Don’t think that you are breathing in safe air just because you are inside the home!

The air we breathe in and out is not just Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. It is loaded with microbes and other impurities! We cannot prevent it; it is a part of life.

India homes the most polluted cities in the world. Delhi has been in headlines because of smog and high level of pollution.

So, we see that we live in an environment which is prone to indoor, as well as outdoor pollution.

But, which one is more harmful? The answer may shock the wits out of you!

According to studies, the air pollution level in homes can be up to 10 times the outdoor pollution. It is due to the lifestyle we follow today.

In this article, we will talk about the anti-bacterial filters and their importance.

What Is An Anti-Bacterial Filter?

Some call it anti-bacterial, some call it anti-microbial, while some also call it a biofilter.

It is one of the most common filters used in Air Conditioners today.

The design of the filters is such that it removes the harmful irritants from the air.

The removal of dust and other impurities improves the cooling capacity of your AC.

How Does An Anti-Bacterial Filter Work?

The working of an Anti-bacterial filter is quite simple.

The device is designed to trap the dust particles and bacteria.

The filter uses micro charges to grab pollen, smoke, dust, mildew and mould spores.

The charge pulls the microbes present in the air. And the fibres system trap and holds the captured particles.

Why Do We Need Anti-Bacterial Filter In An AC?

Here we are describing the reasons as to why you need Anti-Bacterial Filters:

1. Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution may cause serious health problems.

People exposed to air pollutants, especially children and older adults, are at the risk of chronic illness.

Things like building materials, room fresheners, tobacco smoke, cockroaches, dust mites, fumes of chemicals present in drapes, carpets, furniture, etc. causes Indoor Air Pollution.

It has become a part of our modern life. We cannot escape from it.

2. An Absence Of Natural Ventilation

Almost all of us have an AC in our homes today.

In sweltering summers, it is natural to want nothing more than to sit in the cool breeze of an AC.

It is required to shut the doors and windows to keep the room cool for longer times.

As a result, it shuts off the natural ventilation.

It means that we have the same air circulating inside the room with no passage for escape.

Here comes the usage of these filters in an AC.

It kills bacteria, traps other impurities and improves the overall cooling of an AC.

In short, it purifies the air before re-circulating it into the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does an Anti-Bacterial Filter Help Us?

Some of the ways how these filters help us are as under:

Breathe Cleaner and Healthier Air

The most significant benefit of using these filters is its health benefits.

Your AC unit continuously pulls in and pushes out the air. If dust and other irritants are present in the air, it will get circulated in your area. And if you breathe in this polluted air, it may lead to health concerns.

So, these filters ensure that the air you breathe becomes both cool and clean.

Improves Efficiency, Increases the Lifespan, Saves Money

In addition to the health benefits, these filters boost efficiency and increase the life of your AC unit.

We know that, as the air moves through an AC, it carries dirt and dust with it. Over time, these dust particles build up inside the unit and cause a strain on the fan or other components. It affects the ability of an AC to work properly.

But if we add a filter, those pollutants are trapped in these filters rather than the inner components of the unit.

In this way, these filters limit the amount of wear and tear the unit experiences.

Improved working means less usage of energy. And less energy usage increases your savings.

2. What are the Pros of Anti-Bacterial Filters?

An anti-bacterial filter provides a constant flow of air throughout the room.

We can easily clean these filters using a vacuum cleaner. Or we can also clean these filters with a usual hand wash.

These filters are not very costly and are easy to install.

They increase the efficiency of AC units, and you save a lot on your electricity bills.

The use of these filters improves the quality of indoor air. Hence, it provides relief to Asthma patients and children who suffer from breathing problems.

The best advantage is that it traps the airborne impurities such as dust, bacteria, viruses and spores.

3. What are the Cons of Anti-Bacterial Filters?

The only disadvantage is that these filters have a short lifespan of about three to four months.

Of course, we can wash these filters, but it is better to replace them after regular intervals of time. It will help to improve the performance of an AC.

4. What are the Applications of Anti-Bacterial Filters?

Today, Anti-Bacterial Filters are used in almost every AC brand.

Though their names may vary, the working principles are the same.

Voltas AC

The filters in these AC units go by the name ‘Acaro Bacterium Filter’. These filters have antiseptic properties. They kill bacteria and maintain a healthy environment inside the cooling system.


The Anti-Bacterial Filters in these ACs trap harmful microbes and protects from diseases and infections caused by these microbes.

Blue Star AC, Carrier AC, etc. also make use of these filters.


So, we observed that Anti-Bacterial Filter is an excellent option to combat rising Indoor Pollution.

It purifies the air and enables us to breathe in the fresh air. Also, it makes AC work more efficiently. And we save a lot on electricity bills.

If you are already using an AC or planning to buy one, why not bring extra benefits to your home and loved ones? Your AC unit, your wallet and your health will thank you!