Crossfit is a fitness program that focuses on strength and fitness. Although it emerged as a brand, it is now known as a training method worldwide. As it is more intense and harder than normal workouts, but thanks to the intensity it has, the effects on the body are quite high.

Specific muscle development is hard with Crossfit because the body works completely from start to finish. Below you will read about the benefits of Crossfit and get answers to many questions related to this topic.

Can anyone do Crossfit?

There is no specific rule or requirement for CrossFit. Anyone who can exercise can start Crossfit. Age, sex, training history, or any other details are not taken into consideration because how long the training will last and how intensively it will be determined by body characteristics. 

It doesn’t have a very compelling effect in the first place because the body needs to be accustomed to this intensive program. However, after a while, the training tempo increases and each new training program will create a program that will push the limits of your body. 

If you don’t feel tired after doing CrossFit, something is going wrong. If the body is not strained and the person does not feel tired, the training program should be rearranged and made harder.

Who is more suitable for Crossfit?

Crossfit is an alternative way for people who have never been involved in sports or have never been to the gym. If the classic and well-known environment of the gym does not make you happy, you can step into the world of Crossfit. 

With this, you can forget about all the external factors and work at a pace and difficulty you’ve never seen before. You can improve your motivation and stability and can be part of a specific group of committed people who enjoys pushing body limits. 

Crossfit with the help of a trainer is ideal for people who are bored of doing the same things all the time. With Crossfit, the movements will not be routinely and every day will be different.

After three days of training in a weekly order, the rest day is switched to three days of training. In this aspect, it helps those who do not have the habit of regular exercise to establish an order.

However, CrossFit is not recommended if your goal is to focus only on areas such as arms, abdomen and legs.

Keep in mind that you will improve your entire body as you prepare to do CrossFit.

What are Crossfit terms?

It may be difficult to understand what people around you are talking about when starting Crossfit. This unusual training method has different terms. 

Let’s get to know the terms, many of which are short for English equivalents:

Box: Mixed with sports boxing, this term simply means a CrossFit gym.

BW: Body Weight

AFAP: As Fast As Possible 

Chipper: The name of repetitive training cycles; to return to the beginning without a break.

EMOM: It means Every Minute on the Minute and in this, you perform a specific task at the start of every minute for a set amount of time

1RM: It means 1 Repetition Maximum

– PR: It is the most familiar of all terms and is the abbreviation of personal record.

Which exercises are in CrossFit

Almost all exercises are performed together at Crossfit, but not all exercises will fit in a day, as a different layout is maintained every day. Although Crossfit aims to achieve the maximum number of movements and repetitions in as few days as possible, all movements in the program are never completed within one or two days.

Also, since there are movements in many different sets, there may be variations between sets. If you find it difficult to make one move and prevent you from continuing, a different movement can be applied to the set within the set, or the set can be completely replaced by another. 

Although the movements vary, the main goal is the same: to train the whole body. 

Some known exercise sets in Crossfit:

Jackie: 1 km of the paddle, 50 breaks, 30 chopper

Cindy: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats

Diane: 21 deadlift push-ups 21 times without a break. First 15, then 9 again.

Murph: 1-mile run, 100 bars, 200 push-ups, 300 squattings, 1 mile running once again to complete.

What are the benefits of Crossfit?

Crossfit, which is intended to work the whole body together, does not only benefit muscle development but helps in gaining strength. When you start Crossfit, which has positive effects in many ways, there are many positive changes in your body within a few days.

Since it is a training that keeps the heart rhythm high, the metabolism is accelerated and there is an increase in cardiovascular capacity. Also, the strength of the body limits and durability increases. 

While gaining strength is the best-known benefit, it gives flexibility, agility and balance as well. As you perform many challenging movements at the same time, body coordination increases and speed is gained. 

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