Many people’s everyday lives often involve stress and tight schedules. The right distraction in the form of exercise is very important to keep you fit and healthy. In this post, we will talk about some of the best leg exercise machines in India which are affordable and can fit in small spaces.

Sport not only reduces stress but also actively promotes health. Not everyone can go to a gym for reasons of time and therefore should find an alternative to exercise at home. However, the classic bike is very large and does not always match your own needs.

A pedal trainer as a leg exercise machine often makes more sense here. As the name suggests, it is a kind of bike but only with the panels.

You can easily use mini leg exercise machine under the desk and it can be easily stowed away. In the following article, we will explain what exactly the pedal trainer is and how it works. We will also explain different types of leg exercise machines and their buying guide.

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What to consider in leg exercise machine?

How mobile is the leg exercise machine?

How adjustable it is for different people 

Can you connect your smartphone to monitoring stats?

Should the device be foldable and easy to store?

Leg Exercise machines Buying Guide

What is a pedal trainer?

A pedal trainer is a kind of mini leg exercise machine. It is a new form of leg training exercise machine which is gaining popularity. However, the sequence of movements is not the same as on the pedals of a real bicycle. All processes are more like a cross-trainer. The movement takes place forwards and upwards. 

Pedal trainers have another big advantage. They can be used for both leg and arm training. The trainer is particularly suitable for people who want to bring more movement into their everyday life. Especially for people who have to sit on the chair a lot during their everyday life. Alternatively, the pedal trainer can also be used to supplement rehabilitation. In contrast, healthy people can improve their fitness to a certain extent. It is less suitable for intensive strength training.

How does a pedal trainer work?

The pedal trainer is a relatively small and compact device that you can use in different places. The movement itself is similar to that of a bicycle. You can move the pedals of this training machine with your hands or feet. The circulation of the body begins to get going with regular movements. 

What is important to consider here is that a pedal trainer is extremely gentle on the joints. Even people with limited mobility can use this leg exercise machine. 

These were not specifically designed to build muscle, but to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

What types of pedal trainers are there?

If you are planning to buy a leg exercise machine, you should consider some of the following things. 

Which type of leg exercise machine to choose

Do you want for specific muscle or overall legs

For healthy routine, simple leg machine

The simple pedal trainer is the cheapest option of all. The reason for their affordable price is that they do not have features such as a braking system or an electric drive.

On the other hand, they are particularly light, compact, and easy to use. A simple pedal trainer as a leg exercise machine is ideally suited for the office or homes. 

Pedal trainer with an electric drive

There are some models of the pedal trainer which comes with an electric drive. They are a special type of leg exercise machine and are suitable for seniors and rehabilitation patients.

The electrical support levels make movement much easier and less strenuous. Also, the electrical operation can be used by people with restricted movement. Please note that they are more expensive than other models in terms of price.

Pedal trainer with brake system

The last variant is the pedal trainer with a braking system. They have several resistance levels, which allows you to set the training difficulty level. The magnetic brake inside is responsible for this.

Thanks to this technique, the muscles are stressed a lot more and can even be trained to a certain extent. Due to the different levels, they are also very often used for rehabilitation patients.

Ultimately, it depends on the type of leg exercise machine that is more suitable for your purpose. 

Things to consider in the leg exercise machine

There are certain things to consider before buying the leg exercise machine. This reduces the risk of a bad purchase.

The following section shows exactly what is important when making a purchase and which criteria should be kept in mind.

Maximum resilience

The first point deals with the maximum load capacity of the device. This is crucial for the use. For this reason, it makes sense to compare the models with each other before buying. However, not in the price, but their resilience. Because there can be differences depending on the model and manufacturer.

Normal pedal trainers should have a load capacity of between 90 and 120 kilograms. Only then is it stable enough to be used as a training device. Some models have more load capacity than others. It is best to find out more in the product description or from a local dealer.

The resistance 

Another important factor to consider before buying the machine for leg exercise is resistance. It is important to inform yourself before buying whether the resistance can be adjusted on the pedal trainer or not.

And if so – in how many stages? 

I would recommend her to go for the machine with Multi-stage regulations. In these machines, the load can be adjusted depending on the condition of the body. 

Thanks to the different load levels, faster progress in training can be shown. So you can always see whether you have improved or not. In addition to the maximum resilience, it is one of the most important secondary criteria.


Since technology is constantly evolving, one should also pay attention to features in terms of technology. The display can perform several functions:

  • View training values
  • Select the programs
  • Show need for improvement

Usually, these are values ​​such as speed, calorie consumption, and the number of revolutions per minute. All these values ​​can give an insight into the training and show possible weak points. Besides, features such a display makes monitoring your progress much easier.


The pedals themselves also play a role. Here too there are some criteria to consider. It would be an advantage if the pedals could have a kind of loop for feet. 

Some models have a special coating on the surfaces of the pedals. It prevents you from slipping and possibly injuring yourself during training.


The last point deals with the price. After all, each of us wants to save some money on our purchase. It is advisable to first compare the preferred models.

In just a few minutes of search, everyone can find an affordable price. You can choose one of our recommended models in this post. This will not only save you money but also a lot of research time.

Cleaning and care of the leg exercise machine

If you want to use your pedal trainer for a particularly long time, you should properly maintain and clean it. Because especially in sports, there is a lot of sweat that does not simply disappear. 

No special agents are required for cleaning. A damp cloth is usually sufficient. It is important to remove the sweat stains after each workout. Otherwise, it can quickly become unsanitary. 

The bottom line

Exercise is important and should be integrated into everyday life if possible. Long periods of sitting and with no exercise can harm your health. 

Thanks to devices like the pedal trainer, that is a thing of the past.

Its shape is reminiscent of a conventional bicycle and works similarly. However, it can be used for both arms and legs.

They are available with an electric drive or with a braking system. When buying, things like the maximum load capacity, resistance levels, and the quality of the pedals are important.