If you want to buy a new digital alarm clock, you have several choices. The selection option is large, and the models sometimes differ quite significantly in terms of functions and features. In the following, you will receive some general information about digital alarm clocks in India.

There is also an overview of the different types and features so that you can make the best possible decision for yourself. You can decide whether you prefer a cheaper digital alarm clock or possibly a slightly more expensive digital projection alarm clock. Finally, we have summarized the three best digital alarm clocks for you in our list of the best.

Which are the best digital alarm clocks of 2020?

Case Plus Digital Smart Backlight Battery Operated Alarm Table 

The model from Case Plus is a digital alarm clock that impressed in the test with its good price-performance ratio. In addition to the time, the day of the week and the date as well as the current room temperature and the alarm time are shown on the display.

You can purchase the alarm clock in different colors and the display is backlit so that you can always read all values ​​comfortably.

The batteries required for the 14.5 x 9.3 x 5.6 cm model is not included in the scope of delivery. It is very easy to use and you do not have to set a lot before you can use the device. You only have to set the alarm time yourself.

Of course, the device also has a snooze function, which is also very easy to reach. It was also noticeable that the alarm sound always gets louder if you do not react. As a result, it reliably brings deep sleepers out of their sleep.

V2A Plastic Alarm Clock

The V2A model is a very affordable digital alarm clock that runs on batteries. It is characterized by its very large display and it is also available in different colors.

In addition to the time, the display also shows the date and temperature, as it has an integrated thermometer. The alarm clock’s ability to control the display brightness via sensor particularly positive. In other words, the darker the environment, the weaker the display is. As a result, it is ideally legible both day and night without dazzling.

All control panels are located on the back, so that the front looks very simple and elegant. Of course, the sensor can also be deactivated for dimming. Also, the device offers a snooze button and it is also very compact, so that it is also ideal as a travel alarm clock. 3 AAA batteries are required for operation, but they are not included in the scope of delivery.

The alarm clock can be operated for an average of two months per battery charge, which is a pretty decent value on balance. However, the problem is that there is no battery indicator. As a result, the device will simply turn off at some point. Besides, the display is not very easy to read from the side at an oblique angle. Overall, this led to a devaluation

Sony ICF- C1PJ.CED AM / FM Projection Alarm Clock Radio Dual Alarm LED screen 

The radio projection alarm clock from Sony was able to assert itself as the best projection alarm clock because it offers an impressive price-performance ratio. It has a standing display screen of 2.4 Inches.

The settings can be changed so that you can individually set the alarm volume, alarm tone type or the brightness of the display. You can use both a radio station and a conventional signal tone as the alarm tone. The alarm clock also offers a snooze function and an additional nap function, where you can freely set the alarm time between 10 and 90 minutes at the push of a button. You have the option of inserting a power failure battery so that the time is saved even in the event of a brief power failure.

The projection is easy to read and can be projected onto a wall or ceiling at up to three meters. The radio reception is very good thanks to the wire antenna, 10 memory locations are available, and the volume can be adjusted to 15 levels.

The bottom line is that the clock radio offers everything you would expect from a good clock radio and boasts a very good price-performance ratio and good time projection (rotatable by 180 °). However, there are no other display options such as alarm time, radio station, date or snooze times and there is also no radio function for setting the time

Buyers Guide

Advantages and disadvantages of digital alarm clocks

Digital alarm clocks are modern and have a digital display. Compared to most analogue models, they run more precisely and offer a more range of functions. You can have the date, day of the week and, of course, the clock and alarm time (s) on a digital alarm clock.

However – there is a major disadvantage of the digital models – they continuously emit radiation, like a smartphone. However, the radiation intensity in modern models is very low, so that there are no health concerns.

If you sleep relatively lightly, the advantages of illuminated numbers and a clearly visible time can also turn out to be a disadvantage for you, namely if the time display bothers you. In this case, you should therefore make sure that the lighting intensity can be regulated, i.e. the display can be dimmed.

Types of digital alarm clocks

A distinction is made between different versions of digital alarm clocks. In addition to the basic distinction between battery-powered or mains-powered or illuminated and unlit alarm clocks, other models differ fundamentally in their range of functions. To be able to make a sensible and good decision, you should of course be familiar with the different types that we would like to briefly introduce to you below:

Digital alarm clock with projection

A digital alarm clock with projection function not only shows the time and, if necessary, further information on the display, but also has an additional projector that projects the time / alarm time / temperature or date and day of the week onto the wall or ceiling.

Digital alarm clock with radio

Radio clocks or radio alarm clocks are very popular because they have the great advantage that they always automatically set themselves to the current time. This can be very useful, especially when traveling. The alarm clock has a radio link and can therefore automatically determine the exact time. Of course, this also applies after a power failure or the changeover between winter and summer time.

Digital alarm clock with radio function

In addition to the regular alarm or ring tone, radio alarm clocks also offer the option of setting a radio station with which you want to be woken up. Of course, this type of alarm clock can also simply be used to listen to radio stations. Usually several radio stations can also be stored.

Digital alarm clock with thermometer

One function that is becoming increasingly popular is the thermometer function. The alarm clocks determine the room temperature and display it or, depending on the model, can also display the outside temperature via an outside sensor. Some devices also show weather trends, moon phases or other information.

Mixed forms

This list is of course not complete, there are always models that combine several functions or offer additional functions.


Different models offer a different number of functions, which can be more or less useful depending on the purpose and needs. In the following we would like to briefly introduce you to some of the functions so that you can make sure that they are available if necessary.


If you are bothered by the light of the display, you should make sure that it can be dimmed.

Automatic time setting

Radio alarm clocks do not have to be set. The correct time is always set automatically. This saves you time and also ensures that a main operated alarm clock always shows the correct time after a power failure.

Additional functions

In addition to the time, various models also show other values ​​such as the date, temperature, weekday or moon phase or the current radio station. 

Snooze function

This is particularly useful for anyone who likes to turn around when the alarm clock has gone off. The button allows to interrupt the alarm and to wake it up again after a while. The function is as a snooze button or snooze function