If you want to buy a hunting shoe, most of the models are interesting for both sexes, i.e. so-called unisex models. Still, some boots are designed exclusively for women or exclusively for men. In the test, we therefore only looked at models that men can wear well and are not too tight. Before you buy, however, you should generally consider the areas of use, the different materials, and the properties of the boots to be able to make a better decision.

To this end, you will find a brief overview of the three best-hunting boots for men, which we determined in the test and summarized for you in our list of the best.

What are the best men’s hunting boots in 2020?


Unistar Men’s Jungle Boots

The Unistar boot is a thermal boot that is particularly suitable for winter. Since it has a removable, multi-layered inner shoe made of wool, it can be worn all year round.

The upper was made of very high-quality nubuck leather, which is neatly sewn and very durable. Inside, it also has two insoles, which ensure a high level of comfort. On the one hand, there is a foam sole under the inner shoe, which softly stores the footbed, and above it a wool-coated sole for better thermal protection in winter.

The shoe is 100% waterproof up to the ankle and above that the leather ensures good breathability. Overall, the wearing comfort is very good, the shoe offers a firm fit and a robust and firm sole made of thermal rubber, which additionally strengthens the insulation, but at the same time is sufficiently flexible. The bottom line is that the shoe is very well made and especially interesting for anyone looking for a year-round boot that is partially completely waterproof. The price-performance ratio is very good due to the low price concerning the solid workmanship.

Please note, however, that the shoe is slightly smaller due to the thick lining, so it is advisable to order it one size larger than you usually wear.

Liberty Warrior 88-46HSTG Jungle Boot

The Liberty Warrior is a winter hunting shoe that is extremely comfortable to wear and, thanks to the lined inner shoe made of wool, remains very well insulated but still breathable.

The sole is flexible and at the same time robust and has a deep profile so that it offers a high level of tread resistance. Also, an aluminum layer is incorporated into the interior, which prevents the penetration of sharp objects and provides additional insulation.

The boot is completely waterproof up to the ankle. Above this is the upper material, which consists of a mixture of synthetic leather and textile fiber. This makes it breathable and water-repellent at the same time, although the upper area is not completely impermeable to water. Under the inner shoe, there is a foam sole, which provides additional comfort, as well as a wool-coated sole, which further improves the climate in the shoe. Both soles can also be removed if necessary, as can the inner shoe so that you can wear the model in both winter and summer. The overall wearing comfort is therefore very high, but it is recommended to order the shoe one size larger due to the thick lining.

The boot can be used by both men and women because the padding inside adapts to the foot very well. Both workmanship and price-performance ratio were convincing across the board in the test.

Hillson TC07HLS0022 Torpedo Safety Gumboots with Steel Toe

If you are looking for a completely waterproof and high hunting boot, the Hillson rubber boot could be of interest to you. It is particularly suitable if you are frequently out and about in swampy or wet areas.

It protects your feet and calves from the wet and, thanks to the flexible calf width, sits very well and firmly. The buckle at the top makes it possible to put the boot on tightly.

The overall comfort is good and the robust, yet flexible rubber sole was also convincing because it ensures a firm hold. The inner lining is quick-drying and supports the wearing comfort, as it ensures a good climate adaptation, as far as this is possible with a completely waterproof boot.

The model can be recommended without hesitation if you are looking for a rubber boot for stalking, hunting, or other outdoor activities that reliably protects you from moisture but can also be worn over a longer time.

General Information

Areas of application and most important features

In principle, a hunting boot is a particularly robust, durable, and versatile hiking boot. However, a high-quality rubber boot with lining can also be called a hunting boot because it is particularly suitable if you are out and about in swampy or damp areas for a long time. Simple rubber boots, on the other hand, are rather unsuitable because they cannot offer the necessary comfort over long periods of time. Without insulation, padding, and a sturdy sole, a rubber boot or a generally simple boot is therefore unsuitable as a hunting boot.

A very important criterion for a hunting boot is always a good step, which it should offer regardless of the terrain. In addition, it must have a robust and non-slip sole, ideally, be waterproof and breathable at the same time. Since a completely waterproof rubber boot is usually not breathable, these two criteria are partially mutually exclusive. Often waterproof constructions are used for hunting shoes. For example, the bottom 10 centimetres are waterproof and the material above is more breathable but can still be water-repellent at the same time. This can help to move around in wet terrain with dry feet but keep the foot from sweating too much. The inner material of the shoe and the processing of the seams is also very important,

Of course, hunting boots are specially designed for hunting and stalking. It is very important that the foot is well protected on the one hand and that no material-related noises occur on the other hand while the shoe is on the move. Artificial leather, simple leather or other textile materials sometimes squeak when walking. The longer you are out and about with the shoe, the higher the quality the model should ultimately be. The more often you are out and about in swampy or humid areas or when using it in winter, the purchase of a good hunting rubber boot instead of a conventional model may be worthwhile. However, you should pay attention to high-quality workmanship here,

In principle, you can of course not only use a hunting boot for hunting or in the forest but high-quality models, in particular, are also ideal for hiking, fishing, gardening, or forestry work or generally for outdoor use when you are on the go.

Material composition

Hunting shoes are also known as stalking shoes and they should be made so well that they can last for several years, even if they are heavily used. However, this is only possible if the material is correspondingly high quality and the workmanship is good overall. Double seams help, for example, to improve durability, stability, and robustness. It also helps to reduce background noise that occurs when walking. This is especially important when you are on the prowl.

Rubber, latex, or caoutchouc is completely waterproof and is therefore used for rubber boots as well as for raised soles. Textiles such as felt, Gore-Tex, or synthetic leather are easy to care for and are used for the upper material or indoors, because they are water-repellent if they are appropriately impregnated and also breathable, which ensures a good climate in the shoe.

However, like leather, they must be cared for regularly so that their positive properties can be retained over the long term. Impregnated genuine leather is also often used because it is also water-repellent and supple so that it can also support the ventilation properties. It also has a very long shelf life if it is well cared for. To further improve the thermal properties of the shoe, in addition, an inner shoe is often used, which is usually made of wool or lambskin.

It can be removed in summer or the sole can be removed to avoid excessive sweating in overly lined shoes. In winter or when it is cold, the lining protects very well against the cold, because in connection with the different layers of the upper material it results in good insulation.

Summary of the most important properties

A good hunting boot should have the following properties:

– A non-slip and step-resistant sole

– A solid and stable structure

– A high level of comfort, with an inner shoe if necessary

– High breathability, except in the case of pure rubber boots

– Water-repellent or waterproof, depending on the requirement