If you want to buy an aluminium massage table in India, you will find that the range is very large and that it is, therefore, time-consuming to decide. For this reason, you should think about which size of bed you prefer before buying and know the advantages and disadvantages of aluminium as a frame material. It also makes sense to take a close look at the workmanship of the upholstery and additional elements before you decide whether a high-quality and slightly more expensive or an inexpensive aluminium massage table is more suitable for your purposes.

Finally, you will receive an overview of the best aluminium massage tables, which we determined in the test and summarized in a list of the best.

What are the best aluminium massage tables in 2020?

Tattoo Gizmo Portable Massage Table Chair Bed Strong Aluminium Bas

The mobile massage table from Tattoo Gizmo was particularly impressive due to its very good price-performance ratio. It is delivered including a removable headrest, two armrests, an armrest, and a bag so that it is very easy to use on the move.

It measures a total of 210 x 95 x 90 centimetres and weighs only 13 kilograms. Nevertheless, it can be loaded up to a weight of 250 kg and the vinyl cover is both oil and water repellent. Without the headrest, the lounger measures 180 centimetres in length and without armrests 61 cm in width. With armrests, the area can be expanded up to 95 cm in width. Inside the 5cm thick cushion, a fine cell foam is processed, which holds the shape quite well, but with very intensive use over a long period, hollows can form.

The bed is adjustable in height (68-90cm) and you can also freely adjust the position of the legs, neck, and arms using the supports. The assembly and dismantling of the model are very simple and thanks to the plastic-coated steel cables, the bed is very safe and secure. The bottom line is that the price-performance ratio is very good so that a clear purchase recommendation can be made for the model.

Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Massage Table Facial SPA Tattoo Bed

The lounger by Merax is extremely light with a total weight of 10 kilograms and is therefore very suitable for mobile use. Nevertheless, it can be loaded up to a weight of 250 kilograms and offers a static load capacity of up to 500 lbs.

This makes it very robust and stable and can also convince in terms of workmanship, even if it is quite short with a total length of 2.12 meters including and 1.80 meters without a headrest. The width is also relatively tight at 59 centimetres, but this is usually sufficient for a normal massage.

The cover feels good and is oil and water repellent and the 2-layer padding is 5 centimetres thick, which is also fine. In addition to the lounger, the scope of delivery also includes a carrier bag, an adjustable headrest, and three armrests. The bottom line is that it is therefore very recommendable and is especially worthwhile if you are looking for a particularly light model. However, despite the good resilience, the test showed that it begins to wobble with heavy people so that it is not quite as stable as other – heavier – models.

LIPSA Healthtech 3 section Foldable & Portable Aluminium massage Bed/Table

The Lipsa portable aluminium massage table only weighs a slim 17 kilograms but can withstand a weight of up to 227 kilograms and the bottom line is well made.

It measures 1.85 m in length and 60 centimetres in width. In addition to the bed itself, the scope of delivery also includes a height-adjustable headrest and armrests.

The bed can be practically folded up into a carrying case and very easy to transport thanks to the carrying bag. It can be set to a working height between 62 to 85 centimetres and is solidly made overall.

The cushions are about five centimetres thick and well made so that the bottom line is a very good price-performance ratio for the massage table.

Buyers Info

Material selection of the frame

When looking at different loungers, you should pay particular attention to the material composition of the frame and upholstery. Although we only looked at loungers with aluminium frames in the test, in the following we will briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages compared to wooden frames so that you can be sure that aluminium is the right material for you.

The classic frames of a massage table are made of wood, but aluminium also has great advantages. In recent years, the material has therefore become more and more popular in ​​massage tables. The biggest advantage of aluminium is its low weight compared to wood. Therefore, the more often you want to assemble and dismantle the bed or transport it, the more worthwhile an aluminium frame. Most aluminium loungers are therefore also transportable so that you can take them with you to the customer. In terms of stability, wooden and aluminium loungers hardly differ from each other. Depending on the wood thickness or the material properties of the aluminium, one or the other variant may have an advantage here. However, the test has shown that some very cheap massage tables made of aluminium can be prone to

Most people agree that aluminium frames are optically clearly inferior to wooden frames and simply do not look that good, but this is not so important to the majority of the testers. Especially if you are looking for a mobile massage table, mobility and low weight is more important than the mere appearance.

In addition to pure wooden frames, there are now many loungers that are mainly made of wood, but other metals such as aluminium are used to stabilize the frame.

Processing of upholstery and accessories

 In addition to the frame, the processing of the upholstery is also very important, because it is subject to very heavy use over time. Most lounges are covered with textile leather or vinyl, which is generally good because it is oil and water repellent. However, the seams must be neatly processed, the foam is solid and sufficiently strong so that no hollows form and of course all materials must be free of harmful substances. If you are unsure about this, seals of approval may help with the decision.

If you buy a lounger with arm and / or headrest, these should also be solidly processed, because they are additionally burdened by being dismantled and reassembled or packed – if you use the lounger mobile – and should therefore always be solid and clean.

Size and comfort

If you want to transport the bed, you should choose a good balance between size and compactness. We recommend a total length including headrest around 2.20 meters. For use at home, you can of course freely choose the lounger so that it fits your body size. In addition to the length, it is also worth looking at the total width of the bed, because the wider the bed, the more comfortably stronger people can lie on it. A width of more than 60 centimetres also means a somewhat bulkier pack size.

Good upholstery is essential for lying comfort, and the headrest and, if applicable, the armrests should also be comfortable and not too firm. Usually, the seams are the big weak point and not the material itself. Since this is not necessarily obvious at first glance, you should rely on the opinion of other customers and read reviews.

Another factor for a high level of comfort is of course the stability, stability, and safety in use. As a rule, massage tables can withstand a working weight of 250 kilograms, which is sufficient even for an intensive massage. However, you should not go below this limit either, otherwise, the bed may tend to wobble during the treatment. In addition to the working weight, weight capacity is also given in some models. This means the maximum load capacity of the frame without additional force from the massage.