Summers are here, and you want something that keeps you relaxed every time without costing you much. While there are a lot of options available in the market from expensive to budget friendly appliances. If you’re searching for a budget-friendly device for summer days, then you’ve arrived at the right page. Here you’ll get a top class and inexpensive air coolers.

As some of us prefer AC in summers, but it drives to massive bills and service charges. To avoid the high costs, many Indian homes today going with a second option as cooler. Air cooler has become a need for everyone as it comes within your budget and provides you with comfort air cooling. The good thing about air coolers is that they are compact and portable. You can easily shift them from one room to another. Use it anywhere you want while in your place or at the lawn.

So with that, we’ve prepared a list of Best Air Coolers In India based on Customer Reviews and our Market Research. To make sure you purchase the right cooler, we recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of the post.

Top 10 Best Air Coolers In India

Air Cooler Water Tank Cooling Pads
Bajaj Platini Torque 36 L Honey Comb
Crompton Aura 55 L Wood Wool
Symphony Storm 70 L Honey Comb
Voltas Grand 52 L Honey Comb
Crompton Optimus 100 L Honey Comb
Havells Koolaire 51 L Honey Comb
Havells Celia I 55 L Wood Wool
Symphony Jumbo 70 L Wood Wool
Kenstar Double Cool 50 L Wood Wool
AISEN Magna 55 L Honey Comb

Which Are The Top 10 Best Air Coolers In India ?

1. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Personal Air Cooler​

Technical Specifications
Size 45.5(L) x 43.5(W) x 82(H) cm
Weight 11 kg
Cooling Pads Honey Comb
Material PP/Plastic
Power 100 Watts, 230 Volts
Air Delivery 1300 m³/hr
Type Personal
Tank Capacity 36 L
Extra Features Water level indicator, 4-way swing, Turbofan technology

Bajaj Electricals is one of the oldest companies that has been from years working towards innovations. The company offers a Platini PX97 that is suitable for different climates and geographical areas. Equipped with features like high air supply and a big water tank, and more. It is an ideal cooler for a small sized room of 150 sq meters. It also comes with a 70 feet air throw and 3 side honeycomb padding.

An energy-saving device that lets you pass cool air with 3- run rate controller facilities, hexagonal, and turbofan technology. However, the castor wheels make it easy to move between rooms in case you’d be using this cooler in many places.

The Good

  • Inverter friendly.
  • Rust free, superb grade body. ​
  • Ideal for bedrooms and offices.​
  • Caster wheels for easy portability.​
  • Low noise all-season Air Cooler. ​
  • Powerful three sides surround cooling. ​
  • Chill Trap technology and four-way air deviation.​
  • Hexa-cool technology for less water consumption.​ ​​

The Bad

  • No ice tray.
  • No remote control function. ​
  • Not ideal for large rooms. ​


If you are looking for an air cooler which is ideal for small areas and all seasons, then this air cooler makes the cut with a massive water tank capacity.

2. Crompton Aura Woodwool 55-L Desert Cooler​

Technical Specifications
Size 47.5(L) x 68.5(W) x 119(H) cm
Weight 17 kg
Cooling Pads Wood Wool
Material ABS and Thermo Plastic
Power 190 Watts
Air Delivery 4200 m³/hr
Type Desert
Tank Capacity 55 L
Extra Features Speed modes, Wood-wool pads, Castor wheels, water level line

Experience the endless cooling even during power cuts on hot seasons with this inverter fit cooler. The cooler is carefully built with ABS & Thermoplastic and Wood Wool cooling pads. It provides a better cooling by 45 feet air throw distance and 4200m2/hr air load. It also has a hassle-free way castor wheel that makes it portable.

The cooler has a unique ice closet too, where you can place the ice cubes for maximum chilling feeling. You can set it anywhere you want indoor or outdoor. Also, the cooler comes with 4 way motorized/oscillating air passage for great airflow. You can easily customize the way and speed by its 3-speed set-ups.

The Good

  • Easy to wash.
  • Water drain plug. ​
  • 4-way air swing. ​
  • Special ice chamber. ​
  • Inverter tolerant. ​
  • Robust and stylish body. ​
  • Wood wool cooling pads. ​
  • Less energy consumption. ​
  • Easy to transport castor wheels. ​
  • Suitable For Up to 500 Sq. Ft.​​ ​​

The Bad

  • The movement is not possible by a single person.​
  • Not stain-resistance.​


Say goodbye to heat during summer with various innovative features powered by Crompton desert style, wood wool cooling pad air cooler.

3. Symphony Storm XL Desert Tower Air Cooler 

Technical Specifications
Size 63.5(l) x 50(w) x 112.5(h) cm
Weight 18 kg
Cooling Pads Honey Comb
Material ABS Plastic
Power 230 Volts, 205 Watts
Air Delivery NA
Type Desert
Tank Capacity 70 L
Extra Features PM 2.5 water filter, Dial knobs, Powerful Pump and blower fan

Product Description

Make your home summer ready with this powerful Symphony Strom air cooler. The desert-style cooler with Honey Comb cooling filling and powerful fan provides an ample airflow that chills you out. Whether you want to stay in a living room or bedroom or at your lawn, this movable cooler comes with an excellent quality wheel that rotates at 360 degree that gives easy mobility.

Symphony Strom designed with a cold flow dispenser and automatic vertical swing to provide better cooling comfort when and where you need. This Symphony cooler consumes only 250W energy and even cools the room with the door and window open. Equipped with a dial knob that makes it even easier to control. However, this device comes with a multi-stage filtration system to deliver dust, smell, and Allergy-free fresh and filtered cold air.

The Good

  • Powerful Pump.​
  • i-Pure technology. ​
  • Less energy consumption. ​
  • Easy to use control panel.​
  • Strong wheels for mobility.​
  • 3-Side high-efficiency honeycomb pads.​
  • Perfect for room size up to 127 cubic meters. ​
  • Robust blower fan and automatic vertical swing.​

The Bad

  • On the expensive side. ​
  • No colour choices. ​


The compact yet trendy cooler that chills you out with fast cooling and adds a stylish appearance to your area. Easy to transport yet advance technology base cooler best for every house need.

4. Voltas Grand 52E Desert Cooler​

Technical Specifications
Size 50(W) x 75(H) x 30(D) cm
Weight 21.5 kg
Cooling Pads Honey Comb
Material ABS Plastic
Power 230 Volts, 190 Watts
Air Delivery 3600 m³/hr
Type Desert
Tank Capacity 52 L
Extra Features Remote handy, 3 speed handle

Product Description

Voltas bring the desert cooler that comes with a wide range of traits to make the summer days more relaxed. This is the best series by Voltas and highly suitable for medium to large size rooms. Most of the time, you must have seen that coolers come with push buttons or turnable switches. But with this device, you don’t have to disturb your children or siblings to adjust the setting.

It comes with a full control remote to change the tempo according to your needs. The body is entirely made of ABS plastic that works with Honey Comb air cooling shield. It also has an intense turbo air throw and triple filter advantage that decrease your room’s temp by 5°C in just 15 minutes.

The Good

  • Eco cool mode.
  • Inverter agreeable. ​
  • Fully functional remote. ​
  • Best cooler from TATA. ​
  • Compact and powerful air throw. ​
  • 4 castor wheel for easy moving. ​
  • Automatic detection for water level. ​
  • 52 L cooler provides warranty for 1-year. ​

The Bad

  • Costly. ​


The 52 litres tank capacity allows you to enjoy constant cooling for an extended period of time.

5. Crompton Optimus 100-L Desert Cooler​

Technical Specifications
Size 70.5(L) x 47(W) x 123.5(H) cm
Weight 20 kg
Cooling Pads Honey Comb
Material ABS & Thermo Plastic
Power 230 Watts
Air Delivery 5500 m³/hr
Type Desert
Tank Capacity 100 L
Extra Features Ice chamber, Water level indicator, Auto-swing, Inverter-friendly

Featuring another model from Crompton with higher air delivery of 5500m3/hr for quick & better cooling. With multiple innovative features, Crompton Optimus maximize the cooling range that even reaches to all corner. Furnished with honeycomb pads, ice chamber, water level indicator and more. Thanks to its castor wheels that make this massive boy movable.

Since this cooler can also work on inverter when the electricity goes off. So you don’t have to bother about spending nights or days in warm weather. The cooler has a manual moisture control option that helps you optimizes the humidity levels. Plus its auto drain &  fill function lets you experience hassle-free cooling. What else do you even need?

The Good

  • Higher air supply.
  • Honeycomb shields. ​
  • Wide-angle air throw. ​
  • Auto-drain & fill controller. ​
  • Dustfree and mosquito net. ​
  • Unique Aerodynamic fan design. ​
  • Large and easy to wash ice chamber. ​
  • Auto swing and fully collapsible air passage. ​

The Bad

  • On the expensive side. ​
  • Not suitable for small areas. ​


If you are looking for the desert air cooler with less noise and very efficient features, then this could be your partner in hot summer days.

6. Havells Koolaire Wood Wool 51-Litre Cooler​

Technical Specifications
Size 70(L) x 41.5(W) x 105(H) cm
Weight 16 kg
Cooling Pads Honey Comb
Material ABS Plastic/ PP
Power 220 Watts, 220~240 Volts
Air Delivery 3200 m³/hr
Type Desert
Tank Capacity 51 L
Extra Features 3 bolt control, powerful blower fan, Dust filter net

Havells is a reputed brand for home appliances that bring this smart cooler for smart home being. This cooler combines the strength, comfort and protection for a longer duration. It comes with a huge water tank, great air tone, 3 side honeycomb cooling pads and more all at a reasonable price.

The robust body features 360-degree rotational trolley for an easy drive along with breaks for safety. This cooler has a best inverter agreement and less static usage just like all other models. It also tells you the water level by water level indicator whether you need to refill the tank or not. Plus supplies three run rate settings for the user’s choice of air control and cooling.

The Good

  • Variable speed.
  • The fan is at bed height. ​
  • Inverter capability. ​
  • Reduce the electricity bill.​
  • Movable wheels. ​
  • Water level indicator. ​
  • Cord winding station. ​
  • Multi-directional cooling. ​

The Bad

  • Multi-directional cooling.
  • No auto drain. ​​


There is no need to tolerate burning-heat. Feel the snow-breeze with this cooler and enjoy every moment. Perfect options for those who are looking for a bill-saving air cooler.

7. Havells Celia I Desert Air Cooler ​

Technical Specifications
Size 66 x 51 x 111.5 cm
Weight 20 kg
Cooling Pads Wood Wool
Material ABS Plastic/ PP
Power 220 Watts, 220~240 Volts
Air Delivery 3500 m³/hr
Type Desert
Tank Capacity 55 L
Extra Features Low noise, Unique fan, Collapsible air flippers

Havells Celia is the best desert cooler on our list by a very popular manufacturer of electric products. Celia air cooler range claims an innovative set of features. It includes an unusual fan design for low noise cooling, foldable flippers to prevent dust and insects from entering the air cooler. Plus ice chamber for ready to chilled air, and auto-fill setup for constant water supply. The company believes in high performance and easy maintenance so, these are the top skills of the Celia series.

Moreover, Celia I model comes with a full function remote handy, so you don’t need to go near the cooler after intervals for changing the speed or temp. Stay relax and enjoy the cool chilled air. It also comes with a 3-side honeycomb cooling filling with anti-erosion, anti-deformation and hydrophilic properties which absorbs dust particles that help in cleansing the air.

The Good

  • Inverter capabilities. ​
  • Fully Collapsible flippers.​
  • Clever and durable design. ​
  • Great air pitch and throw. ​
  • Thermal overload protection. ​
  • Large water tank with auto-fill.​
  • Quiet, Refined and Convenient. ​​

The Bad

  • No humidity controller.
  • Just a 1-year warranty. ​
  • No auto drain. ​


Get the sense of mountain breeze with this amazing air cooler by Havells. Excellent features built to face any kind of weather.

8. Symphony Jumbo 70 Desert Air Cooler With Trolley​

Technical Specifications
Size 63.5(L) x 83.8(W) x 63.4(H) cm
Weight 19 kg
Cooling Pads Wood Wool
Material ABS Plastic
Power 185 Watts, 230 Volts
Air Delivery NA
Type Desert
Tank Capacity 70 L
Extra Features Plastic trolley, Ice inlet chamber, 3 speed settings

If giant cooling is the need of the term, your search stops right here. Big water tank, large wood wool cooling filling and powerful fan make Symphony Jumbo an ideal cooler. It is a high-performance desert air cooler with large 70L water tank that is built to be used for hot and dry weather situations. Whether you have an open living space, a medium-sized urban room or an outdoor area, Symphony Jumbo is capable of satisfying all kind of needs.

There are many reasons to choose Symphony Jumbo air cooler. It comes fitted with a 3-side wood wool cooling filling, which ensures fair cooling. Consume less energy and reduce your electricity bills. It works great in a room with proper ventilation. The pump of the Symphony Jumbo works on dura-pump technology which ensures the long life of the pump.

Plus, it offers you a robust 3-speed fan, cool flow vendor, and automatic upright swing, quiet performance and better air throw. However, you can easily port the cooler around the house with its high quality trolley designed with 360-degree rotating wheels.

The Good

  • The brand provides you free trolley.
  • This cooler is Inverter capable.​
  • Cool air flow dispenser.​
  • Automatic vertical swing.​
  • The large cooling pad area.​
  • Whisper-quiet performance.​
  • Overflow outlet to drain excess water. ​
  • Strong wheels and handle for easy moveability.​

The Bad

  • No remote control. ​
  • No humidity controller. ​
  • Now autofill features. ​


The better quality and silent performance of Symphony Jumbo ensure you a peaceful sleep. It is a best option to consider that works great in a medium-sized urban room and at outdoor areas.

9. Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler​

Technical Specifications
Size 65(H) x 53(W) x 55(D) cm
Weight 15 kg
Cooling Pads Wood Wool
Material Re-engineered Plastic
Power 200 Watts
Air Delivery 1750 m³/hr
Type Personal/Window
Tank Capacity 50 L
Extra Features Consumes less energy, Inverter compatible

Second last on our list, personal cum window cooler by Kenster. This individual air cooler is made to deliver comfort-cooling in many ways. It distributes a uniform cool air with 4-way air swing that brings a fresh-cooling to the entire room. However, the dimensions of this appliance are small as compare to others. Hence, it is ideal for a small bedroom and offices.

It comes with a corrosion-free, thermally re-engineered plastic body to consume less energy while providing excellent performance. Plus, it throws air up to 35 ft and offers a fast, active cooling. The cooling wood wool evaporative pads ensure a relaxing environment in your room. So if you’re looking for a cooler with a matter of quality that comes in your budget. Then this could be your buddy for trouble-free experience throughout summers.

The Good

  • 4-way airflow.
  • Huge fan blade. ​
  • Very economical. ​
  • Cools room uniformly. ​
  • Features worth the price. ​
  • Compact size, easy to move.​
  • Good for dry and humid climates. ​
  • Durable and best quality material. ​

The Bad

  • Doesn’t come with trolley.
  • Just for small rooms. ​
  • Colour options are limited. ​


To bet the heat of summer days and survive them, the Kenstar Double Cool 50 litre compact cooler is an ideal choice.​

10. AISEN Magna A55DMH500 Desert Cooler

Technical Specifications
Size 121 x 61.01 x 40.99 cm
Weight 15.1 kg
Cooling Pads Honeycomb
Material ABS Plastic
Power 180 Watts
Air Delivery 4000 M³/Hr
Type Desert
Tank Capacity 55 L
Extra Features Inverter Compatible, 4 way Air Deflection

Blow away your summer with this fantastic desert air cooler AISEN Magna. It is ideal for home and offices use. As it occupies less space plus adds a stylish look to the interior. Crafted with ABS plastic and honeycomb cooling pad to fit into any climate.

AISEN Magna offers you a range of traits and benefits. Some of the features that make up this cooler are 55 L tank capacity, four-way air deflection, Ice chamber and more. All these features make it a perfect choice for Indian houses. Additionally, it provides you with trouble-free service, as you can enjoy its three-speed air control as per your need. Thanks to its castor wheels that allow simple moving of appliance. The big fan also ensures a cold air supply during hot summer days. Plus this cooler works perfectly with inverters and withstand when there is some blackout.

The Good

  • Eco-friendly. ​
  • Easy to move.
  • Silent process.​
  • Reasonable price. ​
  • Separate Ice Chamber. ​
  • High glossy rust-free body. ​
  • Lower energy consumption. ​
  • Stylish and attractive design. ​


Feel closer to nature with this desert cooler. It delivers more relaxed excellent air performance. Less noisy and more durable product.​

Air Cooler Benefits and Drawbacks​

Benefits –

  • Air coolers are an inexpensive option than an air conditioner.
  • They don’t need any installation.
  • They are more eco-friendly linked to air conditioners.
  • Air cooler produces fresh air.
  • Coolers are much in need in Rural Areas.
  • Work with doors and windows open.
  • They are affordable.

Drawbacks –

  • Air coolers fail in coastal and high humid regions.
  • They need continuous carrying.
  • Air cooler generates noise.
  • They need a constant water supply.

Types Of Air Coolers ​

Whenever you purchase a more relaxed, firstly know its type because choosing the best one will help you to get enough cooling without breaking your bills. If you’re still confused, which type is right for you. Take a look at various types of air cooler in this section.

Personal Coolers

Personal coolers are space-saver, energy-efficient, and affordable. It is small in size that can be installed near your bed, sofa, or dining table, with a tank limit of 25 to 40 Liters.

The best part of these coolers are that you can move it from one place to another quickly. Besides portability, these coolers include less energy waste and quiet operation. So if you want to get a budget and user-friendly then go with personal air coolers.

Desert Coolers

Another type of cooler that is big in size and has a vast water storage size. These coolers are mostly used for large space in hot & dry regions without bothering the refilling.

These type of coolers are meant to be for medium to large size rooms, classrooms, offices and more. Perfect for a dry climate like Delhi where summers temp tops day by day. You can even use these coolers in outdoor spaces, such as a terrace or yard.

The vast water tank volume, fan speed, powerful pumps make them suitable for long work hours. Apart from these features, some of the desert models come with cooling mats due to which they make more cooling.

Tower Coolers

The Tower air coolers but still can’t beat the desert coolers in some cases. But however, these coolers are a stylish piece of art that takes less space and adds some attractiveness in the room.

The design of the tower air coolers looks tall, stylish and thin in shape. It gives the same airflow as an AC but smart enough and less expensive.

The water tank volume is between 20 to 40 Liters. Hence it can be used as long as you want. Although you can even move it from place to places such as rooms and lawns. So if you want something stylish and less expensive plus beneficial than tower air coolers would be right to fill your needs.

Window Coolers

As the name shows, this type of coolers is installed to windows just like window air conditioner. It works great in tight space rooms. You can use them in small to middle size rooms and office spaces. The tank capacity of window coolers is less than desert coolers around 40 to 60 Liters.

However, they are portable and light in weight. You can place it on a trolley and drive it wherever you want. If we talk about energy use, then window coolers are energy useful. It also consumes less water and suits most of the small areas. Also, the cost of these coolers is affordable along with smart looks.

How To Choose the Best Air Coolers In India?

Once you have settled on the types of more relaxed, you want. Now you need to look at its features. Here is some critical part that you should know.

Size of the Room

Every cooler has its ability to cool some distinct size of your room. If you owe a small size room, then it will be right if you buy air  window cooler or personal air cooler. With a more giant cooler, it needs more space and costs you more bills. On the other side, desert air coolers are ideal for large rooms.

However, every cooler has a label declaring cooling area covered. The airflow of the cooler is held in CFM (cubic feet per minute).

Air delivery ( in CFM) = Area of the room in square X Height of your room/2
For example – roof is 10 feet high and the room size is 200 sq ft in space, then CFM =200 X 10/2 = 1000 Cubic feet/min. But if you need to turn it in meters/hours, then – 1 cubic meter/hour = 1.699 x 1 CFM is the formula, so in that case it will be 1.699 x 1000 = 1699 cubic meters / hours.

It is the number of air moves in your room every minute. So having a correct size is very important. Otherwise, coolers will take a long time to cool if the more relaxed size is not suitable. 

Water Tank Capacity

As the name implies, the air coolers carry out its job through the evaporation process. In this method, water is turned into water vapours which reduce the temp of the airflow by the fan. It is vital to have a massive water tank as they run for longer and save you from interval refiling. You need to select a water cooler that’s fits best to your room and everyday use. Both the desert and tower personal air cooler comes with a wide range of tank sizes.


15 to 30 Liters


60 to 100 Liter


20 to 50 Liters

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are an essential part of coolers. It has a direct result on the cooling amount of the a cooler. Once get wet due to water dispersal, they receive the heat from passing air and cools it. For the better flow of cool air, you should prefer thicker cooling pads. There are two types of cooling pads mostly used – HoneyComb and Wood Wool (Aspen).

HoneyComb Cooling Pad

As the name implies, these pads are created in honeycomb design. They are durable, rigid and require less maintenance. But they are expensive than its competitor.

Wood Wool Cooling Pad

It is made of the slim synthetic fibre of the wood. They usually look similar to grass. The less expensive pad, but tough enough and durable that it gives better cooling. However, it requires high maintenance. But they are very reasonable.


There are so many terms to know about air coolers. Here is a short recap of some additional features you must know.

Ice cube tray

There are very few coolers that come with this feature. If you want this featured cooler than try to find some smart technology-based product. Air coolers with ice trays let you cool a room or area quicker than a regular one. This feature is handy if you are living in a city like Delhi where summer temp changes exceedingly.

Compatible with Inverters

Another thing that you should check while buying a cooler is your area’s power cut system. Since sudden blackouts are quite common in India, especially in summers, so it is vital to buy air cooler that is inverter compatible. Older coolers were too energy-intense and could not run on inverters. But nowadays, how the time changes top-class brands like Voltas, and more come with an advance tech-based coolers. They consume less source, like 120 W to 180W.

Remote Control

As we are talking about advance technology base products just like air conditioner, you can also get a Cooler with a remote control feature. However, most of the coolers do not come with these features, only a few companies provide advance devices. But this accessory gives you a hands-on feeling for easy and comfortable control.


It is always possible if the cooler has options for controlling the speed. Low, medium, and high are the three-speed control knob that cooler comes with. It helps you to control the speed as per your demand and the heat in the surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Power Does a Room Cooler Consume?

Different models require different voltage to run. However, they consume less than 80% of electricity compared to air conditioner for saving a lot on your energy bills, it depends upon how you maintain it.

2. What is the perfect place to install a cooler?

The best place to fit your device is right in front of the window. Hotter the air faster the evaporation, and extra colder air blows out by the fan.

3. How to improve air cooler performance?

  • Ensure proper airing in the room.
  • Place your air-cooler in front of the window.
  • Add ice to the water.
  • Ensure proper care to enjoy long term cooling.
  • Soaking the cooling pads before use.
  • Shut down the drapes and light to keep heat out of the room.
  • Make sure you’ve installed the cooler in the right place.