If you want to buy a new alarm clock and have decided on a projection alarm clock, you have already completed a large part of the exclusion process. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to a few things in ​​projection alarm clocks when comparing the devices.

So, you should first look at the different types of projection alarm clocks and the different functions and features. We will also give you a brief overview of the basic functionality, which is always the same, regardless of whether it is a high-quality model or a cheap alarm clock with projection. Finally, you will find an overview of the two best alarm clocks with the projection that we recommended in our list of the best.

What are the best projection alarm clocks in India?

Sony ICF- C1PJ.CED AM / FM Projection Alarm Clock Radio Dual Alarm

The radio projection alarm clock from Sony was able to assert itself as the best projection alarm clock because it offers an impressive price-performance ratio. It has a standing display screen of 2.4 Inches.

The settings can be changed so that you can individually set the alarm volume, alarm tone type or the brightness of the display. You can use both a radio station and a conventional signal tone as the alarm tone. The alarm clock also offers a snooze function and an additional nap function, where you can freely set the alarm time between 10 and 90 minutes at the push of a button. You have the option of inserting a power failure battery so that the time is saved even in the event of a brief power failure.

The projection is easy to read and can be projected onto a wall or ceiling at up to three meters. The radio reception is very good thanks to the wire antenna, 10 memory locations are available, and the volume can be adjusted to 15 levels. The bottom line is that the clock radio offers everything you would expect from a good clock radio and boasts a very good price-performance ratio and good time projection (rotatable by 180 °). However, there are no other display options such as alarm time, radio station, date or snooze times and there is also no radio function for setting the time

Honelife LCD Digital Projection Alarm Clock Radio

The Honelife alarm clock is a radio projection alarm clock with a dimmable brightness indicator for the display. The projection colour is red.

You can precisely focus the projection on the model so that it is perfectly sharp on the wall or ceiling. You also have the option of storing 10 stations and individually selecting the alarm tone (radio or beep). The projection arm can be swivelled, and the projection display can be rotated by 180 °. A snooze function is also available, so the device is well equipped overall.

In particular, the clear 4.7 ” display was able to convince in the test, even if it offers no other display options besides the time. Operation is very simple, and you can insert emergency batteries if necessary, so that you do not have to set the time again after a power failure.

There is no radio function, date, or weekday display, but the bottom line is that the model offers a good price-performance ratio, is easy to use and is well equipped

General Information


The devices differ from a conventional alarm clock in that a small projector is installed which projects various information – primarily the time – onto the ceiling at night. Swivelling models can also throw the time or additional information such as the date or calendar on the wall.

This not only has the advantage that this projection is much larger and easier to read compared to the display, but you also don’t have to turn your head when you wake up and can read the time immediately. On most models, the projection is thrown onto the ceiling with a red laser beam.

Most models are supplied with a power supply so that the alarm clock is always supplied with sufficient energy. This also distinguishes them from conventional alarm clocks, many of which also work purely on batteries.

Types of projection alarm clocks

As with conventional alarm clocks, there are also different versions of projection alarm clocks. Essentially, a distinction is made between three main types, the latter rather being a subgroup. 

The following is a brief overview of the various versions.

Radio alarm clock with projection

This is a radio alarm clock, i.e. a model with which you can also set a radio station as the alarm tone. It is also equipped with a projection function. In addition to the additional alarm function, you can usually read off other details such as the radio station or the date from the projection. Some clock radios also belong to the second category and are already equipped with a radio function so that you do not have to set the time yourself. In particular, travel alarm clocks with projection and radio are a useful companion on the go.

Radio projection alarm clock

A radio alarm clock is an alarm clock that automatically determines the correct time by radio, so you do not have to set it yourself. The changeover between summer and winter time also happens automatically. Some models also work abroad, but other signals are sometimes used here, so the alarm clock must be explicitly designed for this.

Alarm clock with nature sounds as a wake-up signal

More and more people prefer natural tones such as the sound of the sea, the chirping of birds or other natural noises instead of a radio alarm tone or a classic ringing of the alarm clock. Such projection purposes with natural sounds are still relatively rare, but the range is constantly increasing so that it is worthwhile to keep an eye out for new models.

Functions and features

The individual models differ from one another quite clearly in terms of equipment and functions. The following is a brief overview of the most important functions that are available for alarm clocks with projection.

Dimming function

If you can dim the alarm clock so that it glows less brightly, this can apply to the display or the projection or both functions.

Automatic time setting

Radio alarm clocks set themselves so that you don’t have to set the time. This function can be particularly useful when travelling, but make sure that it also works when you are abroad.

Additional advertisements

In addition to the time, many models also display the day of the week and date. There are also other displays such as temperature (depending on the model including outside sensor), calendar or other alarm times.

Snooze function

If you are one of those people who likes to turn around after the alarm clock has rung for the first time, make sure that there is a snooze button. Most models, regardless of whether it is a radio, radio, digital or projection alarm clock, offer such a button.