The importance we give to rest is seen in the decisions we make to sleep in the best conditions. While some rely on the perfect ventilation of the room, others prefer the quality of the mattress on which they lie. If this is your case, remember that the best mattress manufacturers combine superior quality and innovation to offer their consumers the best sleep conditions. This article has compiled the list of best mattresses in India with their pros and cons.

When I hurt back after falling in a bathroom, my doctor recommended me to change mattresses, which I undertook without delay. But for the choice of the brand, I was very sceptical until a member of my family recommended WakeFit mattresses.

I had trouble accepting that I have to trust a so-called “high quality” mattress and buy it online without testing. However, when I tested the WakeFit mattress I bought, I was pleasantly surprised. The softness, comfort, ventilation, everything was correct. I do not regret to have opted for this brand.

Best mattresses in India

Sleepwell SleepX Ortho mattress – Memory foam

Of course, with a mattress, we want to feel comfortable when lying on it. However, it is not easy to find such a mattress that meets our expectations perfectly. Sleepwell has redoubled its efforts to provide its consumers with a more comfortable mattress, which allows a restful sleep while promoting well-being during rest. SleepX ortho mattress has a good thickness of 8 inches and its memory foam does not sag over time.

To be more precise, the SleepX ortho mattress has top quilting of 15mm memory foam with 8mm PU foam filling. With such construction materiels, you can be sure that your spine will not suffer any harm. This high-quality mattress weighs around 24 kg and has a warranty of three years.


Hyper comfortable

High quality manufacturing

Three years Warranty


Too firm for some people

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

From the past few years, Wakefit’s mattress vitality continues to arouse the interest of a large number of people. Yes, this mattress is perfect for home, if your bed can accommodate a mattress of 78 x 60 inches. With its 10 year warranty and its thickness of 8 inches, you will not find much to complain about its quality of manufacture. It consists of a layer of memory foam take your body form, Transition Layer (the combination of memory and high resilience foam), the layer of cool foam and breathable fabric.

All this is proof that with this mattress, you will at ease during your sleep. You do not have to look for the perfect place to go to bed because it takes care of your muscles every time you move. You may find that its value is very high, but at least its maintenance will not be difficult as it has ten years of warranty.


Sustainable mattress

10 years warranty

Comes with two covers

Average dimensions



Sleepyhead 3 Layered Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead offers a great guarantee for most of its mattresses. For this memory foam model, it has 10 years warranty. With such a period of safety, know that you will not be disappointed with its use anytime soon. Indeed, it is a mattress that will bring a big plus to your sleep.

Thanks to its 3 extremely substantial foam layers in the mattress, you will feel no soreness on waking and you will just feel like hovering over a cloud. This mattress is very comfortable. Moreover, its thickness of eight inches does not change with time. To achieve this result, it has the right amount of density, firmness and softness.

The sleepyhead 3 layered memory foam mattress with its high-quality design and easy maintenance will allow you to find the pleasure of sleeping.


Comfortable mattress

10 years warranty

High quality design


A little expensive

Quite heavy (30.4 Kg)

SleepyCat Plus – 8″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress

You have opted for SleepyCat plus? It’s a very good choice! Only if you do not have a budget, you will not able to afford it. Yes, it is a mattress with a high price tag, but its quality is well worth it.

Note that we are talking about a mattress that has 78x72x8 inches dimensions and whose warranty is up to 10 years. It has 2 inches of Gel memory foam and 6 inches of High-density Base support foam. When sleeping on this mattress, you will not be bothered by the heat, as its specialized inner netted cover has been deliberately chosen to ensure your well-being during sleep.


Ultra protected

Broad enough

Ideal thickness

High quality


High selling price


Having reached the end of this article, I hope you have been able to pull out a lot of information about the best mattresses in India. I thank you for taking the time to go through each line of this article.

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