Are you not able to deal with extreme summers and diverse power cuts of your area? Then it’s time to switch and buy a robust inverter and inverter battery to enjoy summers. Let’s just talk about the battery. A battery is a vital part of your inverter. The performance and life of your inverter depend on its central hero “Battery“.

Although there are a lot of brands available in the market. It becomes essential to know them. However, in India, power cuts are a major problem in many areas. But what if you get 2- 4 hours of cut especially during the summers? Isn’t it sound good? Not at all. This will upset your daily routine, whether you’re at the home or office.

The best way to deal with the situation is not to shout at the power station but to install the inverter battery at your home. A battery is the backbone of your inverter. Investing in the right battery serves you and your lifelong inverter show.

To solve your problem, we are here with the Best Inverter Battery In IndiaWe have prepared this list based on customer reviews and our market research.

We highly recommend you to read the buying guide at the end of the article to get in-depth knowledge.

Top 10 Best Inverter Battery In India For Home And Office​

Inverter Battery Capacity Waranty
Luminous SC18054 150 Ah 54 months
Luminous RC 150 Ah 36 months
Genus Invomax 150 Ah 48 months
V-GUARD VT165 152 Ah 54 months
Luminous RC 25000 200 Ah 36 months
Exide Technologies Inva Master 150 Ah 36 months
Luminous LPTT12150H 150 Ah 60 months
Luminous ExtraCharge 150 Ah 36 months
Exide PowerSafe UPS 26 Ah 12 months
Amaron 150 Ah 48 months

Which Are The Top 10 Best Inverter Battery In India ?​

1. Luminous SC18054, Inverter 150 Ah Battery​

Technical Specifications
Size 51 x 20 x 38 cm
Battery Type Tubular
Warranty 54 months
Capacity 150 Ah
Dry Weight 28.6 kg
Filled Weight 51.2 kg

Luminous is a very reputed brand, with a vast range of batteries. This long tubular battery is one of its examples. It has several notable features that make it stand first on our list. The rigid body keeps it safe from corrosion and rust. So you will get a long life performance. The solid material of the battery reflects in its weight.

So it is the best battery option for areas with a frequent electric cut. However, designed with 99.994 Pure Lead which makes it way more robust product. Due to its high capacity, it can provide great backup and hold the high load.

To make things easy, Luminous SC18054 comes with a level indicator. It will help you estimate the level and refill the battery once it is near the minimal level. As one can relax fully fill the fluid, which reduces the stress of maintenance. Its 150Ah tubular battery is best for commercial use.

The Good

  • Next-gen battery.
  • Minimum support cost.
  • Lasts long & goes on and on power.
  • Better charge approval and long backup.
  • Best for areas with long and regular cuts.

The Bad

  • Very expensive.


This battery gets a bonus point for enhancing the life that means a warranty period of about 54 months. It will last for more years than a regular inverter battery.

2. Luminous RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery​

Technical Specifications
Size 52 x 23 x 32 cm
Battery Type Tubular
Warranty 36 months
Capacity 150 Ah
Dry Weight 28.5 kg
Filled Weight 53.3 kg

Yet another product from Luminous. A tall tubular battery made of an elite alloy part. Because of the clear choice of the alloy, the battery needs very least maintenance. Its unique material keeps it firm for longer power outages. Also, the HADI (High pressure die casting) helps to maintain void free, static grain structure for giving the more long service.

As you know, the most basic feature of a battery is its capacity. Same with this battery. It comes with the power of 150Ah, which is quite impressive. It provides you with great backup for 4 to 5 hours. Also, recharging doesn’t take much time. However, you will get impressed by its exclusion rate of 80% depth of discharge, which gives you over 1250 cycles. So it is suitable for the areas with a regular cut.

The Good

  • Low power using.
  • 3-6 years of life hope.
  • Manufactured using HADI.
  • Corrosion & Rust resistant.
  • SuperB deep discharge cure.
  • Void free, static grain structure.
  • Faster charging with a longer back up.

The Bad

  • The battery is massive.
  • Need proper cooled space.


For no doubt its the right choice for Indian home, offices and shops with a frequent power outage, as it provides excellent backup.

3. Genus Invomax GTT56048 PP 150 AH Battery For Home And Office

Technical Specifications
Size 50.2 x 18.7 x 36 cm
Battery Type Tubular
Warranty 48 months
Capacity 150 Ah
Dry Weight 52 kg
Filled Weight 58.4 kg

The Genus Invomax 150Ah tubular series brings the change to a home. Its durable design delivers good and safe power. However, it is smart to face the long hours of a powercut. 

Plus, it requires little care, as it holds a high acid volume. The rigid body of Invomax can face rust and never get heated. Plus it is a safe, eco-friendly product. As it doesn’t cause any pollution or harmful gases. Further, they are fit both Normal as well as Solar uses.

The inverter offers a festive show all because of its battery. These sets come with superb deep flow recovery and support. As a rapid charging device, you will never feel tired in the summers. It always ensures that you have a way to power, no matter how long you want.

The Good

  • Quick charging.
  • Safe and Active.
  • Need little care.
  • Work with any inverter.
  • Able to stand with high temp.
  • Suitable for both standard and solar uses.

The Bad

  • Not yet.


Genus Invomax grants superior play, well-planned design and texture.

4. V-GUARD VT165 152AH Tall Tubular Inverter Battery​

Technical Specifications
Size 25 x 20 x 19 cm
Battery Type Tubular
Warranty 54 months
Capacity 152 Ah
Dry Weight 30 kg
Filled Weight 54 kg

V-Guard is an old age brand for 40 years. They are well known for their various electrical works that used at home. This flat plate and tubular battery by V guard is a brilliant piece. It specially designed for the areas with more power cuts. The battery is pretty durable in term of quality and output as well.

However, it fits nicely in V-Guard Digital Home UPS to give you an endless power supply. Plus you can also use it with other UPS. The battery offers an incredible amount of backup from 3 to 4 hours fly, depending on how much load you want.

Moreover, these batteries require 20 L of acid give or 2 L take. It also has 6 float tops which hint at the level of the distilled water, remaining in the battery. So the technology used in these batteries delivers a larger amount of regular and real power. In fact, the maintenance required by them is less and energy is more.

The Good

  • Affordable.
  • Ready to use.
  • Excellent show.
  • 3 to 4 hours backup.
  • Rugged Construction.
  • Work well with other home UPS too.
  • Most suitable for higher Power shortage area.

The Bad

  • The after-sale service is not good.
  • Need a ventilated area.


It delivers top performance with extended hours of a backup role.

5. Luminous RC 25000 200AH Tubular Battery

Technical Specifications
Size 50.2 x 19.1 x 44 cm
Battery Type Tubular
Warranty 36 months
Capacity 200 Ah
Dry Weight 34.3 kg
Filled Weight 59 kg

When it comes to buying inverter batteries, ‘Luminous‘ always stand at first. Since the team has gained the trust of its customers by providing the best products. However, among them here is another best battery which you can consider to be good.

The Red Charge 25000 series, with an overall capacity of 200 Ah. It is an ideal choice to make for office or home use. You can even use the computer when there is no light in your area. Talking about the exterior, then Luminous never fails in it. It comes with PP coating which resists the bits of dust from settling on it. According to the makers, it is rust resistant product.

But that’s not all, there is a lot to know about it.

Along with vast capacity, it also comes with a power backup of 9 hours, which is appreciable. Moreover, it asks very little care to make your job easier. The perfectly fitted caps and the holes indicate the level of water. On seeing this, you can guess when it’s time to refill the battery.

The Good

  • Tough coating.
  • Worth to have.
  • Water level indicator.
  • Need little maintenance.
  • Abrasion and rust-resistant.
  • Huge capacity and a backup plan.

The Bad

  • Bulky.


The best reason for buying it is vast capacity, backup plan, and durable body.

6. Exide Technologies Inva Master Tall IMTT1500 150Ah​

Technical Specifications
Size 60.96 x 50.8 x 45.72 cm
Battery Type Tubular
Warranty 36 months
Capacity 150 Ah
Dry Weight 45 kg
Filled Weight 67 kg

Exide has introduced the new series Inva Master Tubular battery. This master battery comes with a capacity of 150 Ah and 36 months warranty period. However, the battery built with thick grilles of Faure plates. This feature helps in limiting battery mess, and low device care.

Its unique hybrid alloys system reduces fog formation and water usage. Due to bulky body and weight, it comes with a firm grip handle that makes it easy to hold.

It is capable of delivering high performance at this price. The PP coated exterior made it ribbed free. This thunderbolt battery suits the region where the supply of power is closed down.

The Good

  • Durable body.
  • Splash guards.
  • Long and useful life.
  • Great power backup.
  • Need little maintenance.
  • Suitable for any situation.
  • Molded handles on both sides.

The Bad

  • Bad after-sale service.


Clean design without surface leaks and greater power backup at a lower price.

7. Luminous LPTT12150H 150Ah Solar Tall Tubular Battery ​

Technical Specifications
Size 68 X 35 X 150 cm
Battery Type Tubular
Warranty 60 months
Capacity 150 Ah
Battery Voltage 120 V
Filled Weight 91 kg

The Luminous LPTT1215OH is the right option to have if you are looking for a power saving. As the name implies, this battery is an excellent product for lightning protection. It also saves you during numerous power outages. However, this battery comes with a tubular plate frame. By this, your inverter delivers powerful performance and give longer life.

What we like more about this product are the 60-month promise and high security. It also has a neat cut-resistant Polyethylene separator that keeps the inverter calm after long use. Moreover, its 80 % discharge depth delivers you at least 1200 cycles in 60 months time period.

The Good

  • Energetic efficiency.
  • Suits any form of inverter.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great power backup.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Suitable for any situation.

The Bad

  • It needs more maintenance.


If you are looking for eco-friendly battery at your budget, then going with this solar battery is the choice you will ever make.

8. Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery​

Technical Specifications
Size 23 x 32 x 52 cm
Battery Type Tubular
Warranty 36 months
Capacity 150 Ah
Battery Voltage 120 V
Filled Weight 43 kg

This one is another great battery option for your inverter. Luminous ExtraCharge is ideal for regions where supply of power is closed down. Luminous bring this tubular battery with a balanced plate design. It enhances the charging rate and gives the best deep discharge recovery.

However, the battery features Inter partition connections which ensures the lowest inner cover. Designed to give you a life of over 1250 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. So you don’t have to worry even in case of high voltage.

The Good

  • Impact and cut resistance.
  • Acute tubular plates.
  • Small & compact layout.
  • Great power backup.
  • Minimum care cost.
  • Easy to refill.

The Bad

  • It needs more maintenance.


Luminous offers you a great tubular battery that runs for 4-5 hours along with fantastic backup.

9. Exide 12V 26AH PowerSafe Sealed UPS Solar Inverter Battery​

Technical Specifications
Size 16.5 x 12.5 x 17.5 cm
Battery Type Sealed Maintenance Free
Warranty 1 year
Capacity 26 Ah
Battery Voltage 120 V
Filled Weight 9.3 kg

The second last on this list. The Exide PowerSafe home UPS battery. With a battery range of 26 Ah. Plus, one of the low price battery in our list. It is a sealed maintenance-free battery type. But the body interior and exterior is relatively healthy. Although the discharge discovery is also better.
The one great thing about this battery is that it recovers itself quickly.

Did you know it has two internal cooling fans? By this, your inverter and battery stay calm and run fast without overheating. Its size is compact and best for nature. It doesn’t need a large space to get fit in. However, it is necessary to keep in mind the requirement of the load before you make a purchase.

The Good

  • Lightweight.
  • Save electricity.
  • Value of money.
  • Dual fan keep is cool.
  • Charge by solar energy.
  • The discharge recovery is good.

The Bad

  • Less capacity.
  • Not an abrasion-free body.


Solar energy battery saves you a lot not just in power but for money too.

10. Amaron AAM-TT-CR00150TT Plastic Tall Tubular 150Ah Battery​

Technical Specifications
Size 38 x 31 x 28 cm
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Warranty 48 months
Capacity 150 Ah
Dry Weight 49 kg
Filled Weight 60 kg

Last but not least, AAM-TT CR00 150 Ah Amaron Inverter battery. A thick exterior case with higher heat tolerance power. Designed for day to day life weather condition. This factory charged Amaron Inverter battery needs no routine maintenance by you.

However, it is a lead-acid battery which reduces the amount of water loss and gives better results from its working. So you don’t even need to top-up the battery with electrolyte often.

If you care about its plastic material, then be relaxed. It ensures strength and long-lasting life for a longer span. Its quick charge feature makes it favourable and utilizes the stored charges for the load appliances.

The Good

  • No leakage issue.
  • Speedy charging rate.
  • Ultra-low maintenance.
  • High-end reserve capacity.
  • Perfect for almost all weather.
  • A robust case for a prolonged period.

The Bad

  • Release high heat.
  • It needs a properly ventilated space.


This Amaron inverter battery is less prone to lose water, and hence the demand for maintenance is not needed often.

Types Of Inverter Batteries​

The performance and life of your inverter largely depend on its battery. There are several types of batteries. Here are the top three famous inverter batteries in India, with pros and cons too.

1. Lead Acid Battery

Lead acid batteries are the most basic and the oldest of the three. They are cheap and have a large amount of volume. These are rechargeable in nature and produce a large amount of flow. They are light in weight and economical.

However, if you live in an area where blackout is a normal thing, then opting for this might be right for you. It usually lasts for 3-4 years. But required regular support, because it needs water filling evenly. In some cases, it delivers unhealthy gases, so it is advised to keep it in a vented place.





Long life.

Create a large amount of current.


Need regular care.

Need water filling at several intervals.

Release harmful gas.

Need regular electrolyte check.

2. Maintenance Free

As the name implies, they are sealed batteries that wins some drawbacks of lead acid batteries. You can even call it a “Gel Battery“. It doesn’t require any electrolyte level control and water topping.

Plus create a current by its gel. Also, they are safer to the other batteries. But the downside is, it is expensive as compared to its rival and have a short lifespan.


Do not require an electrolyte checkup.

No need for water filling.


No maintenance required.

Fast charging.

Can be placed in any area.



Have a short lifespan.

3. Tubular Batteries

Tubular inverter batteries in India is the most popular and active power bank. They have all the intricate design, long life of 8+ years, superb power. It also needs low resources to work. Because of so many goods.

The tubular batteries are great for home use, as they are abrasion and leak proof. Plus ensure you low maintenance and protection. These batteries are safe in the environment, as it doesn’t produce any serious gases.


Great show.

Very safe.

Longer life duration.

Need low care.

Suitable for large appliances.

Best for areas with a standard cut.



Complex design.

Useful Tips To Extend The Backup Of Your Inverter Battery ​

Now, after knowing types of inverter batteries in India, it is vital to know some useful tips to take care of your inverter battery.

As you already know, the battery is the backbone of an inverter. It is able for fair play. Therefore regular support and care increase the backup and keep its life long.

Here are some tips you should know:

  1. Disconnect the extra load when not needed. The more load or big device you use during an electric cut, the more battery will suck.
  2. Use energy-saving devices to reduce power usage. An ordinary bulb uses 75% more energy than CFL and LED bulbs.
  3. Keep the battery ends corrosion and rust-free. Otherwise, it will reduce the current issue and slower the charging.
  4. It is vital to charge the inverter battery to keep the reserve in a crisis.
  5. Check the water level every two months.
  6. Do not use tap water or rainwater.
  7. ver time batteries lose their planned size and reduce the backup. Buy good nature series with an extended lifespan.

How To Choose The Best Inverter Battery In India?​

In this section, we have mentioned some common or major factors based on product-research. Before choosing or spending your hard-earned money on an inverter battery, you should keep these factors in mind.

The inverter is just a box, and it is nothing without a battery. Always buy the top-rated inverter battery from the reputed brand because they provide customer care.

Consider your power usage

One of the most critical factors that you want to know before making a decision. In a simple word “Power usage”. Take any average summer day and make a rough note of what devices you want to run at the time of power cuts. The power user is the room of the power used by various devices.

Let’s take a example, you want 3 fans, 2 tubes, 1 CFL & 1 TV to operate during the power cuts. So here it will look like –

  • 1 fan = 70 W
  • 1 Tube = 60 W
  • 1 CFL = 25 W
  • 1 TV = 120 W

Therefore your total power requirement is (3*70 + 2*60 + 25 + 120) = 475 W. 

Battery Backup Hours

The next big question is ” How much backup will an inverter provide? “How many hours can it run all the devices?”. This is why a battery backup is essential to avoid worries. It will decide the hours of operation.

However, battery backup is shown in Ah ( Ampere Hours), and battery voltage is decided by inverter. For example, one 12 V inverter with 100 Ah battery may give 2 hours backup. And for 4 hours backup, it needs 180 Ah battery. The backup time depends on how long power usually shut off in your area.

To understand this better, here is an example, Suppose the total of wattage of all the appliance you want to run is 475W then –

Battery Capacity = Power requirement(W) * Backup (hrs.)/ Battery Voltage (V)

Battery Capacity = 475 * 3 / 12 V = 118.75 Ah

(here we have taken 12V as battery voltage), (475 W is taken from the above point)
Therefore, a battery with a capacity of 118.75 Ah will work for you.

So if you want to run  3 fans, 2 tubes, 1 CFL & 1 TV  then an 800VA inverter and around 130 Ah battery are enough during the power failure. By following this equation, you save yourself a lot of time and money.

Size of the Battery

Once you have selected the type and know about its usage that suits your product, you will then have to take a look at its size results as well.

So how are you going to start this? Well, it’s simple to understand – start by sizing your inverter.

If the model is somewhat smaller and does not require full Voltage input, then you can go for a smaller battery. This will help your inverter to draw power from it more quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, if you own a large product then naturally, you need a more expert battery. Most of the time, you use one inverter for operating double story house.

So for that, your inverter needs an immense size battery. Only then it will be able to run two stories at the same time. So keep these things in mind, the size of the family, and the number of floors, before you opt for anything.

Material Quality

No matter what are you getting, you should always check out the quality of the material. The same goes for the batteries as well. However, material quality doesn’t mean just the interior, but the exterior as well.

You might be thing why the outside matter at all? Well, it does. If the product doesn’t have a robust outer surface, then it got the rust quickly. And slow down the performance of the battery. So with this, a good quality material would last for an extended period without any issue.


Whether you think or not, but the name does matter a lot in the market. Most branded items are of high grade, durable, and offer an excellent show. Moreover, they will cost you more, of course. So what?

Investing in a quality product is much better than investing in a cheap. In case you are an online shopaholic person. Always go with high rating products and always check the feedbacks by customers. It will help you in selecting the right goods.

Frequently Asked Questions ​

1. How Long Will The Battery Run?

The higher the ampere, the longer your battery will last. Suppose your battery has a 90-hour amp rating. You will be able to run 400 Watts load for approx 2 hours.

2. Which Water Is Good For Batteries?

Try to avoid tap and rainwater for your inverter batteries as they contain impurities. The most basic type of water you can use is distilled water or RO water.

3. Which Battery is suitable for 900VA Inverter?

Luminous RC 18000ST 150AH or Exide IT500 150Ah tall battery is fit with Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter.