We have created a detailed review of the most affordable iPhone 11 phone among Apple’s 2019 series iPhones…

Apple recently announced the 2019 series of iPhone devices. The iPhone 11 is the cheapest and has the lowest features. 

The iPhone 11 comes with amazing features. More advanced technology, better camera features and better hardware than previous models.

It also comes at a price lower than the cost of the iPhone XR introduced in 2018. Moreover, it has a premium feel and is available in a range of colours. The most striking feature of the new iPhone is its camera capabilities.

With the two rear cameras, you can take wide-angle pictures as well as normal images. These sensors are 12 MP each. Night mode is the most impressive aspect of iPhone 11’s display quality, bringing brightness and clarity to incredibly dark scenes.

Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11 Technical Features

In terms of design, there wasn’t much innovation from the iPhone XR. But there are six colours available – there’s a new range of lilac and mint green colours to choose from. The edges of the iPhone 11 still feel the same as the old iPhone 6, 7 and 8.

Screen 6.10 inch touchscreen IPS LCD with 828 x 1792 Pixels
Processor Apple A13 Bionic
Internal Storage 64GB
OS iOS 13
Rear Camera 12 MP (f / 1.8) + 12 MP (f / 2.4, Wide Angle)
Selfie Camera 12 MP (f / 2.2)
Fingerprint sensor No – Comes with FaceID
Battery 3.110 mAh

Apple iPhone 11 Design Review

The design of the iPhone 11 is very similar to the design of the iPhone XR. Leave the phone face down and hide the camera by hand. You might think as almost the same phone. Perhaps you can see the difference by buying new colours. Leave colour separation behind, take a look at the front of the phone, iPhone 11 and XR looks the same from the front.

Things are a little different in the back. I don’t like the camera in a square module. If you want to buy the iPhone 11 or the new iPhone 11 Pro, you’ll have to think more.

One is cheaper and 0.2 mm thick, and the other comes with a large protruding camera module and a slightly slimmer body. However, this thickness does not make the premium feel much. The phone has a housing made of both glass and aluminium.

It is possible for people who have been using Apple for a long time to feel like a little old approach. But considering the price of the iPhone 11, it is definitely worth the money.

At the bottom of the phone, you will still find the same old Lightning connector. This will allow faster charging. But how much it can compete with a USB-C port, you will see it later.

Screen Review

Unlike the larger iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 uses LCD technology instead of OLED. It also has a 6.1-inch screen called ‘Liquid Retina‘. This means you won’t get the richness of colour, deep blacks and bright whites in the more advanced display technology.

However, even though it has a resolution of 1792 × 828 pixels, you get a smooth image because Apple creates and calibrates the screen. This is lower than 2436 × 1125 of the iPhone 11 Pro, but don’t feel that you have a low-resolution screen here – brightness and strong colour reproduction show it.

What’s less attractive is the thicker bezels on the outside of the screen. To put it this way, these days some phones have a lower price tag than the iPhone 11. Some of these phones are already displaying the design of the full-length phone with a notched display.

But for everyday use, you’ll find that the iPhone 11’s display is easy, bright and easy to see even outdoors on bright days. According to Apple 625nit brightness can reach depth which is ideal for everyday use. 

In terms of cinematic display, there is no high dynamic range (HDR) playback. So when playing high-end movies, you get something called Extended Dynamic Range that doesn’t have the same functionality as an OLED-compatible iPhone.

Apple iPhone 11

iOS 13 and Performance Review

As usual, Apple’s new operating system comes with the introduction of new iPhones. The new iPhone 11 with iOS 13 includes some stylish features. The first thing you enjoy is that the operating system now has more comprehensive, intelligent mini-notifications.

This means that when you mute the phone or change the volume, the small pop-up to tell you what is happening is more useful and interactive. For example, pressing a single volume key brings a nice slider that you can control with your finger instead of a box covering the screen.

FaceID is also a much-needed update. The field of view has been improved quite well. This allows you to look at the phone from your seat and unlock it.

There are a few new features we like which are exclusive to iPhone 11, but still useful. For example, you can access new Memoji labels by scrolling the keyboard. Moreover, you can control the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth options from the Control Center while typing with the keyboard.

Let’s take a look at the hardware. Apple’s new A13 Bionic chipset. As mentioned above, the new chip is paired with 4GB of RAM. This is a powerful combination which scored 3186 in the Geekbench test. It’s a nice improvement over last year’s performance. Applications are opened very quickly.

The phone showed everything bright and clear even in challenging games. But the iPhone 11 wasn’t too fast on all tasks – sometimes it took a second or two to save photos or videos to the gallery. This is probably due to more data processing.

During our tests, we didn’t notice any real problems with the iPhone 11. This comes with richer application options to enhance your experience as well as deliver far better performance than comparable phones on the market.

There is a change we want to emphasize: as in the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 doesn’t have 3D Touch. So pressing the screen harder will not bring any new menu or additional functionality.

Battery Life

One of the highlights of iPhone 11 is in terms of durability. It provides approximately 27 hours of battery life in a low-use test. With more intense uses, such as downloading too many apps and listening to music via Bluetooth and checking emails regularly throughout the day, it goes up to about 16 hours.

This battery time performance is not the best on the market. If you want a phone with the best battery life, you may need to look into the Android world that has truly long-lasting phones. However, if you intend to stay connected to Apple, the iPhone 11 offers decent battery life, especially for the price.

The iPhone 11 does not have a quick charger in the box. The standard charger that came out of the box delivered a 10% charge in 20 minutes.

By using a quick charger, you can charge up to 35% within 24 minutes. Note that the iPhone 11 also supports wireless charging. This way, you can buy a new wireless charger and charge it when you’re not using it.

Apple iPhone 11 Camera Review

Probably the best upgrade of the XR last year was in the camera section. Apple has doubled the number of lenses here. The two 12MP sensors on the back are even more spectacular for 2019.

The biggest problem of the camera module is protruding. It will constantly hit your fingers while holding the iPhone horizontally. 

The wide-angle camera is equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens that brings the scene you shoot into more frames. You can use the switch under the interface of the camera. There is a slight flicker when switching between the two cameras, and if you look closely, you can see a difference in the light sensitivity.

Let me take a look at the best upgrade – low light performance. Historically Apple’s iPhone cameras have never been perfect here. With advanced AI features, the iPhone 11 is capable of great night shots.

Whether you’re in a dark state or focus on a spot with a tripod in the night sky. You’ll be amazed at how clear a normally poorly lit photo is. But let’s make a brief reminder that you will have to hold it for 2-5 seconds to get such images.

The results are amazing! It takes Apple to Huawei, Samsung and Google level when shooting low-light and night photos, and in some cases, surpasses its competitors. Night mode can make photos taken at 1 in the morning look as if they were taken in the afternoon. If you can keep your objects still, you can take great pictures.


The iPhone 11 is the best choice if you want a phone that rivals the iPhone XR with both new and better features.

But if you don’t want to give that much money to a phone, if you want a phone with more features or similar features, you can take a look at the Android front.

  • Design 85% 85%
  • Screen 90% 90%
  • Performance 95% 95%
  • Camera 90% 90%
  • Battery 85% 85%

Apple iPhone 11