If you want to buy a massage table for your company that you can take with you to customers, you will quickly find that the range of mobile massage tables is very large and that decision-making can sometimes take a long time. Therefore, you should consider beforehand which material and which size you prefer for your couch and whether you are looking for a high-quality and expensive model or a cheap massage table.

To help you decide, we put the most popular models under the microscope in the test and summarized the test winners in our list of the three best mobile massage tables.

What are the best portable massage tables in Amazon India?

Lipsa Healthtech 3 section Foldable & Portable wooden massage Bed/Table

The Lipsa is a portable massage table with a wooden frame and crosses bracing made of metal. It offers 7.5 cm thick padding, two storage castors, a headrest, two armrests, and a practical transport bag.

Despite the wooden frame, the lounger weighs only 16 kilograms, so that it can be comfortably transported with the bag and folded down to small pack size. The height can be adjusted between 65 and 88 centimeters, the width without armrests is 61 centimeters (83 cm with armrests) and the length without headrest is 1.87 meters. This makes it relatively short, which can be a problem in mobile use. It is eight feet, including the headrest, so that most patients can comfortably sit on it, but you always need to use the headrest when treating large patients.

The load capacity is 250 kilograms working weight and thanks to the beech frame it is very safe and secure. The lying comfort is good, and the durability of the upholstery and accessories was also convincing in the long-term test so that it offers an overall very good price-performance ratio.

4beauty Portable Folding PVC Leather Massage Table Bed

The portable massage table by 4beauty was particularly impressive with its very good price-performance ratio. Despite the wooden frame with cross braces made of metal, it only weighs a slim 14 kilograms, but can still hold up to 273 kilograms (working weight capacity).

With a length of 195 cm (without headrest) and a very wide bed area of ​​70 cm, it offers plenty of space, even for larger customers. Including armrests and headrests, the usable area increases again.

It is height adjustable from 61.5 to 85 centimeters and the backrest can also be adjusted in ten different positions. At four centimeters, the padding is not quite as thick as on other models, but the overall comfort is good.

In addition to the bed with a beech frame, the scope of delivery also includes a detachable face cradle, two armrests, a face hole plug, and a carrying bag with which the bed can be comfortably transported. Assembly and dismantling are uncomplicated, and the price-performance ratio is very good overall.

Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table 

The Sierra portable massage table is quality, consists of a wooden frame with additional metal struts, and has a capacity of 250 kilograms. The static weight capacity is even 900 kilograms, which makes it very stable despite its low weight of around 17 kilograms.

The total length is 2.10 meters (without headrest only 1.84 m) and the width is 70 cm (including armrests 92 cm). The headrest is adjustable, and the working height can be adjusted between 65 and 87 centimeters. When folded, the model measures 92 x 72 x 16 centimeters and can be conveniently stowed in the supplied carrying bag.

There is an additional hanging armrest on the headboard. The upholstery is not quite as thick as that of the more expensive competition, which makes the lying comfort a little worse. Relationship offers.

General Information

Material selection

About the choice of material, you should first consider whether you prefer a wooden frame or an aluminum frame. Traditionally, the frames of a massage table are made of wood, but aluminum also has great advantages, so that the material has recently become more and more established. The greatest advantage of aluminum is certainly its low weight.

Therefore, the more often you have to set up and dismantle or transport the bed, the more worthwhile an aluminum frame. In terms of stability, the two materials hardly differ from each other, because aluminum offers a similarly good or, depending on the wood thickness, even better stability and possibly even a higher load capacity. However, this depends individually on the model. In the opinion of most testers, aluminum is inferior to the classic natural material. In mobile use, however, this plays a subordinate role for most users. On the other hand, it looks different again if you mainly use the bed in a fixed place and only transport it occasionally.

In this context, please also note that a very cheap mobile massage table made of aluminum is often more unstable and wobblier than a table with a wooden frame. Therefore, you often have to pay a little more for a high-quality and stable aluminum massage table than for a table with a wooden frame. Because the decision whether wood or aluminum is now better, many combined models have meanwhile been able to establish themselves in which the frame is made of wood, but the reinforcements and cross struts are made of aluminum.

Do not forget the upholstery when examining the materials, because these also have a decisive influence on comfort, durability, and, finally, the stability and overall quality of the bed. Clean seams and robust upper material are important here. It is also important that the foam always returns to its original position and that no hollow is formed that remains. Of course, all materials must also be free of harmful substances, but that goes without saying. To be able to assess this better, one or the other seal of approval helps.

Size and comfort

The size of the massage table must be chosen so that on the one hand you can transport it easily, but on the other hand, you can also find large people in your place. The total length of the bed should therefore ideally be 2.20 meters or more.

About the upholstery, you should make sure that they are not too thin and – as already mentioned – the seams are neatly processed because these are often the weak point. The processing of the armrests and the headrest should also always be flawless. Most mobile couches are approved up to a working weight of 250 or more. A load capacity of fewer than 250 kilograms is often very unstable and wobbles a lot during use. This should generally be sufficient for mobile use, provided you offer conventional massages. When it comes to Thai massage, in which you may put your body weight on the couch in addition to the customer, you must of course take this into account. In addition to the working weight, you should also pay attention to the static weight capacity.

In addition to the length, make sure to also note the width of the bed. Because if it is too narrow, taller, and wider customers may find it narrow and uncomfortable. This can cost you a customer. A wide and well-padded headboard should therefore always be standard. If additional armrests are included, so much the better.