washer dryer is highly recommended.

Buyers Info

General information on the capacity

The capacity should of course be selected as required. You should not forget that more capacity also means higher energy consumption. Therefore, it should always be chosen so that it best suits your needs. After all, a dryer that is only half loaded requires significantly more energy per kilogram of laundry than a model with a smaller drum. Ideally, the dryer should therefore always run fully loaded. For example, if your washing machine can only handle 7 kilograms anyway, it makes little sense to buy an 8-kilogram dryer unless you also load handwashes.

In principle, you can assume that a capacity of 6 kilograms is already sufficient for a one to the two-person household. For three people, 7 kilograms are recommended and for a family with two children or four people in the household, a device with 8 kilograms is usually worthwhile. Large families, on the other hand, should use a model with a capacity of 9 kilograms or more.

Energy efficiency 

Heat pump washer dryers work much more efficiently than condensation or exhaust air dryers. A heat pump washer dryer of energy efficiency class A needs up to 70% less energy compared to a condenser dryer of class C, which is quite remarkable. With a model with a large capacity and frequent use, there is a considerable saving in the year, so that the additional price pays off quickly.

An average appliance in efficiency class A consumes an average of around 1.5 kW per drying process. In terms of energy consumption, a good heat pump washer dryer is worth it, because it can pay off after 1.5 to 2 years even with average use, even if it is significantly more expensive to purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of heat pump dryers in general

A heat pump washer-dryer does not need an exhaust hose and can therefore be set up in any room. The drying results are very good, and the energy costs are low at the same time. However, the devices need significantly longer to dry the laundry than, for example, exhaust air or condenser dryer. A heat pump dryer with a capacity of 8 kilograms usually runs for at least 2 hours in the standard program until the laundry is dry. If you must dry a lot of laundries very often, you save money and energy, but you can also lose a lot of time.

Another advantage is the low cleaning and maintenance requirements, as most models work with a self-cleaning condenser. This makes the handling very comfortable and simple and, in most cases,, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 

However, if you rarely use the dryer anyway, buying a very affordable alternative model without heat pump technology can pay off for you.