An electric Kitchen Chimney is an essential thing one must have in their home. It keeps your kitchen free from fumes, odour, heat and steam.

With the advent of modernism, the household’s kitchen has taken the shape of Modular Kitchens.

Kitchen Chimneys is one of the most demanded appliances or accessory of Modern Kitchen. It makes your cooking experience simple, fume and odour free.

An electrical Chimney is the need of the hour when you think of dust, metal chute above your cooktop while cooking.

Electric Chimney is also known as exhaust hood, cooker hood and extractor hood. It helps to get rid of airborne grease, smell and various other gases caused or produced by cooking.

Types Of Electrical Chimneys

The two main types of chimneys that are available in the market is Traditional, and Designer.

Traditional: These chimneys are only performance-based and don’t focus much on design.

Designer: It works both on performance and design.

A high suction chimney is better for Indian Kitchens which has the suction capacity of vapour and oil. The other kinds of Chimneys include:

Ducted Chimneys: These type of chimneys extracts contaminated air and other dust particles out of the kitchen through ducts.

Ductless: It filters, purifies the air and recirculates it. The charcoal filters need cleaning when required for its proper functioning.

Why Do We Need A Chimney?

Indian Kitchens are fond of cooking spicy, delicious and various types of dishes in different oils. While preparing the meal, it emits aromas, gas, and fumes. There the role of chimneys takes place that keeps the kitchen beautiful and healthy.

An electric chimney placed at the stove sucks all the aroma and fumes and clear any smoke and smell within few seconds.

Install a modular and electric kitchen chimney today to make cooking easy, safe and odour free.

Benefits Of Kitchen Chimney

An electric chimney gives protection from dust, lousy smell, cleanse the air, removes stickiness, grease and smoke.

It protects kitchen walls, furniture, marble, granites and other things.

Especially, If you are fond of using spices, then you must go for an electrical chimney.

Here is the list of some benefits that makes you cooking experience worthwhile.

1. Removes Excess Heat

The chimneys play an essential role while cooking as it helps to remove excess heat. An electric Chimney placed on the stove or cooktop sucks all the heat from the kitchen while preparing the meal. It emits all the heat while cooking meals and give a comfortable cooking experience.

The in-built blower in the chimney helps to keep the kitchen cooler and sucks the excess heat of the stove.

The best part it takes it away all the heat and odour within seconds.

2. Helps To Prevent Sneezing

Indian Food includes lots of spices in their meals, and the spices give lots of aromas. Red chillies and other spices produce a strong smell that makes one sneeze. While cooking it is necessary to eliminate the aroma of spices. The exhaust fans fail to do it quickly whereas chimneys immediately suck the strong smells.

If not done yet, then install an electric chimney in your kitchen to get rid of the choking odour of the spices.

Keep your kids and family safe by installing chimney that helps to prevent the sneezing.

3. Cleanse The Air And Aroma Of Kitchen

Modular kitchen encourages the healthy cooking free from toxicants, smoke, and pollutants.

The electric chimney sucks out all the unwanted and poor quality of air out of the house.

They are way far better than exhaust fans and absorbs all types of particles from the kitchen. It also prevents the growth of germs, dust particles and bacteria.

Not only this it also eliminates the food particles, carbon, oil, grease and heavy gases.

It is the best way to keep the kitchen environment safe and clean.

Note: If you are using an electric chimney, you need to clean it up every 25 to 30 days.

4. Protect Your Kitchen Tiles

The modular chimneys give various advantages to the chimney owners. It protects the kitchen tiles or slabs from fumes that come out at the time of cooking. The smoke, oily grease, fume stick and dust keep the Kitchen tiles and wall dirty.

It makes the looks of the kitchen sticky, dirty and unattractive.

Choosing the right chimney for your home assure you smoke and dust free cooking experience. Not only this it gives an elegant look to your house but encourages you to spend more time in the kitchen.

5. Removes Unwanted Smell

Chimneys have the strong suction ability that eliminates any smell and toxicants while cooking. Every mother or cook wants their kitchen to be free from unwanted odour.

The unwanted smell of raw ingredients and other food products makes it hard to stay in the kitchen for long.

The electrical chimneys solve this problem by just clicking one button. With the help of modular kitchen, cooking lovers can enjoy the experience of making delicious dishes. Kids hate the terrible smell of cooking, with this experience the long hours’ smell will knock out.

6. Maintain Spotless Walls

The walls of the kitchen become dark, sticky and dirty after some time. It puts lots of spots and fumes sticky substance on the walls. All this happens due to the emit of gas, fumes, and smoke. With electrical chimneys, one can protect their kitchen walls.

The chimney will suck the smoke and keep the kitchen walls spotless.

Modular Kitchen has all the capacity to suction bad air, smell and other particles while cooking. Keep your kitchen walls spotless by using an electric chimney and modular kitchen appliances.

7. Enhances Your Kitchen Looks

In today’s era kitchen has taken the form of modular kitchens from traditional one. Not only it emits many things, but it also provides a classy and sleek appearance.

It gives an elegant look to your kitchen and home. Buy today electric chimney to provide a sleeky makeover to your kitchen and enjoy the cooking.

Make sure to give the proper makeover to your kitchen before installing the kitchen chimney at home.