Windows 10 hosts thousands of free and paid apps in its app store. In this article, we have prepared a list of the best programs for Windows 10.

Microsoft did a good job of updating the Windows 10 operating system with useful tools and features. However, there is still room for many third-party applications. If you bought a new computer, it is possible to find some favourite Windows applications that will improve your experience and perhaps your life.

Here are the top programs for windows 10 you can download in 2019


Speed ​​Reading app stands out as a great learning app for kids. As the name suggests, it improves reading speed in children using fun exercises. The application claims that you can double your reading speed in just two days of training. With this app, you can finish reading lots of material in a very short time.

Eye exercises play an important role in increasing one’s reading speed. If you have a slow reading speed, I’m sure you will benefit from using this Windows 10 application.


Have you ever used a flashcard while working? Even if you don’t, you should check out FlashQuiz on your device, because these cards allow you to work more efficiently.

The application includes various flashcards that allow you to memorize things like world flags, world capitals, world currencies and the periodic table.

Also, if the included flashcards do not have the topics you want to work with, you can create your flashcards that contain text, images and audio files that will help you memorize the subject you want to focus on.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe is probably one of the best program makers working on personalization. You may be charged for accessing all programs. However, there is a free version of Photoshop for Windows 10 – Adobe Photoshop Express.

This program provides limited access to photo editing tools in Photoshop. But it allows you to do a lot of amazing work, even in its limited form. This is a very useful tool if you are familiar with Photoshop and want to work on some images. It is useful for those who don’t need to access the full feature set of the application.


Everyone has their favourite music service. So feel free to change your preferred app here. Pandora develops a powerful application for both desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to easily stream your favourite songs.

This app is also compatible with Xbox One and usually has a more Windows-friendly interface than Spotify and Audiocloud. It also provides free support. However, sometimes developers can stop broadcasting to apply various updates.

Check out the best programs for making music.


Do you want more interesting effects on your photos than normal applications? 

Before uploading to Instagram, you may need to take a look at Fused, which is designed to blend photos into a background and foreground to create different effects.

With most online sites or applications that you download to your phone, there is an option to edit photos individually only. But with this program, you can edit them in bulk.

If you like to create your background or create impressive photos, Fused is probably one of the best free options.

Open Live Writer

Would you prefer a more desktop-oriented program to shape your latest blog entry or webpage? Open Live Writer is designed to do just that.

You can create text, photo, or video feeds in it, and then publish them to your site at any time. 

This app also works with WordPress, TypePad, Blogger and other general service providers.

It even has a simple interface for labeling and scheduling, so you can save some time in the long run. In general, if you are tired of Microsoft Office programs, this program may be enough to help you.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

This application allows you to create digital notes as a reminder, then place them on your desktop screen. Of course, the latest version also lets you pin notes on your Start screen or creating notes with the Touch Pen.

It also comes with several new tools, including the ability to link notes to sites or documents for additional information. 

You can even sync Sticky Notes between your Windows devices and view them on the web.


Trying to improve your language skills? Need some help with your language course? Planning your trip to a foreign country? 

This free app can be exactly what you need to prepare. Frankly, I’m learning Spanish at Duolingo.

A language teaching platform has tons of features, as well as many prizes and achievements for various levels. The ultra-everyday nature of the app means you can use it for minutes and still learn something, why not try it?


Wunderlist is the perfect place to start if you are constantly engaged in business and do not have an application such as planning or creating lists. It allows you to prepare any reminder, plan, and work with others, adds new details quickly, and take any other actions.

You can also download the application directly from the Microsoft Store for free. This means that you can create smart reminders and use Cortana to instantly add events to Wunderlist.


Forget that Twitter can only be accessed from browsers or smartphones. You can find a default Twitter application for Windows 10. It also has a pretty simple pretty interface.

Nextgen Reader

There are many news applications in the Microsoft Store. But if you want to keep up to date with news via RSS, Nextgen Reader is the best. It has a price tag of approximately $ 5.99 in the Microsoft Store.

You can also synchronize articles for offline reading, and Windows 10 supports Live Streaming on the Start screen.


As one of the best programs for Windows 10, Plex is one of the best ways to organize your photo and video collections. You can have it for free in the Microsoft Store. You can also watch movies online.

The best part of the program is that you can transfer media files to any device you have. It’s also a good way to stream files from your computer to Xbox One. In short, it is one of the best applications where many features are found together.


Wox offers Windows a Mac-like launcher that lets you find applications and files, or search the web quickly. It stands out as a starter that almost anyone can use.

It is very similar to Alfred on the Mac and offers a much more powerful search method than built-in Windows search. Wox also supports plug-ins so you can customize exactly what you’re looking for, or even translate the languages ​​directly within the launcher.


Microsoft’s built-in Windows 10 volume control management is not the best. EarTrumpet is the best solution. It aims to completely overhaul. This gives you the volume level for each application and they set specific inputs and outputs for those applications.

This is an application for you if you want YouTube to play through your speakers but your play sound is output to your headphones.


If you are looking for a screen display manager among the best programs for Windows 10, you are in the right place. ShareX is an excellent screenshot tool for Windows. For most people, it can be too high-level.

But if you want to get the best screenshots you can make, this great little user utility lets you crop, doodle, and even create GIFs or screen recordings. You can also turn off a screenshot and automatically upload to Imgur or other file hosting websites at the touch of a button.

Fresh Paint

If you’ve been using Windows 8 before, you might be quite familiar with Fresh Paint. It was popular in Windows 8, but it was made even better in Windows 10.

The painting application lets you create designs ranging from various palettes and activity packages to colouring or zero-to-work designs in designs.

Also, you can upload and apply your art. You can create beautiful things by applying filters or paints of the style you choose. Although, this software is not as good as Photoshop but It is still fun and very useful program in itself.

Stardock Goupy

Groupy brings the browser-like tabbed interface from your browser to the rest of Windows. You can import any application you open and make a tab in another application.

This is useful if you like to group a series of applications or tasks in a single window, or just have tabs for everything. 

Groupy is sold for $ 4.99 on its own or as part of Stardock’s Object Desktop.