If you are looking to buy a new bathroom scale and opt for a digital model, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of this type of scale before deciding. It also makes sense to see beforehand how resilient and how precisely the scale measures. About the design, the price, and the materials of the scale, it is of course up to you how you ultimately decide.

The test has shown that cheap digital bathroom scales can also work precisely and reliably, but of course this does not apply to all cheap models. Finally, in our list of the best, you will find a brief overview of the best digital bathroom scales.

What are the best digital bathroom scales in India?

ActiveX (Australia) Ivy Plus, Digital Bathroom Scale

The digital bathroom scales from ActivaX impressed with a very good price-performance ratio, because the measuring range is 5 – 180 kilograms. It weighs exactly 0.05kg and thanks to four sensors in the feet, the result is very precise and reliable.

The scales turn on automatically without sensors when you step on them. This makes it very easy to use because you do not have to press a switch. After getting off the step, the model switches itself off again within 15 seconds.

The LCD is illuminated in blue and the weight can be read in kg, lb, or St. The step surface is sufficiently large at 26 x 26 centimetres and since the feet are placed very far outwards, there is no risk of tipping over. In terms of design, the glass scale is classically modern. The glass is scratch-resistant and robust, but it can become slippery when wet.

The bottom line is that the model is convincing across the board, especially since overload and low battery levels are shown on the display in addition to the weight. Also, a small goodie in the form of a measuring tape is included with delivery.

MEDITIVE Stainless Steel Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

The MEDITIVE model is a classic digital bathroom scale made of stainless steel. The combination of brushed stainless steel and dark glass looks very modern and minimalist.

Thanks to the four-strain gauge measuring sensors, the results are very precise and can be easily read on the illuminated LED display. Since it switches on automatically without pressing a switch, operation is very convenient.

It has a indicator to show low battery. No cleaning agents, abrasives or solvents should be used to clean the balance, as this can damage the surface. Overall, the model measures 30 x 30 cm and weighs around 1.2 kg. The unit of measurement can be set, the surface looks high-quality and well processed and the results were always exact even in the long-term test. The bottom line is that this results in a very good price-performance ratio with a good load capacity of up to 180 kilograms. You can set it in different measuring unit and low battery level are also shown on the display.

Omron HBF 214 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor

The Omran HBF 214 was able to establish itself as a very functional digital bathroom scale. It is for sure not in a entry-level price range, but comes with loads of features.

. It convinces with good sensors, a load capacity of up to 180 kilograms and an illuminated display on which the weight is shown with an accuracy of 100 grams. The readability of the display is good, and the non-slip surface made of plastic makes it very safe to use, even if your feet are wet.

When stepped on, the scales switch on automatically and switch off again when you step off the scales. The weight unit can be changed (kg / lb / st) and a low battery level and overload are also displayed. For operation, 2 AAA batteries are required, which are already included, so that the price-performance ratio is in principle unbeatable, even if the plastic surface does not look quite as elegant and chic as stainless steel or glass. The step area is generously sized at 33 x 30 cm and is also sufficient for people with large feet. If price does not bother you, you get an excellent model with some of the amazing features.

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Advantages and disadvantages of digital bathroom scales

When a bathroom scale works digitally, it is equipped with sensors. In comparison, analogue / mechanical bathroom scales work with mechanical components such as springs that can give way over time. Also, the weight can never be read off exactly on a typical mechanical scale at home, but only roughly, whereas digital models sometimes measure accurately to 10, but mostly to 100 grams.

If you compare the price of the two types, the digital models are usually slightly higher. Also, a digital model needs electricity. Batteries are usually simply inserted so that follow-up costs – albeit manageable – arise over time.

Another advantage of a digital scale is an illuminated display. Since the models are powered by electricity anyway, it makes sense to also illuminate the display. This makes it easier to read regardless of the lighting conditions.

Accuracy and operation

In terms of accuracy, all digital models are now very good. Sometimes they measure to an accuracy of 10 grams, which is not necessary. As a rule, 100 grams is sufficient.

There is no swaying of the pointer when you stand on the scale with digital models. The weight is displayed immediately. Many digital scales must be turned on before you can stand on them. For this purpose, either a switch – usually a foot switch – is attached or it switches on automatically when you step on. However, the latter variant is often associated with sensors that recognize your skin when you step on, so that you can use many models of this type exclusively barefoot. This can pose a risk of slipping, especially in damp rooms when it comes to glass surfaces.

Some digital models offer other additional functions such as determining the BMI, statistics on weight development, determining the body fat percentage and more. Of course, you must decide for yourself what is important to you in this regard.

Design and material

There is a huge variety of scales made of different materials. The most popular are certainly plastic and glass, but also models with knobs – to counteract the risk of slipping – or made of stainless steel are not uncommon. You always have to bear in mind that smooth surfaces in the bathroom can become slippery if you have wet feet – similar to what you know from your tiles.

In terms of design, you are spoiled for choice, because bathroom scales do not have to be boring. Today there are a multitude of stylishly designed models that can be easily integrated into a modern bathroom. Black glass, frameless, patterned, or fancy shaped and designed – there is nothing that does not exist. Neutral models in black, white, or transparent are still the most popular because they can be easily integrated into any environment. It is of course important that no material is used that can rust or oxidize, because bathroom scales are mostly used in the bathroom or shower.

With a very affordable scale, you should always consider where the low price comes from. Because if the material processing is poor, the scales will wear out more over time. If the technology inside is inferior, the scale will ultimately give inaccurate results. Since these properties cannot be seen at first glance, it is always worth looking at reviews from other buyers.