If you want to buy a telescopic ladder, it makes sense to always choose a product that is long enough to meet your requirements. In the test, we dedicated ourselves specifically to the models that can be extended to 5 meters, because you should not go much further with a telescopic ladder for reasons of stability and safety. Unfortunately, the test has shown that one or the other very cheap telescopic ladder extended to 5m has significant weaknesses and instabilities so that you should pay particular attention to which product you ultimately choose.

You can find out which criteria must be observed in the following summary. Also, you will receive a decision-making aid in the form of an overview of the three best telescopic ladders with a 5m extension function, which we have summarized for you in our list of the best. 

Which are the best telescopic ladders for 5 meters in India?

Inditradition 5.8 Meter (19 Feet) High Length Telescoping Ladder, Multipurpose Folding Step Ladder (Aluminium)

The model from Inditradation was also able to convince in the test, because it is stable and solidly processed, offers quick and convenient assembly and dismantling, and a low price. The stability is good and thanks to the central joint it can be used both as a leaning ladder and as a step ladder.

In addition, each end can be shortened individually so that it can also be used very well on stairs. When folded, it measures less than a meter and fits easily into any trunk.

Alternatively, you can get the model in sizes 2.60 and 3.80 meters as a folding ladder or a telescopic ladder. The rung spacing is 27.5 centimetres and it has a total of 16 rungs, each 4 centimetres deep, which ensures a good and safe stand. Overall, a lot of plastic is used in the model, which makes it only suitable to a limited extent for professional use. Nevertheless, it is overall recommendable and made sufficiently solid for home use, even if the maximum load capacity of 150 kilograms is classified a bit too high for safe use in our opinion.

Corvids 5.0m (16.5 ft) Portable & Compact Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

The Corvids model is a 5-meter extension ladder with a joint in the middle that allows it to be bent so that it can also be used as a step ladder. Alternatively, it is also available as a pure telescopic ladder with a length of 3.80 meters.

It is quick and easy to assemble and dismantle, and it is only 93 centimetres long in transport, so it can be easily stowed away. The maximum load capacity is given as 150 kilograms, but it is recommended to use it up to a maximum weight of around 100 kilograms in order not to endanger the stability.

Overall, thanks to the rubberized feet, it is very non-slip and, with a total weight of around 17 kilograms, is light enough to be able to comfortably transport it on its own. Since both ends of the ladder can be changed in length independently of each other, the ladder can be used as a step ladder as well as a stepladder or leaning ladder. The price-performance ratio is also good, so the bottom line is that the model is very recommendable and is sufficient for domestic use.

EQUAL Portable and Compact 7-Steps Telescopic Foldable Aluminium Anodized Silver Ladder


The 14-kilogram model from EQUAL prevailed as the test winner. The combination ladder can be used as a stepladder or stepladder as well as a leaning ladder. It is available in different lengths from 6 feet to 16.5 feet and with and without a folding function.

It has 13 rungs and the distance between the rungs is 30 centimeters.

It corresponds to the European standard EN131 and, due to its construction with the central joint, is designed so that it is narrowest in the middle and the diameter of the side struts increases again towards the top. As a result, it is very comfortable to use overall and does not have the disadvantage that the sides become extremely thin towards the top.

Thanks to the well-made locking mechanism and the option to lock the joint, the ladder can also be adapted to any staircase, so that you can easily assemble it with a height difference. This makes everyday work much easier.

Taking them off is very comfortable and easy and the price-performance ratio is impressive. However, the stability in the fully extended state is somewhat below expectations, so that we recommend a maximum user weight of around 150 kilograms. The overall good workmanship and the good price-performance ratio make the model nevertheless recommendable overall.

General Information

The basic structure of a telescopic ladder

The structure of a telescopic ladder is always similar, and the big advantage is that it can be pushed together to a very compact size. A ladder that can be extended up to five meters, for example, usually does not measure more than about one meter when pushed together. Also, most models can be extended to a variable size so that you do not always have to stretch the full five meters. This is possible because the lower rungs remain closed and the ladder is extended upwards. Although a 5-meter ladder is slightly heavier compared to smaller models, most models only weigh between 15 and 20 kilograms due to the lightweight aluminium construction, so that they can be carried by one person. However, with such a long ladder it is advisable to ensure that that the material is sufficiently stable. The test showed that models with a weight of only 15 kilograms were usually a bit too unstable when fully extended. The test winners, therefore, weigh a little more, but the additional weight is manageable, and it is very well invested in the material strength.

Telescopic ladders can – that is a great advantage – be transported comfortably in the car despite their enormous maximum length or they can simply be bestowed on a shelf. Especially if you set up and dismantle the ladder more frequently, it is therefore worth taking a closer look at the basic structure, because the more laborious it is to set up and dismantle the ladder, the more time is lost. Very inexpensive models can often not be taken off as comfortably as higher-quality representatives. Here, too, it is therefore worthwhile not to choose the cheapest model, but rather to pay close attention to the details when in doubt. It is therefore essential that you ensure a quick assembly time if you frequently transport the ladder or even use it for work. This criterion is less decisive,

Material quality

As already mentioned, it is worth investing in a more robust structure and putting in a few pounds more weight. When fully extended, a five-meter-long ladder is usually quite narrow at the top, which further increases the potential for instability. You should therefore not save at the wrong end here, even if a little more material is sometimes associated with slightly higher costs. A poorly processed or extremely light ladder is generally not recommended.

All manufacturers indicate a maximum load capacity, but this is only a guideline value because the criteria with which this is determined differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Nevertheless, it is a good indicator that you should pay attention to, as the stability of the rungs also influences the load-bearing capacity. In everyday life, you should never exceed the maximum specified load capacity, especially not if you max out the model in length.

Additional functions and prices

Many but not all telescopic ladders can be used as step ladders. This can be very helpful in everyday practice, as it significantly increases stability. For this to work, the ladder usually has a hinge about halfway up so that it can be folded down. This is a very useful function, especially when working indoors, where there is no possibility of leaning against the ladder. Very high-quality models also allow the combination of a fixed and telescopic ladder to be placed on stairs with height differences. However, this is also not supported by all models.

In terms of equipment and price comparison, you should also pay attention to the processing of the locking bolts, because these are largely responsible for holding the ladder in the extended state. Often this is not directly recognizable, so it is worth looking at reviews by other buyers. It is also advisable to make sure that the individual holders of the rungs cannot be pushed together completely flush because this way you can pinch your fingers quite quickly when you push the ladder together. However, all ladders in the test had such a safe distance as protection against trapping.