The classic rat trap is a snap trap. What distinguishes it from the other types of trap, where the advantages and disadvantages are and which variants are recommended, can be found in the following test. The test has shown that a cheap rat trap can also be very effective and good, but this does not apply to all cheap models.

If you have decided to buy a snap trap, you can find an overview of the three best rat trap traps in our list of the best, all of which are highly recommended.

What are the best rat snap traps in India?

Black Cat Rat Trap: Mouse Catch

The rat trap by black cat prevailed as the best snap trap. It is a classic snap trap that kills quickly and reliably without the animal having to suffer.

Since it is very solidly built and insensitive to moisture, you can use it as often as you like and also clean it very easily underwater.

The rat trap is easy to use, easy to tension and the bait is also very easy to place.

The bottom line is that the trap is not only effective and relatively cheap but also solidly made and easy to clean so that it is a very good price-performance ratio for a reliable rat trap that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

Blue Hut Rat Trap, Mouse Catch, Mouse Kill (Rat Trap) Reusable Rat Snap Trap

The Blue Hut snap trap is a metal snap trap with a strong spring that kills the animal reliably and immediately.

Easily spreadable food should be chosen as bait for the model because the pressure point is chosen so that the animal can remove an exposed food without the trap snapping shut. It is therefore better if the food sticks firmly to the trap. Peanut butter or nut nougat cream, for example, are ideal.

The bottom line is that the model is very solidly made, can be set up and stretched easily, and is very effective. Cleaning the trap is also very easy as it is made entirely of metal. In terms of price, it is in the absolute entry-level range, as the Quality is a little below average. In the test, however, it has been shown that this is quite sufficient because no cracks or defects were found in the long-term test.

Efficacy ® Mouse Trap

The Efficacy rat trap can be purchased as a single piece of in pack of 10 and is very inexpensive. It is nevertheless robust and solidly built and can be reused without any problems, as it is made of galvanized iron wire.

The metal parts have surface paint and are therefore protected from rust. This means that the trap can also be used outdoors without any problems. Even with strong temperature fluctuations and permanent exposure to sunlight, the plastic was not damaged, so that the model has a very long service life overall.

The extra-large footboard increases efficiency and the double flap also ensures that the animal can be killed quickly and easily removed at the same time. The bottom line is that the trap is particularly convincing across the board thanks to its very good price-performance ratio.

General info

Advantages and disadvantages of snap traps as a rat trap

A snap trap is a killing trap that snaps shut immediately when the bait is removed, and the rat’s neck breaks. In contrast to the live trap, the animal does not remain unharmed but is killed immediately. This may seem gruesome to some people, but it is an effective and legitimate method of pest control because the animal has no chance of escaping or outsmarting the trap, as can happen with live traps.

If you prefer to catch the rat and release it later, you must look around for live traps. Compared to poison traps for rats, snap traps are significantly faster, more effective, and, above all, the animal has to suffer less because it is killed immediately and does not only die later from poisoning.

The test has shown that snap traps are by far the most effective, as the animals achieve a learning effect, particularly in live or poisonous phases. It can happen that with several animals that you want to catch, a learning effect occurs after about a week, and no animal taps into the live trap or eats the poison bait.

The big disadvantage of a snap trap is that you can only kill or kill one animal at a time. Therefore, if you have a larger population of animals, you may need many traps. You must also touch the animal directly when removing it because the trap must be opened and cleaned if necessary. Of course, you can also dispose of a cheap rat snap trap completely including the animal.

Types of rat traps

Before you decide on a snap rat trap, you should also know the other variants in order to be able to make the best possible decision. Because depending on the size and extent of the population, other traps may be more suitable.

Live cage trap:

Cage traps do not kill the animal but lock it inside. This allows you to take the rat and its cage outside and release it there. With some live traps, you may even be able to catch several animals, but most of the time it must also be harnessed so that only one animal can be caught with one trap.

Electric rat trap:

Like a snap trap, the animal is killed immediately. Not with a blow in the neck, but with electricity. As a result, this type of trap is less suitable for use in apartments, especially not if there are children or pets in the apartment. The tensions are very high, and the traps are also very effective.

Bait trap:

Bait traps also belong to the killing traps but do not kill immediately, but only later, because the animal swallows the bait or gnaws at the bait and then later dies of poisoning. This means that you may have to look for the dead rat first. The big advantage here is that a trap can wipe out an entire colony because nothing snaps or must be set up again. However, animals often have a learning effect.

Rat snap trap prices

A big advantage of snap traps is the low price. As individual pieces, they usually vary in a range between 200 and 500 rupees but are usually significantly cheaper when ordered online. Significantly more expensive traps hardly make sense as no better effect is achieved unless you opt for an electric trap. This can sometimes be a bit more expensive.

Solid and clean processing is important, ideally made of plastic, because this type is easy to clean. Very cheap rat traps often do not last that long and can only be used a few times before they break.