If you want to buy a good body groomer – as Philips also calls its body hair trimmers – you have to deal a little more intensively with the profession, because the range is very large and it makes sense to deal with the most important properties and purchase criteria beforehand. 

Philips is not only known as a brand manufacturer but has brought innovative products to the market in the last few years, we only looked at models from this manufacturer in the test. Even if a cheap body hair trimmer from Philips is often more expensive than an alternative product in the entry area. Finally, you can find the three best body hair trimmers from Philips in our list of the best.

What are the Best Philips Body Hair Trimmers in India?

Philips QP2526/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer

The OneBlade from Philips works – as the name suggests – with a blade that must be replaced regularly. It is very compact and was able to convince in the test with very good results in various areas of application.

The blade is electrically operated and cuts the hair very close to the skin, so that the result of a wet shave is almost close, even if a small residue is of course leftover. The adaptation to the facial contours is very good and it can be used on the whole body without any problems. The blade will last for about four months if you shave your face twice a week. If you want to trim your chest and stomach or other areas additionally, the durability will of course be reduced accordingly.

The device can be used wet and dry, is completely waterproof so that it can also be used in the shower, and is similar in terms of results to a conventional electric shaver, which is a very good result for a body hair trimmer. The lithium-ion battery lasts up to an hour and it can also be operated by a cable so that it is always ready for use. Various attachments for length adjustment are also included and there are two blades in the scope of delivery that last for quite a while.

In the test, the device was well tolerated because there was very little skin irritation. However – you also must consider this – the small device is quite expensive and relatively loud. Also, it is not so well suited for a full-body shave due to the relatively narrow blade, but all the better for fine work and detailed trimming around the beard or in the intimate area.

Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One Series 

The multigroom set is a complete set for face, hair, and body, which was able to convince with very good results and a large scope of delivery.

In addition to the trimmer itself, there are 10 different styling attachments in the set as well as a body grooming attachment that includes a body grooming comb with ten length settings. There is also a precision trimmer for eyebrows and sideburns, as well as a detailed razor and a nose hair trimmer. This means that all body regions can be processed with the device.

The device is completely washable, but unfortunately not waterproof, so it cannot be used in the bath or shower. A total of 16 length settings for the hair and 10 for the body can be implemented and the battery life is also very good at 60 minutes. The charging time is just one hour so that the lithium-ion battery is ready for use or fully charged again very quickly.

If you are looking for an all-round device, this model is highly recommended. Pain-sensitive testers could, however, be put off a bit when shaving body hair with the body groomer, because the bottom line is that the results are very good, but not all hair is always cut cleanly, but also plucked now and then. The model is also quite expensive in terms of price, the price-performance ratio is nevertheless good due to the diverse functions. Full-body shaves can also be done quite well with the model.

Philips BG3006/15 Bodygroomer

The Bodygroom Series impresses with smooth results thanks to the ability to shave smoothly without a trimmer attachment.

Alternatively, you can also use the trimmer with three different attachments (3 to 7 millimeters in length).

In battery mode, the device lasts 50 minutes and the NiMh ion battery is fully charged again within an hour. It is particularly advantageous that you can also use the device in the shower or in the bath without any problems, as it is completely waterproof. The chrome steel knives were also able to convince in the test across the board because they hardly caused skin irritation. Thanks to the extension handle, the device is also very suitable for shaving back hair.

The bottom line is that the model is very recommendable, but the trimmer was not quite as effective as the other devices in the test, it is also not quite as secure and good in the hand and the attachments can fall off quite easily, which in the test was a small devaluation resulted.

General Info

Body hair trimmer for men and women

There is no difference in functionality and handling between women’s body hair trimmers and those for men. Philips also offers various products specifically for women, such as the BikiniGenie series, which functions as a bikini-only trimmer, but they work just like standard models that can be used by both sexes. However, a man will rarely use the pink female model.

Besides, special trimmers or razors for women are often more expensive to buy, so that we limited ourselves in the test to neutral models or razors for men, without wanting to discriminate against the female gender. In general, models for men are more suitable for women than the other way around, because many body hair trimmers for men can also be used for shaving without any problems and have correspondingly more robust blades and are also simply more neutral in terms of design.

Characteristics of a body groomer

In contrast to a conventional razor or other depilation methods, body hair trimmers work with electricity, i.e. by cable, with a rechargeable battery or with batteries. Most models work with blades and a shaving head that cut off the hair. This should be done just above the skin and ideally, they should also be waterproof or at least washable underwater, which distinguishes them from most conventional hair clippers. You can also use a good body groomer with shaving foam, which also helps to separate the hair cleanly, as it is softened.

Of course, the device should also sit comfortably in the hand, be easy to use, and be able to be used on dry skin. Some universal models can also be used multi-functionally. Many combination devices can be used both for shaving and for body hair or the main hair. Depending on the version, there may even be an attachment for the nose or ear hair. However, the test has shown that such all-round devices are practical but are usually inferior to the special models in the respective sub-area.

Purchase criteria

To be able to make a good decision, you should always compare the most important criteria when making a price comparison and weigh up which model is suitable for you.


If you decide on a model with a rechargeable battery (alternatively there are also battery or mains-operated versions), always pay attention to the capacity, charging time, and running time. Especially if you want to do a full-body shave, the battery should last at least 60 minutes at a time. So that you do not have to take a forced break when the battery is empty, the device should also work with the cable connected.


Waterproof models should be of high quality and robust so that even a minor fall on the floor does not immediately mean that it can no longer be used in the shower. It should also be easy to grip and lie comfortably in the hand so that the trimmer can also be held well with wet hands.


The larger the body region you want to work with the device, the larger the head should be so that you can work with a wide blade. For fine styling, trimming of the beard or the armpit and intimate hair, however, a wide head can even be a hindrance, so you either have to compromise or choose a model where you can choose between different blade widths. In addition to the width, the processing of the blade is also very important. Stainless steel blades have prevailed mainly because they are precise, sharp, and durable.

There are devices in which you must replace the blades, as well as devices that work like a classic hair clipper, i.e. do not have interchangeable blades. Here you may have to oil the shaving head and occasionally clean it completely.