Why do we iron our clothes? Yes, a silly question but still, to get rid of the wrinkles right. But what if you skip this while thinking it’s a tedious task. Nobody wants to look like they slept in clothes. Thanks to the modern technology-based irons that make the ironing clothes task fun and easier.

With so many brands in the market, purchasing the right one lets, you sink into the pool of chaos. To save you and help you out, we’re here with the list of Best Steam Iron available in India by top brands. We’ve prepared this list based on Our Market study and Buyer Reviews. This list will surely help you find the best iron in less time and under your budget.

Steam irons are the most popular device today in the run. They firm the ironing process and remove all the deep folds in few times. Usually speaking, more steam means faster and easier pressing. Getting familiar with the right iron helps in making the tedious chore more smooth. Though, you can check our buying guide located below the post that leads you to the stress-free tasks.

Top 10 Best Steam Iron In India​

Iron Box Watts Tank Capacity
Philips GC1905 1440 W 180 ml
Black+Decker BXIR2201IN 2200 W 350 ml
Morphy Richards 2000 W 350 ml
Havells Magnum 1840 W 300 ml
Inalsa Flair 2200 W 350 ml
Philips GC1010 1200 W 150 ml
Usha Steam Pro 3820 2000 W 280 ml
Havells Plush 1600 W 230 ml
Bajaj MX 16 1400 W 280 ml
Maharaja Whiteline Aquao 1300 W 170 ml

Which Are The Top 10 Best Steam Iron In India ?​

1. Philips GC1905 1440 Watts Steam Iron With Spray​

Technical Specifications
Watts 1440 W
Power Input 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Water Tank 180 ml
Soleplate Aluminum
Continuous Steam Up to 13g/min
Item Weight 1.06 kg
Extra Features Steam output, Variable steam settings, Self-clean, 1.8 m long rope

Get rid of the crease and fold from your chosen clothes by using the Philips steam iron. The sleek and stylish iron comes packed with super fast filling, emptying hole, pointed tip and smooth sliding. The linished polish aluminium soleplate makes the ironing a very quick process. Its powerful 1440 watts power enables the even high steam output and thus provides great ironing. The constant steam up to 30g/min with a 100g steam aid helps you in removing tough wrinkles easily.

Nobody likes pause filling. Everyone wishes to have faster ironing from start to finish. Thanks to its huge filling hole and emptying hole for easy and super fast filling and emptying of the water tank. Although, the control knob at the middle of the device allows you to set the heat and steam pressure as per your fabric type. Its 180° pin 1.8 m cord length also lets you have a smooth glide for more ease and effortless pressing.

The Good

  • Nonstick soleplate.
  • Effortless spray function.
  • Compact and stylish iron.
  • Easy filling and emptying.
  • Button notch for easy ironing.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Robust steam for better results.

The Bad

  • Water leakage issue.
  • Steam weight is not fair.


If you are looking to but the pocket-friendly steam iron with easy to use features, this might be the right choice. Philips GC1905 steam iron designed to fit the demands of its customers.

2. Black+Decker BD BXIR2201IN Cord & Cordless Steam Iron​

Technical Specifications
Watts 2200 W
Power Input 220 ~ 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Water Tank 350 ml
Soleplate Ceramic
Continuous Steam 30g/min
Steam Burst 100g/min
Item Weight 1 kg
Extra Features Steam output, Variable steam settings, Self-clean, 1.8 m long rope

Introducing the heavy duty iron with tough steam and spray function that perform on 2200 watts. The design of the model is stylish and attractive. Its cordless feature makes it more appealing. Once the iron is ready, you can use the cordless feature for some time. There you will get eternal steam up to 30 g/min. The iron comes with a ceramic coated plate with a large number of vents that helps in even heat spreading. It is a durable iron and helps in united ironing on any fabric.

No matter how stubborn wrinkles and creases your favourite dress has. The 100g/min steam bursting and spray function deal with the most difficult crease in a smooth way. Its variable heat control knob lets use a steam iron on all kinds of clothes without worrying about damage. The spacious water tank also supports in avoiding refilling rounds.

The Good

  • Anti-drip function.
  • Self-clean function.
  • Enough capacity water tank.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Rust and scratch-free plate.
  • Higher wattage, faster streaming.
  • Portable steam iron, best for traveling.


On the click of a button, you can remove all the wrinkles. This cordless iron provides supreme convenience and no fuss of power cord while operation, just heat the iron and use right on the fabric.

3. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Technical Specifications
Watts 2000 W
Power Input 230 Volt, 50 Hz
Water Tank 350 ml
Soleplate Ceramic
Continuous Steam 11g/min
Steam rate 150g/min
Item Weight 1 kg
Extra Features Vertical ironing, Self cleaning with anti-calc function, 46 vents, 360° swivel cord length

Whether it’s your husband’s favourite suit or daughter’s school uniform, this steam iron by Morphy Richard ironed clothes in a matter of minutes. The ceramic coated soleplate lets you drive this device evenly on all fabrics. Its 46 vents also allow you to cover the entire area of the cloth with steam. Isn’t it amazing?

No matter what fabric you want to press silk, net, or cotton. The temperature control dial and vertical steam reduces the wrinkles and lends a fresh look to your garments. This steam iron comes equipped with Turbo Boost trait. It helps in getting rid of stubborn folds by letting 150gm steam covering a wide area of the fabric.

The iron is specially designed to give a marvellous experience. This lightweight device comes with an extra-large and transparent water tank with a capacity of 350 ml. The tank volume here eliminates the refilling task. Also, it’s self-cleaning powers prevent the vents from getting clogged. This feature ensures high energy and long life of the appliance.

The Good

  • Fine water spray.
  • Super smooth surface.
  • Extra huge water tank.
  • Portable best for travelling.
  • Durable and tough appliances.
  • Capable of doing vertical steaming.

The Bad

  • Heavyweight.
  • Water leaks when not placed well.


Morphy Richard is a UK based company ruling Indian market in very little time. However, it is the right product at a reasonable price with unique features.

4. Havells Magnum 1840-Watt Steam Iron

Technical Specifications
Watts 1840 W
Power Input 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Water Tank 300 ml
Soleplate Titanium Coated
Steam rate 12g/min
Item Weight 940 g
Extra Features Indicator lights, Heat dial, Variable heat settings

Next on our list is the Havells Magnum steam iron with 1840 wattage. Save time on household tasks with this model, specially built to give you a quick ironing experience. Speaking about Magnum built up quality, the titanium coated plate lets you drive this appliance straight over all types of fabric. The transparent material and capacity of the tank let you steam the clothes of small families. You can also use this appliance as a dry iron, all you need to do is empty the tank, switch it on and start using.

The handle and the control knob of the iron are well made. Its soft-grip handle fits well into your hand and ensures the least amount of weight. The grip is quite a cool touch, making it safe for use. Other than this, a temperature control knob with variable options for different fabrics lets you control the amount of steam you want. Also, the dual seal steam generator permits active show and makes the iron spill proof as well.

The Good

  • Easy to fill.
  • Rust Proof iron.
  • Non-sticky base.
  • Transparent water tank.
  • Self-cleaning capability.
  • Cool touch and soft-grip handle.
  • Work as both dry and steam iron.

The Bad

  • Not for a large family.
  • The material could be improved.


With a 2 years warranty, this everyday steam iron is an excellent regular household use product. Its steam plus dry play makes it an efficient, durable, and reliable iron.

5. Inalsa Flair 2200 W Steam Iron

Technical Specifications
Watts 2200 W
Power Input 220 ~ 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Water Tank 350 ml
Soleplate Titanium Layer
Continuous Steam 22g/min
Steam rate 0.8g/min
Item Weight 1 kg
Extra Features Auto shutoff, Anti-calc, Self clean, 360° flexible long rope

Let’s be frank, most of us aren’t fans of ironing. So go with Inalsa Flair 2200 W steam iron by Inalsa, designs to make ironing fun. It’s high play and easy to use features make the pressing fast and trouble free. The titanium coated base of the iron helps in even delivery of steam and heat. Thanks to its 12 steam vents with 16 vents on the sides.

Besides its designing, the intense steam output also lets you get deep into the fabric and remove all the stubborn wrinkles. It’s Thermostatic control dial lets you choose the heat as per your material. This ensures you take care of your delicate silks and satins.

The ergonomic handle and long cord make it easy to hold for a longer run. The 350ml water tank is enough to avoid the refilling and have a long run time—also, self-cleaning and anti-calc help in reducing the clogs from the vents.

The Good

  • Vertical steam.
  • Non-sticky base.
  • Enough capacity reservoir.
  • Quick and powerful ironing.
  • No water leakage from steam holes.
  • Smooth gliding base for all types of fabric.
  • Powerful steam and spray function.

The Bad

  • High power consumption.
  • Build quality could be improved.


This steam iron comes with ergonomic design and smart features that make it one of fast working and comfortable steam iron. Also, it is designed in such a way that you can use it in a vertical direction to steam your dress or coat.

6. Philips GC1010 Comfort Steam Spray Iron​

Technical Specifications
Watts 1200 W
Power Input 220 Volt, 50 Hz
Water Tank 150 ml
Soleplate Linished, Aluminium
Continuous Steam 15g/min
Steam rate up to 100g/min
Item Weight 1 kg
Extra Features Calc clean, Quick heat-up, Vertical steam function, 360° swivel cord

Another product from Philips GC1010 Comfort Steam Spray Iron fast from start to finish. Its 2100 Watts power permits even high steam output that makes iron heats up really fast. The continuous steam supply and steam boost give you the perfect amount of vapour and heat to remove stubborn wrinkles hasslefree.

Even though the nonstick soleplate of the iron and triple sureness tip lets you have fast and smooth ironing clothes without pulling. Its 150ml water reservoir eliminates interval refilling. Plus, you can operate this iron by using regular tap water. The built-in calc-clean slider takes care of any scale-build up and maintains your Philips steam iron.

Apart from its function, its sleek and stylish design with a pointed tip, button channel, and swivel cord makes it easy to use iron. However, Philips comfort steam spray iron comes with a drip-stop and vertical steam function that allows you to remove creases from your hanging garments like Shirt or Coat.

The Good

  • Drip Stop Feature.
  • Easy water saving.
  • Compact, sleek design.
  • Even distribution of steam.
  • Suitable with regular tap water.
  • Capable of vertical steaming.

The Bad

  • Average build quality.
  • Water leakage issue, if not placed properly.


With unique features, it is considered the best steam iron that helps in achieving an excellent result.

7. Usha Steam Pro 3820 2000-Watt Steam Iron​

Technical Specifications
Watts 2000 W
Power Input 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Water Tank 280 ml
Soleplate Ceramic
Continuous Steam 20g/min
Steam rate 0.4g/min
Item Weight 1.3 Kg
Extra Features Thermostat disc, 73 steam vents, 360° swivel cord

Usha 3820 steam Iron Pro comes equipped with a powerful steam output and self clean function. Usha 3820 Pro provides you with the best care for your clothes. It provides hassle free and wrinkles free clothes in minimum time. The ceramic soleplate with 73 vents and 5 fabric settings ensure that moisture enters deep into the fabric and smooth out the best result.

The high-quality plastic, along with other useful features such as high wattage, inbuilt thermal fuse for overheat protection, ensure you get perfect ironed clothes every time. With a 280 ml container, this device provides an unbroken steaming at an 18g/min rate. However, USHA makes this model durable to perform as not just steam iron but also dry iron as well. The easy-grip handle led you to have a comfortable hold with better balance.

The Good

  • Easy to control dial.
  • Energy-efficient press.
  • Hassle-free ironing experience.
  • Designed with a nonstick ceramic base.
  • Equipped with overheat protection function.

The Bad

  • Not suitable for vertical ironing.


If you’re looking for active ironing that can do both dry ironing plus steam, then Usha steam iron is best in India for Indian families. This 2000 Watts steam iron device is the most durable product from Usha.

8. Havells Plush 1600-Watt Steam Iron

Technical Specifications
Watts 1600 W
Power Input 220 ~ 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Water Tank 230 ml
Soleplate Non-stick coated
Steam Output 15g/min
Item Weight 1.3 Kg
Extra Features Adjustable thermostat control, Powerful burst & Vertical steam

Head to work with a well ironed shirt using this steam iron from Havells. Powered by 1600 watts, features adjustable fabric selector, overheat safety and more. It also features a nonstick soleplate. The ironing surface of this iron easily glides on any type of fabric.

Havells Plush not only looks stylish but will also help you use it as dry iron. At the same time, the body is made of high quality plastic, with a transparent tank. Its lightweight nature and soft grip handle make it light on hand, so anyone in the family can use it even if it is filled with water.

Moreover, the thermostatic control allows you to control the heat as per your fabric. You can also retain or adjust it depending on your convenience. This, in turn, reduces stress while pressing the garment. However, thanks to its large water tank, that helps you to avoid refilling tasks. You can also use this appliance vertical or horizontal direction to iron curtains.

The Good

  • Ergonomic grip handle.
  • Variable fabric selector dial.
  • Generate steam up to 15 g/min.
  • Effortless gliding on the clothes.
  • 2 years warranty on the model.
  • Comes with an overheating protection system.
  • Crafted with rigid plastic and nonsticky surfaces.

The Bad

  • Leak if overfilled.
  • Lessen the water tank into half in one use.


If you’re looking for an affordable iron box, then opt for Havells Plush. The plus point of this iron is you can now use it as dry and steam iron both.

9. Bajaj MX 16 1400-Watt Steam Iron

Technical Specifications
Watts 1400 W
Power Input 220 ~ 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Water Tank 280 ml
Soleplate Non-stick coated
Steam Output 16g/min
Item Weight 910 g
Extra Features Vertical ironing, 23 vents, Self cleaning, 360° swivel wire

For the ideal show, this Bajaj steam press works on the maximum power of 1400 watts. It comes with a 360° swivel cord, comfortable grip handle and more. The MX16 steam iron box is ISI certified designed to give you safety. The non-stick coated soleplate with 23 vents helps in grounding out difficult creases. Hence giving you direct pressed quality. The aesthetic of this iron box makes it super lightweight. It comes with a cold body touch technology to keep you safe from accidents. For better strength, this appliance has a self cleaning means.

With the high storage capacity water tank, steam rate, and water spray, you can remove the stubborn and severe creases. However, you can use this appliance without any stress, as it comes with a long year warranty. It is a unique iron that acts as a dry iron with vertical steam ironing features. The vertical ironing feature lets you steam the shirt or curtains in a manner.

The Good

  • Cool body touch.
  • ISI certified appliance.
  • Transparent water tank.
  • Non-sticky base plate.
  • Uniform steam distribution.
  • Suitable for vertical ironing.
  • Act as both steam and dry iron.
  • Easily remove all tough creases.

The Bad

  • Not enough water storage capacity.
  • Overfilling may cause leakage.


This lightweight Bajaj iron works as both dry and steam iron. The stylish appearance and unique features make it reach all corners of the cloth easily.

10. Maharaja Whiteline Aquao Steam Iron

Technical Specifications
Watts 1300 W
Power Input 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Water Tank 170 ml
Soleplate Non-stick coated
Continuous Steam 0-12g/min
Steam Rate 40g/min
Item Weight 656 g
Extra Features Safety auto-off, 360° swivel wire, ISI certified

A smart steam iron for regular use that speeds up the task in both dry and steam ironing ways. Maharaja is an Indian brand continuing in providing the best quality electronic products. This iron works on 1300 watt power to give you quick and useful results. High wattages always give a decisive result in just one glide. The useful high steam rate output lets you target tough folds in just one push.

Maharaja Whiteline Aquao has a large water container of 170 ml that permits it to have an easy filling. However, the self-cleaning function extends its life span. It also stops the closing of vents. Thanks to its non-stick soleplate for smooth pressing and giving rust free results. There is an adjustable knob, too that enables you to set the heat pressure as per the fabric. You can also use this iron as vertical steam, to iron hanging garments quickly.

The Good

  • Easy filling.
  • Spray and steam burst function.
  • Smooth gliding on any garment.
  • High pressure easily removes rigid folds.
  • Comes with a 2 years product warranty.

The Bad

  • The handle loop is small.


A portable and straightforward steam iron that does a great job as dry iron too. Without wasting much time if you’re planning to buy a cheap and reasonable iron then consider this gear for your household use.

How To Choose A Steam Iron?​

If you are shopping for a new iron this year, you are likely to be hit by lots of options. It could feel awful, trying to figure out what features are important to consider. We have examined some major features to look out, to get help in making the right decision.

Types Of Soleplates

The soleplate is the vital feature of an iron, no matter what iron you pick steam or dry. The soleplate is also known as the heating base that you will find to the bottom. 

While selecting a model, make sure you choose a wider base iron with a thin and interfere head. This helps you cover more areas of your fabric. It also lets you reach into close and under buttons. 

The most crucial thing while looking at the soleplate is its material. There are four various base –

  1. Aluminum– Irons with aluminum base heat well, but are hard to clean if they get sinful.
  2. Ceramic– The iron surfaces with this element are durable and help in even dealing with heat. Iron with this surface tends to be smooth on any fabric.
  3. Non-stick– As the name hints, they reduce wetness on the fabric. This type of irons is easy to manage and clean.
  4. Stainless Steel– Most common base you will find in almost every irons. They are durable, rust, and scratch-free. They make ironing clothes straightforward.

Ergonomic Design

As a habit, always consider the device that suits your comfort. If you are buying an iron with a low body, or a hard handle then you have to face a wrong time while pressing. However, irons are made up of hard plastic and metal. A good iron works well if you drive them well, and this only happens if you choose the right model.

Another important thing after the material is the size of the handle. A handle that is too big for small hands can be painful. Check out the iron comfort grip handle. If your hands often get wetness, go for an iron that has a non-slip handle.

Weight of the Iron

There is much variation between the weight of different irons. Choose an iron that is not too heavy, so every member of the family can use it. Also, not too light otherwise, it will not perform well. The weight of the device depends on the water box size.

If you fill the tank with more water, then it will become heavier. But some of them are quite noble with a better pressing sense. Moreover, some lightweight irons are easier to handle with a better slide show.

So keep all these things in mind while hitting up a steam iron. Also, sometimes you need more space for water to produce more steam for removing too many folds. Thus, choose a design with a suitable weight.

Easy To Fill Tank

Steam iron with a good water tank is everything. Most of the small water tanks lead you to fill the iron after one use. It advised going with a spacious water tank to avoid the refilling.

For example, your fabric has very tough wrinkles. It needs heavy steaming to remove. But your small water tank drives you again and again to refill the tank. Hope you get what I mean.

Some of the irons come with a removable tank that makes the refill task firm. Also, you can prefer a see-through iron with a bare body. It lets you monitor the water level and stop spillages. Otherwise, a dark frame makes it tough to watch the water level.

Number of Steam Vents

The number and design of the vents are critical for better results. The base plate comes crafted with 15 or 30 holes; it depends on the model. So remember, Higher the number of vents, Faster the Heating Result. There are various vents design range from brand to brand. However, depending on the fabric, you can control the vapour force.

Some models designed with vertical vents that offer overall benefits. Another come shot steam vent. It helps in producing more steam on pressing a soft button. If your fabric has too many wrinkles, you need more water and extra steam for that.

Power Of Wattage

The amount of wattage limits how fast your iron heats up and how active to remove wrinkles. Remember while choosing an iron – ‘Higher the Wattage, Better the Show.’

For regular home ironing, you can go with the model with around 1800 Watts power. Or if you need something powerful to go with 2000 Watts power iron. Though higher watts often come at a high price but also give you excellent results in returns. So the decision is yours.

Convenient Control

After reading all the main features, don’t forget to look at the temperature control option of your iron. Check to see if all the settings are easily obvious plus adjustable.

Almost all the basic or modern irons come with handy heat settings according to the fabric type.

The steam irons also have an inbuilt auto-cut off feature. It keeps the internal heat in check and reduces the chance of overheat. Most of the models have a light sign to show that the power is on.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Can we use steam iron as dry iron?

Yes you can, it is easy to convert your steam iron into dry, as a dry iron works without water. So, if you want to use the steam iron as a dry iron, just empty the water tank and use it on your fabric.

2. Which brand is best for steam iron?

There are several irons available today, ranging from different features. Different brands have their own set of features, and choosing the right one is difficult plus essential. So here are the top 5 brands best known for steam iron in India-

  • Philips
  • Havells
  • Bajaj
  • Inalsa
  • Usha

3. How do I clean my iron?

The reason why you asked this question is that the look of your iron is getting less fresh or may the surface burn out. Whatever the reason is, with the right path, you can restore the fresh bottom look of your iron.

Here are some tips you can follow –

  • Use baking soda and water to clean the soleplate.
  • Use an acetone nail polish remover to wipe away iron’s dirtiness.
  • Using a non-scratch sponge or scrubber with soap and water also wipes away dust and rust.
  • Use the salt. Just sprinkle some salt on the paper then run the warm iron over the sheet.
  • For easy-going, you use toothpaste.